Best Shops To Buy Fire Extinguishers In Guadalajara Near Me

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1. The Home Depot Independencia Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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The Home Depot Independencia Guadalajara
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Address: Calz Independencia Nte 40, Lomas del Paraíso I, 44250 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 800 004 6633

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot Independencia Guadalajara: what do users think?
Fanny Gpe Rodriguez Gonzalez: Excellent place to get construction materials, decoration, setting and gardening, home security and plumbing, painting and electrical repairs.They have eye-catching quality products and excellent brands, their staff is very well trained and always willing to help.The prices are high, but the attention in the store and professional service are worth it.You can buy online with home delivery or in store, they accept payment by card and cash.
English and Coffee: It is Disneyland for all of us who like to see our house updated and well decorated at a very good price
Jennifer Pérez: It was good because we found what we were looking for but we wanted a fruit bowl and there was only one model, there were about 8 pieces and all the boxes were damaged and broken or seemed open
Moisés Pineda: Excellent place where you will find everything for your home
Brian Alexis Hernandez Caldera: You find many offers and the attention is very good.
Kaleb Zapien: The store is huge, little crowd unlike other branches. Few employees to guide and it takes one hour to find someone. For the rest everything excellent.
Margarita Hernandez: The service in the store is excellent, the employees are helpful and friendly, overall, we bought a solar heater, with home delivery. When they arrived with the merchandise they said that they would be quick because they were very tired, they rushed them, signed and left just as quickly. Bad news, three broken tubes came. Badly they did not check but they already knew that they came broken
Lilia Jauregui: Very friendly worker's and you f8nd everything your looking for ..
Raúl Emmanuel Colmenares Moreno: Customer service is very good, 10/10
JUAN MANUEL G.: You always find what you need
Giovanny Zamora: Excellent attention
Omar Ortiz: Good attention and good price.
Al Ulises: 29/05/19 GDLSimplemente el paraíso de los autodidactas como yo. Es caro, pero encuentras todo.
José Roberto Hernández Mata: Surtido
Luis Alberto Robles García: Caro pero bueno
German Escamilla: Muy buen surtido de todo para el hogar ...precios bien....pero lo malo es la guarda mula que te recibe...por eso solo le ponemos 4 stars
Agustin Nava: Bue servicio
David Miguel Cazares: Tiene todo
Agustin Gonzalez: I received excellent care and the people who served me were very friendly.
Oscar Tello: They always have a wide assortment of everything.Although this time they failed me with the wood grainer. But I still give it 5 stars. now travel items
Francesco Paolo: Gute Angebote zT zu guten Preisen

2. The Home Depot Marcelino García Tlaquepaque - Guadalajara

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The Home Depot Marcelino García Tlaquepaque
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Address: Blvd. Gral. Marcelino García Barragán 1455, Prados del Nilo, 44360 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3837 7800

