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1. Louis Vuitton Guadalajara Palacio de Hierro - Zapopan

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Louis Vuitton Guadalajara Palacio de Hierro
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Address: Av. Patria 2085, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00

Telephone: +52 33 3611 2473

Business type: Leather Goods Shop

Louis Vuitton Guadalajara Palacio de Hierro: what do users think?
Alejandro Aguilar Marquez: Super rude and rude manager, I do not recommend that type of staff
Dr. Francisco Javier Chavolla González: Excellent attention from Mildred, super friendly and efficient. I have gone other times if I have had employees with a very bad attitude.
AF: Nefarious employees of a purchase for 89 thousand pesos did not even offer me a water
Alex Rhodes: Great experience, the products are one thing but the service is top, at least my experience at the moment. Mildred is great!
Aventureros Ávila: We know that buying something LV is quality, but what about customer service, he clarified that not all of them are like that. But I don't understand why they treat you as if we were going to ask them for a gift. Total we are all human, the workers relax a bit and attend with the best face!
Chiwis Uu: A little expensive
V F: The brand, its designs and quality are the best, only the staff and their service is quite disgusting, I don't know if it's like that on purpose and I don't understand why or outright the attitude in general is bad, as if they were doing a favor customers for serving them.
Margarita Aguilar: The store is dreamy!!
Cristian Fernández: Very nice experience, I bought a denim jacket and they treated me very attentively. Recommended 👌🏻
Raymundo Vazquez: all you can expect
Citlalli Segura Marquez: Terrible attention... from the employee Daniel to the manager, there are 3 times that I go and I can't make a refund because of HIS FAULT, customer service by phone they tell me that they have to apply the refund, I return and stubborn that "no because I They did me a favor of bringing my bag ahead of me to bring it from CDMX, instead of mine that had been ordered from Europe" since they told me that there was only one... that is, they contradict themselves a lot.
Alexander Torres: Terrible customer service and bad attitude from the employees.
Alejandro Canto: It is Louis Vuitton that more can be said everything is beautiful and excellent.
Carlos Mireles: Incredible place but to be a brand of that level I think they should have a plus to pamper the customer and the comparison is bad but in the USA when they see that your purchase is good they invite you to a different room they bring you a bottle and give you a deal different
Anabel Nava: As you would expect great quality, great price.
Darwin Donaire: Pretty
Albert Mo: There are good products! The lady who served us was super friendly!
alejandro guga: Excellent attention from the staff
miguel murillo lugo: Very bad experience we were going to buy a belt and they kicked us out they were not kind at all
luis frias: Kevin Lozano is very attentive and facilitated my purchase. I highly recommend it
Guillermo “Memo” Rincón: Very pleasant customer service.

2. Hermès - Zapopan

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Address: Palacio del Hierro Mall, Av. Patria No. 2085 Plaza Andares, Zapopan, Jalisco, 45116 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00

Telephone: +52 33 3648 9870

Business type: Leather Goods Shop

Hermès: what do users think?
Aventureros Ávila: What a beautiful attention from the staff. They make you feel very comfortable when making a purchase.
Mathias Bendjouia: very good products as every time the same quality
MARCO POLO CASTILLO: Excellent attention, super hygienic measures. The executive who assisted me knows perfumery products very well.
Tere Leyva: Everything is wonderfull
Cesar Medina: Incredible
Cocinerq: 😍
José Aguayo: Beautiful
Marco Felix: excellent accessories
Fabrizio reyes: Excellent store very expensive everything
Osvaldo Gomez: The French Brand specialized in leather goods with a high degree of Style and Luxury!
Javier Cisneros Bustamante: Excellent service!
Liliana Chávez Espitia: Excellent place
PV Guide: Love the fact they have a Hermes store in Guadalajara, Mexico. You get what you pay for when it comes to quality . My last Hermes belt lasted 10 years.
Javier Lizardi: Very tasteful items. Elegant but with high prices.
GilMagaña H.: good store
Carlos Tavares: Perfect..

3. Audio&Comfort "BOSE Américas" - Guadalajara

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Address: Av. de las Américas 713, Ladrón de Guevara, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 10:00

