Best Stores To Buy Alpe Ankle Boots Guadalajara Near Me

1. Bizarre By Gossip Shops - Guadalajara

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Bizarre By Gossip Shops
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Address: Av. México 3225-Local 41, Vallarta, 44690 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 10:30 AM

Telephone: +52 33 1588 7474

Business type: Shoe store

Bizarre By Gossip Shops: what do users think?
edith barrera: friendly staff
Abril Rojo: nice models

2. Bazara - Guadalajara

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36 reviews
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Address: C. Pedro Moreno #723, Zona Centro, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3313 1180

Business type: Shoe store

Bazara: what do users think?
Gabriela Mendivil: Excellent customer service as well as high quality products. 💗💗
Lucia Dorantes: I have been buying at bazara for more than 4 years, the quality is very good and I really like their designs. Although there are things to improve, for exampleIt took more than 3 weeks more than the estimated date in an order that I made for 4 pairs, also that one sandal fits me tighter than the other, they are details, but a very good store
Lourdes Edith Plascencia Venegas: Very good and beautiful boots, affordable prices and with a guarantee.The only thing I didn't like and why I don't give it 5 stars is that if you want to pay by card they charge you commission and it's supposed to be prohibited.
Kathii Marty: My favorite place 😍 I love to go, although sometimes I feel sad for not being able to buy all the pairs I want 😅 the attention is incredible and that there will be on Sunday uff is even more so.
Maria Jose Salazar Oliva: Super comfortable, tall and stylish.We highly recommend 👌They always arrive on time and form, they answer super fast.I have never been able to go to a physical store but I keep up with the social networks where they are always posting :3
CINTHYA JAZMIN GARCIA CABRERA: I love the shoes they sell, most of the time when it is made to order they take longer than the note says, but the truth is that their products are very beautiful and of very good quality, I have been buying them for years and the shoes are always wonderful.
Rosalia Haro: y puedo decir que la calidad es muy, muy buena. He caminado mucho con las botas y las suelas no me cansan como otro calzado y el desgaste no es muy notorio. Cien por cien recomendadas bajo mi experiencia(Translated by Google
Angela Rosalia Haro Verdia: Excellent service, varied and excellent quality products
Erika Aguiñiga: Everything is super and excellent prices, very kind attention 👍😍
Miriam Castillo: Everything was going well until they gave me the wrong size and I had to return and lose my trip Apart from that, they have many sizes and they are a 100% Mexican company, beautiful and cheap. They have clothes, shoes, earrings, bags and other things
Baphy Meaberek: I've been buying shoes here for 5 years, a super fan of them. They are super friendly and attentive 🖤 the best in alternative footwear ✨
Lidia Arnot: I love their boots, but they should have 1/2, since in some materials of the boots, if they work, and in others, I have to buy a smaller number in some and in others a larger number.
Rossana CM: The best boots I have. Great quality, very good vibes and the truth is that all my savings are going to go into some b&n boots that they just released 🙏 33
Mon Rodríguez: The truth is, the boots are of super good quality and the prices are quite accessible and the store is super nice ✨
Dimas de la Peña: Very good boots and they are very kind to attend to, tqm bazaar
Den Isse: Different and innovative models, however they take a long time to respond via WA, I ordered a pair for my birthday in advance and they sent me the wrong number, I am very disappointed in the brand, it is my fourth purchase thinking that everything would be fine, since Tuesday I was told that they sent me the correct Pair and when tracking it it has not yet been sent, terrible shopping experience
Ioanna Gutiérrez: Excellent treatment from the girls, there was not much variety of black boots but the girl convinced me with other models, good prices and Mexican footwear. 🏼
Kenia Alvarado: I just turned one year old buying my custom boots with this business, they are the boots that have lasted me the longest, the customer service was good and they were patient with me so that I got what I wanted back then, they have not worn out at all , only I would like them to say that the platform weighs 😅 but that is of very good quality.
Lola Walls: TERRIBLE SERVICE, paid for some shoes, a month passed and they NEVER sent me the guide number... I had to send a relative who lives in Guadalajara to pick up and send me my shoes... Obviously I PAY AGAIN FOR THE SHIPPING now They didn't return it to me, they blocked me from all social networks...
DJ Diablo: They do not have any model of the ones in the digital catalog but good service, really very friendly
Fernanda Martinez: A lot of variety, I loved it as well as very affordable prices