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot Marcelino García Tlaquepaque: what do users think?
Ángeles González: Good experience, there is everything you need
Ale M: No safe pedestrian entrance
Marco Tapia: On June 5, he went to the store to take advantage of some purchases still through the hotsale, to which he saw the products he wanted to buy in stock,Once they were requested from the store staff, he tells me that they are not available and I tell him that then why do they have them on display???….He made the purchase for me on one of their computers, for home delivery, which bothered me, I had no choice since I needed the productsThe point is that today, June 17, they still have not been delivered, and the order has been rescheduled twice for delivery?Today I receive an email from a customer service lady where she tells me that one of the products that I bought and paid for since June 5 is no longer available 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡That easy ?????? Is it that they wash their hands?????I don't understand why the products were not delivered to me at that moment, what a courage to be honest, I still had to wait for them to attend me for more than an hour, there in the storeSo that 12 days later they tell me that they do not have the purchased productOh really ???????Neither free market nor amazon nor any other store takes 12 days to deliver your products.**** and if you buy them from us on those pages it is because only home depot has those products.It is not possible for a store as large as Home Depot to have this type of situation that, due to disabled employees, does not deliver the products in a timely manner.They already caused me problems with my bankFor having used my credit cardI wasted time, and I ran out of products.I already went to the prophecy to make my corresponding complaint, apart from that I have a YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers and followers, where I will expose this situationBecause it is not fair, that my products that were needed are not delivered to me.
Oscar Martinez (0O2S2C0A0R7): Excellent there is everything
Juan jose Torres medina: THE HOME DEPOT TLAQUEPAQUE is the best everything I look for I find it very good service extremely clean minded good
Susana Gonzalez: Terrible customer service, much to be desired the truth.
victor hugo salazar: Good service and assortment high prices
Tania: I went to look for a device that they did not have. However, one of the employees explained to me the difference between his product and the one I was looking for, where I could find it and even its price! Excellent service 👌
JC Berdugo: BEWARE Not getting to buy when the lady in charge of gardening "is receiving plants" because she completely ignores you even though she sees you and has 3 chalanes helping, and you are an elderly SR on May 19 at 11 in the morning, anyway...
Jonathan Marquez: various offers
Daniel Garcia: Its free parking makes it very prestigious 😌😜
Maria Elena Peña Alvarez: Excellent attention from the carpentry guys thanks for the information and support
Nydia Trujillo: Terrible service, bad service
Carlos Augusto Villalobos Garcia: you find everything
kirbyn2: nice nice place
Marti: One of my favorite branches.In general, they always have a good assortment of merchandise and everything is well organized.The attention of the best staff, especially in the area of ​​paints and wood.In the nursery area you will always find items in production or on display at auction.
La Bikina Terraza: Good assortment little attention
Vania Del Rey: Excellent
J M: Good
marquez G: Terrible service, nobody attends you, the people who work there do not know what they are selling for, they do not give you a solution
Cesar Alejandro Gonzalez Carrillo: Good assortment, a bit expensive

3. The Home Depot Cordilleras Zapopan - Zapopan

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The Home Depot Cordilleras Zapopan
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Address: El Borrego, Av. Manuel Clouthier y Col, Av. Patria Plaza, Residencial Cordilleras, 45034 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 800 004 6633

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot Cordilleras Zapopan: what do users think?
Luis Gallegos Jiménez: quedó chueco y al final, después de instalarlo e irse, tiró agua por adentro.Les aconsejo contratar un técnico por fuera que sí sepa lo que hace.(Translated by Google
Marcelo Humberto Preciado Fausto: Very complete place. Competitive prices
Ana Lilia Osnaya: Terrible in the installation of air conditioners, they agreed to go to install it on Saturday and they did not care to let me know, and apart from that now they tell me that they want to install it for another 4 days because the technician does not answer
Rubén Montelongo: They need to improve attention
Montserratt Eufracio: Parking needs to be expanded
Roman Reynoso: They didn't have what I was looking for and I had to improvise buying something else
Ivonne Cuevas: Yesterday I bought a gallon of BEHR paint, I chose a color from the sample book, I went to the Lazaro Cardenas branch with the label to ask for one more liter and it turns out that it cannot be matched, since they used berel paints in my mix.And the people from the mountain ranges pass their "mixtures" to whoever attends me and well, I have more than 4 hours between coming and going and waiting for my liter to be the right one.How unprofessional.
Leticia Trujillo Cabral: I always find what I am looking for, I receive excellent attention from the staff
Marisela WG: This branch has everything you need for the home, furniture, shelves, plastic boxes, pots, tools, construction materials, floors, lamps, and much, much more. It has few cashiers so if you run into people the payment can be a bit slow. They lack staff because there was no one to advise us on our purchases.
Edgar Preciado: Terrible service in the copi center area, it is not possible to have to wait 45 minutes for 4 people to be served and you still find poorly trained, slow, and bad-faced staff...
Antonio Curiel: You always find what you are looking for. But it is very messy because of the consumers.
Angel Said de la Vega Garcia: excellent store
EME VE: Try the fast self-payment box!CT only
FELIPE J VEGA LARA: If you find there is a variety of materials, tools, etc., etc. But... Some cashiers do not have a service attitude.
Antonio Aguayo: Good variety and prices
Mario Mayor: A huge store and therefore with a lack of personalized attention, I would like it to improve but I don't know how.
oscar elias: A cool place, prices are somewhat high, but you can find everything and different prices and qualities. It is very pleasant to go, apart from the fact that they personally attend to you in case of doubt, very good customer service.
LOMBARDO LAMAS DELGADO: ***Si has encontrado alguna cosa de oferta, has tenido suerte porque es un saldo, diseño antiguo, modelo descontinuado o color pistache!😡Mi3rd@ de tienda!(Translated by Google
Rafael Alvarado: Today I was with my wife to buy synthetic grass and Mr. Manuel Rosales attended us and I was forced to ask him if he was not the owner of the store because of the way he treated us, very few people like this Mr., we left very grateful for an example to continue in humane treatment
Jesus Vazquez: Very complete assortment of items, you can usually find everything you need for your home.