Telephone: +52 33 3616 8506

Business type: Audio-visual equipment supplier

Audio&Comfort "BOSE Américas": what do users think?
Felipe Hixcalo Sandoval Avelar: Unfortunate... I was just looking for where to take my horn to be repaired but with these comments I rule out taking it to this place.Does anyone know of another?
Eder García Gutiérrez: ni ganas de explicarme nada, ni de mostrar nada, me hacía caras solo por dos preguntas que hice...Amo sonos y por eso en casa, negocio y oficina lo tenemos y doy gracias que no son el único distribuidor.(Translated by Google
Juan P: They don't answer lousy service
Julio cesar Morales Galan: They sell Bose equipment at a high price but they do not have an authorized repair center, if your equipment is damaged and your purchase guarantee expires, goodbye to your money
fer fer: Chaspm Cuball|€£0$
Leo Chavez: Terrible service, the people in charge of the store sweep you away, taking care of you as if you were going to rob them and, apart from that, they take care of you reluctantly as if they did not like their work, as a client you should receive the best service if you have problems in your Gaul house and Take care of people in a good way, they do not always harvest, correct those details to be a better humanity.
Chuy Orozco: They never answer, lousy customer service
Edivaldo Madrueño Peregrina: It is unfortunate that being a company and brand of Yam audio recognized worldwide, the telephone service of this branch is terrible. They never answer, after several calls, they divert your call in the next one.Very slow in the response of equipment that one leaves for repair.
CARLOS FELIPE CASTRO CASTAÑEDA: Excellent service and attention
Federico Cardenas: Good place and more or less attention, there was one who preferred to be on the phone than attend
César Armando: no support
reynaldo salvador rubalcava sanchez: Terrible, I bought a speaker in December, it broke down, and the guarantee in the store is nothing more. They give you a phone where they answer you in English and an email that never answers you. I will not buy from Bose again, zero recommended!
Daniel De La Cruz: Bad service, they don't even answer the phone.
Omar Gutierrez: They do not serve you, the people at the reception are bad sellers, bad service.
Angel Sandoval Meza: They never answer the phone, the attention of the employees is bad
Frank Real: excellent store
Florentoño Herrera: Very good service and excellent promos.
Hugo Espinosa: Only sales service only in CDMX. Bad business, for the price there should be here too. The quality of the equipment is excellent
emilio gonzalez: We went to make a purchase, they have a sign at the entrance of 3, 6 and up to 9 months without interest and it turns out that the payment had to be in cash from then on, no problem, they have a parking area only for 4 vehicles, if they are lucky they will have a space...
CARLOS J. MOCH: great varieties
ALBERTO TORRES GONZALEZ: Lack of resolution!


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Address: C. Severo Díaz 71, Arcos Vallarta, 44130 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 2708 7266

Business type: Clothing Shop

ALEJANDRA RAW PROJECT: what do users think?
Elena Mena: Exclusive designs very good attention 👌
Rosalía Aguilera: Charming experience, different, a modern, ecological place, where they are concerned about the environment, nature, creative and modern, I loved it

5. Sephora - Zapopan

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Address: SEPHORA GALERÍAS GUADALAJARA, Av Rafael Sanzio 150, La Estancia, 45020 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00

Telephone: +52 33 3627 7712

Business type: Cosmetics shop

Sephora: what do users think?
Alejandro Magno: The girls are very attentive and kind to support the purchase
Adrian Orozco: of my favorite places
Angeles Gallardo gonzalez: Very good brand I recommend everything from this brand, lipsticks do not fall off and it lasts a long time
Marco Aguirre: Great variety and affordable prices
Paola l: The cashiers were maybe not having the best day but they treated the girl before me badly and then me too. I don't think I'll go again
Araceli Coss y Leon: The ladies at the counter are unfriendly.
azul toledo: disgusting how they serve
Jorge Delgado: I got what my wife wanted
Eugenia Arias huerta: Good products but there is a lack of stock and the attention of the staff is not good
Scanda Navarro: . El guardia nos detuvo y pidió revisarnos porque al entrar no sonamos... y es cierto... entonces no podían ser mis labiales.Ya había escuchado que cuando ven a alguien "sospechoso" ellos pueden activar a comando... accedemos a la revisión con toda calma porque obviamente no habíamos hecho nada.Revisaron la mochila de mi novio y lo hicieron pasar sin mi, como no sonó, me hicieron pasar sola y sonó.Una vendedora se acercó y dejé que revisará mi bolsa, no encontró nada obviamente.Por curiosidad pasé mi bolsa de maquillaje y no sono, pase una crema que tenía conmigo y no sono...La señorita vendedora dijo que podía irme, me sentí muy apenada de tanta inspección.Salí, pero mi novio pasó varias veces para comprobar que no sonaba la alarma como para demostrar que no éramos nosotros. El guardia amenazó con reportarlo. Supongo que a la plaza, no sé de que sería el dichoso reporte. Le pedí que nos fueramos porque ya estaba extremadamente apenada de que se sospechaba de nosotros, cuando yo sólo quería conocerla la tienda y comprar si algo me gustaba.Pero ya no quiero saber de de su tienda ni de su marca, si así capacita al personal a tratar a los clientes y visitantes.(Translated by Google
Diana Sabina: Incredible. Citlali super good seller.
Monica Tiburcio: Very bad service, I went to buy a foundation but I was all angry and they followed me throughout the store, they didn't let me see at ease and when I decided what product I was going to take, nobody wanted to help me. They treat you as if you were worthless, as if you did not have money to buy and were going to steal something. They really should prepare their staff more, it is not possible that they have such a demeaning treatment towards the client.
Sailhy Castro: Appalling. It is not the first time that I go to this place to do my shopping, and even though the service is always lousy, today they did go too far. I made a purchase of what was a "lipstick" but it turns out that when I went to checkout they charged me for a product which was not. I look at my receipt and nothing to do with the product for which I went to the one they sold me. I return so that they give me the product that it was and there was a difference in the amount which they did not want to return even though it was a mistake of the one who sold me the product. Still the "in charge" of the store who thinks she owns it, a certain Luisa, super rude and gossiping with the other employees at the cash desk. I will never buy at that branch again and of course I will be filing a complaint with PROFECO.
Arq Lizbeth De León: The attention received by Christopher was excellentsuper service !!!
AUGUSTO GUILLERMO MARTINEZ: attention not so good
Montserrat Simental Glez: Very nice everything, super attention♡︎
Sofía Tapia: Good service, only at first the girl who served us didn't want to show us many things. We were looking for a rare beauty blush and it's out of stock.
Julieta Sanchez: Very bad attention from the advisors, they are just talking and they make faces when asking for help
Josue Arana: I must mention the good gallery service, I had already paid for my products and a lady at the till took the time to search the warehouse for items that she had not found on display. Very friendly and attentive
Alejandra Tirado: The times I have gone it is difficult to find an assortment of products
Mayra Paulina Colunga Zambrano: The girls are very rude