3. Botas Establo - Guadalajara

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89 reviews
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Botas Establo
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Address: C. Francisco Villa 571, Blanco y Cuéllar, 44730 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 3391 5462

Business type: Manufacturer

Botas Establo: what do users think?
Agustin Silva: Para mi a sido un gusto trabajar ahi dos año y sigo ahi estoy agusto y me gusta lo que ago
Itzel Areli Villaseñor Padilla: Pocos lugares donde tienen una atención tan buena, la chica que te atiende en la fábrica es super amable y quien atiende por whats app también excelente atención, el producto ni se diga una chulada 10/10 felicidades.
Martin Jauregui Ceja: Excelente Calidad.....Que siga Rifando lo Mexicano.......buena atencion
Andrea Vargas: Bien día me podrían proporcionar un correo electrónico ??
Mario Hdez: Buen atención por parte de las dos señoritas que lo atienden a uno, gran surtido en botas y lo mejor magnífica calidad son botas hechas para durar de muy buena calidad y a precio muy razonable
Karina jaquelin Muñiz martinez: Quality of boots and where they make it very responsible
Ricardo Candelas: Factory of men's and women's boots the best beautiful and cheap boots and durable apart they look good to dress and rough work
Pablo Herrera: Excellent footwear. The best boots.
Gabriel Lopez: An excellent company.
equalizer dogy: muy amables muy limpio y todos te sonríen realmente sales motivado de ese lugar excelente(Translated by Google
Jose Garcia: One of the best factories in Guadalajara in work boots
Roberto Bautista Ramirez: Las mejores
Irvin Garcia: Son muy amables.
Christian Velez Lopez: They always have the model and size that I am looking for in addition to excellent attention from the girls at the counter
Sakre RM TV: Excellent care and service, very friendly attendants
Hugo CUELLAR LANA: Excellent quality boots and workmanship from Jalisco for the world
Alonso Castaneda: Excellent store and the best that they sell you from a single pair at a very affordable price in the factory itself.
Leindrack: 👍
Efren Chavez: Perrona
MAXIMILIANO PEREZ: Excellent quality and good price, very comfortable, they sell retail
Pedro De La Cruz: well-known shoe manufacturer specializing in shoe type

4. Saldos y ofertas de calzado - Guadalajara

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81 reviews
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Saldos y ofertas de calzado
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Address: Del. Guadalajara, C. Sierra Madre N° 413, Independencia, 44340 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Business type: Shoe store

Saldos y ofertas de calzado: what do users think?
Edna De La Mora: You can find footwear from several well-known brands at an excellent price.
Erick Vazquez: I just went and there is a good assortment of models and with slightly cheaper prices
Salvador Becerra: Excellent variety and highly recommended price
Yoi Pirez: Cheap, although there is almost no assortment.
Sergio Alejandro Sánchez Vázquez: Excellent offers, quality and variety
Karina Cruz: Super bad attention from the lady who is right now
marcial hernandez: Good store and respectful of sanitary measures
Rodrigo Mendoza Ruiz: Good offers! The man of the shoe store is my Compa 🤘🤘
Fernando Camarillo: It is closed when I arrive, they have not updated their schedules
Le ZooM Guadalajara: The person who attends is very rude
Aurelio Del toro: Hello good. brands. Y. Good. Price
Carlos Camacho: Lots of variety and at a good price
Tomas Quevedo: Good price and assortment of models
Daniel Esqueda: great deals
Jose Ramon Preciado: Very little assortment of shoe numbers
aneli hernandez: Excellent prices and excellent service
Nu: Good place to buy good quality shoes
Cristy Mariscal: Very good prices, I have been a client of this store for more than 7 years, excellent service. they accept card.
Ramon Coronado: good prices
Enrique Segovia: Very good shoes at great prices and lower quality shoes, also at low prices. The treatment of the staff is harsh.

5. BALENCIAGA - Zapopan

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11 reviews
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Address: El Palacio de Hierro Guadalajara Avenida Patria. 2085 Guadalajara, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +52 33 3648 9870

Business type: Shoe store

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