4. Sam's Club Vallarta - Zapopan

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9429 reviews
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Sam's Club Vallarta
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Address: Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 5455, La Estancia, 45100 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3629 8117

Business type: Warehouse club

Sam's Club Vallarta: what do users think?
Carlos Arturo Salcedo Martinez: Encontré lo que buscaba
Maria Enriqueta Ferioli: Buen club, buen surtido
Vladimir Silva: Ágil, variedad de productos, excelente atención, muy lento, más bien, demasiado lento el servicio de alimentos, solo 2 empleados atienden a gran cantidad de clientes, no se dan abasto. Paciencia!
Octavio sandovall: Todo muy bien!
colegio de abogados constitucionales: Excelente servicio por parte de los empleados.
Rodrigo Vazquez: The service, attention and waiting time to pay have improved, in addition to which they also have self-payment boxes!
Sergio Serrano: You find everything you are looking for
Leonel Saldivar Hernandez: Good quiet place to buy
Ed Hutchison: As close to a US store as possible.
Cristopher Perez Rodriguez: Considerable variety, very interesting prices and offers.
Gdl Ruiz ortiz: . a lot of assortment good prices
Panda Iñiguez: Very well stocked and good service
Arturo Garcia: From the entrance the staff was scanning the membership, each day being able to enter is more bureaucratic, SAMS is now implementing this method of club bouncers now discriminating against members who, in addition to paying a membership, have to tolerate rudeness from the people who choose Who enters... Worse still, I asked to speak to the manager and Efrain Ledezma showed up. It goes without saying that he is such a rude and rude person that it is understood why the people who depend on them make the customer experience lousy. showed empathy and much less was able to listen and a client, who manifested and proved to have flaws in the app requesting to let me go through a voucher and they refused calling me a liar because Mr ledezma's Apple did work so they denied me access
Gabriel Ceballos: You find what you need
luzelen100: As always good service and fast attention
Guillermo Gómez: Very good offers !!!
JESUS ALFREDO TREVIÑO GALINDO: Great assortment of everything you need, clean areas and good attention from the staff
efrain marques bravo: They steal from that store, my wife's bag was stolen with $5000 pesos and they did nothing, take care of yourselves, there are 2 thieves who crash your cart and distract you to steal. Huerta: Good prices well stocked
Emmanuel Andrade Flores: I am disappointed there is almost no variety or prepared food...