6. Sephora - Zapopan

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Address: Blvrd Puerta de Hierro 4965, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00

Telephone: +52 33 3611 0199

Business type: Cosmetics shop

Sephora: what do users think?
Raquel Palacios: Excellent
MONICA ESPINAL: Missing ritual products
Mireya Fajardo: I loved the variety of items 🙂
Mara Hernandez: A 10/10 serviceThey are very friendly, they are always on the lookout if you need something to help you look for it and at the benefit stand they offer you various services, you can find everything.
Carolina Castro: Excellent service from the staff that attends and helps you in what you are looking for.
Teresa Chavez: I love this store has everything in makeup all brands
Dayana: How disgusting of such dishonest employees including the manager. This branch really seems to be attended by pure royal cashiers haha ​​they ignore you they call you first name and they are disgusting with customer service! Poor things! They are in a bad place to serve people like that. They won't do well.I held back with everything they did to my niece! And on his birthday! Little mother policies are invented! But I did what I had to report to everyone, send the video and audio of the treatment they gave us! I am investigating what other stays to report them to until I can have a decent sephora! We went to galleries, they denied the policies that they invented for us, they listened to the audio and they were amazed that the manager did nothing! ! And this did not stop here! I will not stop until they run them! Because they forget that they are employees! And it's your job! They don't own it! They are not doing us a favor! That's what they get paid for! Tomorrow I will upload the videos to the networks!
Rigo Ramirez: Ps I only saw it from the outside, my wife was the one who bought it and she was happy with the care she received
Irene Lara: Staff trained to give very good recommendations to correctly buy what your skin needs.
Claudia Medina: I liked to visit I love to visit They expect a lot in the attention, apart from they find brands, which are not so easy to acquire elsewhere, I congratulate all the staff very much, Thank you, Thank you, highly recommended.
Génesis Jezabel: Nunca había comprado nada hasta hace poco y me encantó toda la experiencia. Las chicas se toman su tiempo en recomendarte productos ideales para tus necesidades. Si no estás convencida de qué comprar, te hacen pruebas para que puedas decidirte por los mejores productos para ti.Hay cosas caras, pero porque manejan marcas buenas. Al final es más barato comprar aquí que en Liverpool o Amazon.
Ruben Sigala: Muy buenos productos de calidad y alta Gama atención y servicio recomendable
Licha Lopez: Me la pase fatal, la empleada que se me acercó fue sangronsita, me mostraba las cosas de mala gana, y la chica de cajas peor, mejor compré rápido y me salí lo mas pronto que pude, mejor me fui a VS y en Palacio me hicieron sentir mejor
Maria Dolores Ortiz Macias: Hay casi de todo en maquillaje, les faltó channel y gucci
Rudy Nuñez: The store is well stocked, the only problem is the vendors, they are all very busy...
Argelia Gomez: Good attention and very friendly
Claudia Villegas Juarez: i love that place
DINORAH2495 LOPEZ: The attention they give you is very good, the girls are very pretty, they tried several makeup bases on me until they found the ideal one, they have everything, it is the branch that I have liked the most so far
ROXX GTZ: On the occasion that I went there were many shortages, usually in all brands. It is known that in Mexico you cannot compare the store with the USA and I am referring to the samples, the truth is that they sacrifice a lot on that subject and to top it off there is no product you want to try.On the other hand, we must be thankful that the online service is excellent and fast and you can find what you are looking for more easily.
Claudia Rivas: The service... mmmm the truth was that I had to attend to myself until Mrs. Maricela arrived and took care of me. Before, another younger and grumpy girl was taking care of me, she didn't even ask me what I wanted.But in the end I went for MARTHA DE BAYLE products AND THE OBJECTIVE WAS ACCOMPLISHED! I already want to try them!
Yumiko Ortiz Haro: The best place to buy your beauty products, the best customer service, they provide you with incredible services.

7. Sephora - Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

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32 reviews
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Address: Centro Comercial Punto Sur Avenida Punto Sur, Av. Adolfo López Mateos Sur 235, 45645 Los Gavilanes, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00

Telephone: +52 56 2839 5990

Business type: Cosmetics shop

Sephora: what do users think?
Marcos Gamboa: Wide assortment of cosmetics and perfumery products
Darshan Patel: Good place
Sandy Pacheco: Congratulations for your attention, they are very kind and above all a super excellent service!I recommend with closed eyes... 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sandra Garcia Rodriguez: They have very good prices!! And they are very kind.
Ga Ly: Super bad service! The employees ignore you and do not help at all.
Jesus Leonardo Bravo Lopez: Terrible service. And it is not simply a matter of attention, but a matter of discrimination. Every time I go there is always someone following me, either a security guard or a vendor, but not to serve me, but simply to make me feel uncomfortable, as if something were going to be stolen from me. When I ask those people who follow you for attention, they treat you haughtily. They really have to do something. My money and that of other people is worth the same, and it is not worth it that in the middle of 2023 they continue to label clients because of their skin color
Daniel Alejandro Huerta Miramontes: The staff is very rude, the employees are very lazy and they do not treat you well, they are very clowns, they should better review who they hire so that the customer service is not bad
Prevencion Total: I found a perfume that I loved, the ladies who attend are very friendly and know how to give you advice. Highly recommended.
Estephanie Arriaga: Very good attention from everyone, from the moment you enter, they answer your questions, try products, they are very well trained, everything is excellent for makeup and hairstyle services, the vibe of the guys makes you want to return. South Point is my favorite branch. They no longer have products to redeem the points =(
Y R: Very good attention from the workers
Paola Martínez: Terrible service, I still hadn't entered and the girl told me... What do you want?The truth is not worth going to the branch, in my case I work there but definitely save yourself the return because the attention is horrible. And as I said in the comments below, they are only chatting in a group and in my case the girl followed me throughout the store... Very uncomfortable.
Dari Ruiz: They serve well and the store is large, only if they should put the location here on Maps correctly, since it is wrong and I was looking for the store throughout the square
Karla Rodriguez: I really like the brands that they handle, I must admit that the cost of the products that they handle is high but they are very worth it... as far as the staff that works there have touched me with all good vibes and others not so much!!!
Melissa González: Excellent service from the guy who served me, Yared. He always recommended products according to what I need and he did not offer me just to sell me. I was very happy with my purchase, thanks to him. However, the attention from the cashier left me much to be desired, I don't know her name but she wore glasses and was thin.
Melissa Hernández Ortega: como si fuera un lugar de súper lujo con marcas súper exclusivas y nada que ver, les dije qué producto era y me dijeron que aún tenían en existencia y ya me pasaron a la tienda pero ni siquiera se tomaron la molestia de mostrármelo, anduve dando vueltas por la tienda buscándolo por mi misma y resulta que no lo tenían a la vista, tuve que ir yo a preguntar nuevamente hasta la entrada en donde todos están platicando y me dijo aaah si ya te lo busco y resulta que tenían el producto guardado en una gaveta que está debajo de otros productos, aaah y nunca te dan tus puntos, yo gasté más de $4000 MXN y no te los dan a tu cuenta, creo que ellos se los agarran.(Translated by Google
Ricardo Quijas: Very good customer service, they helped me and advised me on everything I needed. The store is in order and clean, something that the other stores lack.
Dariana Flores: Excellent service, Ana Lucía attended me, super friendly, pretty and attentive, I highly recommend the store, and its products fascinated me ❤️Thank you!!📍South point
Ana Celia Garcia Navarro: Very good attention, when I entered the store I was attended by a girl more or less my age, and she made several recommendations, at the end of my purchase they gave me some skincare samples...
José Arturo Larios: Agradable personal muy atentos ,gracias Angela por tu atención y servicio sigue así .
Adriana Murillo: Muy buen lugar, la atención de las chicas muy buena
Alan Daniel: Muy bien y amables

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