5. AC Hotel by Marriott Guadalajara, Mexico - Guadalajara

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2464 reviews
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Address: Av. de las Américas 1500, Country Club, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 1253 9800

Business type: Hotel

AC Hotel by Marriott Guadalajara, Mexico: what do users think?
Alejandro Gonzalez: 10/10Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
C Lazzeri: Excelente ubicación e instalaciones. Desde que llegas el trato en la recepción es extraordinario. El personal se preocupa por que te sientas cómodo durante tu estancia y siempre están atentos a lo que necesites. El estacionamiento es amplio y sin costo adicional. La alberca y el bar en la terraza es fantástico. La vista del atardecer es excelente. El desayuno que ofrecen es muy variado y completo. Mi recomendación es que inicien el servicio a las 6 AM, ya que actualmente lo inician a las 7 y en ocasiones no da tiempo de tomarlo.Rooms: Las habitaciones son amplias y las instalaciones sanitarias excelentes.Walkability: Se encuentra a espaldas del country club por lo que puedes dar una caminata de unos 5 Km alrededor del mismo y muy seguro.
Karen Fragoso: Generally good.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Elizabeth Martínez: VERY QUIET, ALL THE EMPLOYEES VERY ATTENTIVE, THE ROOMS VERY CLEAN AND COMFORTABLERooms: MUY COMODAS TANTO LA DISTRIBUCION COMO LAS CAMAS Y ALMOHADASNearby activities: una plaza comercial muy grande, donde hay muchos comercios para todoFood & drinks: muy rico
Belén Salcedo: The hotel is nice, it smells good and everything, but at night my partner and I were bitten by some bedbugs, and the hotel's only response was to change our room the next day, I wouldn't really return
Ana Belén Paredes Bañuelos: A great experience. The beautiful rooms. You only hear a lot from the adjoining rooms. Excellent location
BM Cubica: We went at 1:00 p.m. to reserve a room for two nights and they gave us availability, in the afternoon when we arrived to pay, it turns out that the pool is not in service, and they did not notify us when we went at noon

6. Hilton Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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Address: Ave. de la Rosas 2933, Verde Valle, 44530 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3678 0505

Business type: Hotel

Hilton Guadalajara: what do users think?
Carlos Eduardo Lizarraga Felix: 👌Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Leticia Morales: Good facilities and location. I do not recommend the restaurant. The quality of the food is not adequate. They gave me a raw soup and I informed them because obviously I couldn't eat it like that and they still charged me for it.Food & drinks: Mala calidad de los alimentos y precios muy altos
Beatriz Guardado: Excellent service, very friendly staffRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Fernando Hernandez: Good place to rest and perfect strategic location for Expo Guadalajara
Luis Perez: It starts to get oldThe air conditioning is very noisy.Your parking is very complicated.Not worth what they charge...
El Doc: otros años la temperatura era agradable 🤷🏻‍♂️(Translated by Google
Gabriela Ana: The hotel is very well located if you are going to the Expo. The pool and gym are wonderful. It has a great buffet breakfast.-The hotel needs a lot of renovations. My room had damp spots all over the ceiling. Towels need to be changed. They look like old rags. My room had to be changed three times due to lack of cleaning.
Paul B: Greta hotel in Guadalajara. Very well located. Staff is great. Hotel condition overall good.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
juan luis: It is a remodeled hotel, but they only renovated the lobby, the 11th floor looks dirty and outdated. There are parts that are detaching from the wall. In the room the bathroom looks old and dirty. It does not have a bar fridge.The room is great, wooden floor, 55-inch TV, internet.The internet is slow, but it does the job.One thing to highlight is cleanliness... I got a pillow with hair inside, under the cover.Room service food is extremely expensive.The air conditioning is turned off at night by the motion detector, consequently in summer it becomes hot at night, unless you get up and reactivate it.Points in favor:It's niceIt is close to everything, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, etc.Service providers are attentive.It is well located in the city.Points against:It is expensive.It is dirty, or old.Parking is is expensiveRooms: La habitación es bonita pero la limpieza no es buena.Tenía pelos debajo de la funda de la almohaday el baño era viejo y anticuado.Food & drinks: Los alimentos del servicio a habitación son excesivamente caros.Noteworthy details: Cabe mencionar que la limpieza no es buena.
Yener Lokmacıoğlu: Stayed at hotel 5 nights;For guests who are attending exhibition, location is great. But to get to city center, a long way to go.Below are my points;- Unfriendly staff with lack of English, and very slow progress of check-in.- Dissapointing small pool, with no chance to swim.- Rooms are very old, sometimes bugs can be seen.- No Nearby Market around. Uber or Taxi should be used all the time.- A very unpleasant guy at breakfast hall is behaving you like a thief and trying catch and make you sign a bill eventhough breakfast is included to your stay.- But Breakfast options are good and beds are decently comfortable.So If not for exhibition, better stay out..!
Diego Torres: If you need to bill your expenses at this Hotel, forget it, it's a lousy option. They don't send you your bill, or they do it wrong, you have to be talking... it's a toothache. I do not recommend it for business
Davis García: Excellent place, I recommend.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Esteban Gonzalez: Very comfortable rooms, excellent service.Rooms: Muy cómodos y limpios.
José Antonio García: Before it was the Hilton, now like Barceló... a great challenge to maintain the level that the Hilton chain has in its rooms.It is important to keep the air conditioning in very good condition.The breakfast buffet should be more competitive in price... although the pricing here has hints of supply and demand + convenience because it is right in front of ExpoGDL...Still, it was a good option!

7. AutoZone South Center - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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2671 reviews
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AutoZone South Center
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Address: Calle Periférico Sur Numero Exterior 7871 Numero Interior: Local 1, 45601 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +52 33 3271 9045

Business type: Auto parts store

AutoZone South Center: what do users think?
Roberto Garcia: Whether by phone or in person, the attention is very good, they answer all your questions and if they don't have the part in store, they give you several options of where to go.
J moises Gama rodriguez: Very good attention thank you
Genoveva Andrade: I bought some windshield wipers and they did not support me to put them
kefren buenavida: Excellent service very attentive and friendly
Ulises hdz: I love the service that they provide you with a scanner and tools
Israel De la rosa: Very friendly excellent service
Alberto Siordia: Well stocked and good customer service
Frank: Good service and excellent assortment
DANIEL LARIOS: Excellent service, very professional staff, thanks to Alejandro Román for his attention.
jose rios vazquez: Excellent service
Pedro M Sanchez: La verdad, impresionante el excelente servicio qué tienen
Juan Quirino: Buen servicio
Juan MAS.: Personal amable y servicial.
Raul Zambrano: Si lo visitas tienes que comprar algo a fuerzas porque al comprar te dan la ficha para poder sacar tu auto del estacionamiento,
Gil Vazquez: Friendly staff and good assortment
Alejandro Rodriguez Hernandez: They don't have multiple items.
Roman Reynoso: I only went to pick up some spare parts that I ordered in another store, but they were very efficient
Nerak Lomelí: Good service

8. Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Centro Historico - Guadalajara

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3025 reviews
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Address: Calz Independencia Sur 168, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3613 9770

Business type: Hotel

Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Centro Historico: what do users think?
Hector Hinojosa: They have a room service menu and when you ask for what they promote there is no breakfast and the beans tasted bad, the service lacks supervision
Yaxsury Adriana Dominguez Carrillo: Bad service, the receptionist who is on the afternoon shift, super grumpy, answers with great enthusiasm. We rented a family room, they gave us two access cards to the pool and when we went to activate them again, the lady rudely told us "they only need one, they don't have to have more", added to the fact that they gave her an arrival to the truck and disclaimed responsibility, they shouldn't, since they don't indicate where the parking lot is, they do everything.The cleaning staff was very nice, honestly, but only them, although it should be noted that they did not clean the room until super late and obviously the room was filthy all day, the water faucets loose, the floors dirty, poorly made beds, super ugly towels.The sheets even have stains.In general there was bad service, really.
Jesús Máz edo: All good, conditioning for everything, a small detail the towels
Gilbert Sandoval: Everything was close by. Super quiet and comfortableRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Jose Valverde: The horrible rooms, the disastrous service, the center of Guadalajara near theThe dirtiest hotel, a bottle of water at reception 15 pesos really is basically an expensive motel if you can look for another option.
Cynthia Razo: Very good place, the elevators are a little ugly, they don't have parking so they have valet parking but the truth is a good location and a great price and customer service
andres luna: Good serviceRooms: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 4/5 …More
Copamex Anaya Pérez Rogelio: Excellent service, very clean rooms and the room services at 100 I recommend itRooms: Excelentes servicios al 100Walkability: Por la ubicación, tienes la posibilidad de caminar dentro del centro donde encontraras todo tipo de tiendas, zapatos, ropa, farmacias, de conveniencia muy bien ubicadoFood & drinks: La comida es rica, excepto el guacamole lo sentí un poco pasado, por todo lo demás para el precio esta muy bien
uriel paez: The rooms have little space, and the place where the hotel is located is very dirty and is at risk

9. Chardonnay Restaurant - Guadalajara

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21 reviews
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Chardonnay Restaurant
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Address: Av. Adolfo López Mateos Sur 830, Chapalita, 44500 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30PM

Telephone: +52 33 3880 7500

Business type: Restaurant

Chardonnay Restaurant: what do users think?
Arron Winter: An excellent upscale dining experience inside of the Riu Plaza. I especially recommend going mid-afternoon on weekdays - the restaurant will be quiet and service will be even better than normal.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes With Chicken Gravy, Smoked Mushrooms Risotto with Fine Herbs …More
Alex Roa: All the staff very friendly and helpful. Despite the high influx of guests, all the staff show an excellent service attitude, especially Chef Mauricio. Congratulations!!!
Lalo Gomez: .Gran felicitación a todo el equipo de piso y cocina de Chardonnay pasamos una velada excepcional. Gracias Luis por la atención y las recomendaciones. Regresaremos pronto a su casa.(Translated by Google
Omar: Good place to eat if you are staying at the Riu
Orr Orr: Ugly parking place, cold service.Food: 2/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Verónica Méndez: Beautiful place, very relaxedFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Mick AC: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Cesar Bagatella: Thank you for the appetizers, the unique crusted grilled salmon second to none, the enogada chili delicious.
Paloma Itzel Betancourt (Phangirl): The delicious food. Very friendly waiters, I had a good experience
Angèlica Corona: Mi auto tenía un pequeño detalle en la facsia y rápidamente me lo arreglaron
Karina B.Goytia: Esta bien , a secas nada extraordinario
Roberto Vazquez: Exquisitos platillos, muy buen sabor, frescos, y la atención y amabilidad excelente!!
Diana Morgendorffer: La atención es muy buena, recomendable.
juan hernandez: Excelente el bar, precios elevados pero vale la quieres te ponen fútbol o música en las pantallas
Ariadna Aguilar: Es delicioso este lugar, vale la pena ir!
Erick López Cortés: Buen lugar, es barato a mi gusto por lo que recibes. Lo recomiendo.
K. Herrera: High end restaurant, great service staff was really friendly too. Bread 🥖 came out nice and warm, starter was a piece of salmon 🍣 with garnish, burger was tall and delicious 🤤 in every bite, has a sweet taste to it but I didn’t mind it. Tostada was well served, and the ribeye was really juicy melting in your mouth cuts easily comes with veggies, not crazy about the fries still tasted under cooked and hard. Micheladas are a must 💯
JUANN PAREDES: Muy bueno el lugar pero la atención muy mala, para estar en un prestigiado hotel, deben de cuidar más esa parte, ya que demerita demasiado
Lorena Albuja: In the tallest building in the city is this incredible place with a wide variety of delicacies and excellent service
Agustin perez hernandez: Excellent service, very friendly and attentive staff. Exceptional food and very relaxed atmosphere.100% recommended.
ramonajim: Overly fussy preparation with too little regard for the flavors.

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