Best Places To Dance Sevillanas In Guadalajara Near Me

1. El Callejón de los Rumberos - Guadalajara

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El Callejón de los Rumberos
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Address: Av. Chapultepec Sur 287, Col Americana, Americana, 44170 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30PM

Telephone: +52 33 3811 3575

Business type: Night club

El Callejón de los Rumberos: what do users think?
Elizabeth Hernandez Escamilla: The food was very dry, the meat of the ribs, the piñada seemed milkshake and the atmosphere only listened to music from one side and the place was very dark, there was no good lighting.
Luce mtz: Yesterday I went to celebrate my anniversary with my Cuban husband since he misses his country very much. The truth was crap, a mistake, I felt embarrassed because the only thing the waitress did was harass us and that is good for demanding a tip from a mulatto with Chinese hair. The dishes leave a lot to be desired, all we wanted was to get out of this place. The only salvageable thing is the music but even the most ordinary drinks. The raw wings.I don't know how it didn't occur to me to review all the comments and save myself the hard time. It's a pity that they are listed so much, they learn to select the staff because it seems that they are starving just harassing for money.To enter they are a sweetheart but to get out well sucker the guard at the entrance hahaha what an irony, right?It really hurts about the place, they ruined my anniversary.They don't even deserve a 1 rating.
Adriana González Figueroa: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
V M: Of the best!And if you are lucky enough to come across dancers like Chavita Salsa, not good. The night is not enough for you!
Oscar Als Flores Gnzl: If you love to dance, this is the right place.
Los Erifas: Excellent place to dance a Cuban atmosphere good food and above all good mojitos
Esteban Vazquez: Excellent place to dance salsa
MR: Ending April... whatever comes in May
Valeria Ibarra: It seems to me one of the best places to dance salsa, where you enter the Cuban atmosphere 👌🏻
Diego Contreras: Haha if I could I would put them 0, horrible service, threats from the manager and waiters, theft on the account, but one tells them that he waits for them outside and they never come out, not even because they were more haha, don't go if you don't want to have the night of your life, foreigners avoid this place, bad practices.
D C: They have also applied to charge more expensive mojitos for saying that the mojitos were expensive? Hahahaha and they are still outraged.
Miguel: Good atmosphere, but it is locked up, there is no ventilation, you are going to sweat, it is a heat.
Hippitaku: In general, it is pleasant to dance and the attention is usually between good and regular. It's just that most of the furniture needs maintenance; there are tables that won't hold your drink, and if you're wearing tights or any delicate fabric, chances are it will get caught or break on the furniture.
Alejandro Mejia: If you like to dance it's fine, but unfortunately it's the only thing.The worst thing is that they don't have control over the consumption of the tables, they don't let you split the bill and they threaten to show you your ticket to let you out.
Gabriel Enmanuel Velasco Estudillo: Terrible service, from the guard at the entrance to the manager, I don't know how good the quality of waiters they have, throwing the menu at you and making faces. I do not recommend the place at all, except when the clientele exceeds the capacity that they have as employees to serve you and not get bogged down with a simple order.
Arturo Quiroz: Excellent place to dance. Good service
Luis Villarroel: They robbed us when leaving the place, snatching our things, right at the exit, very dark at the exit and our very harassing waiter asking us personal questions, suspicious.
Rodolfo Alfredo Mendoza Martínez: Very good place. Good atmosphere, excellent music for me
J Perez: Appalling. Dirty place, bad and expensive drinks and little hygiene... we left the place with flea bites on our feet and legs.
Matt Boyce: We have just been kidnapped from the establishment. There is no other word. Never in my life have I known a place that prevents consumers from leaving! They asked us for consumption tickets that they never gave us to go out on the street. I had to go threaten the manager to let us out! It is a dangerous, dishonest and frightening practice. Sure, in this way they make certain people pay double. We spent more than 4000 pesos in the establishment... Guadalajara City Hall, take a look at this place to control more the safety of its citizens!
Luis Corral Morales: Terrible service from waiters, we were ignored for much of the night, after 45 minutes of waiting unsuccessfully, we decided to leave after the waitress and the captain of waiters made us rude.

2. El Sonidero - Guadalajara

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El Sonidero
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Address: Av 8 de Julio 162, Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM

Business type: Bar

3. Bar La Chiluda - Guadalajara

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78 reviews
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Bar La Chiluda
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Address: Av Inglaterra 3120, Vallarta Poniente, 44110 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11PM

Business type: Bar

Bar La Chiluda: what do users think?
José Antero Castañeda Castro: Excellent place
Alejandra Salazar: The best for ever ! ❤️❤️
Mario Moreno: Very good place, quiet and with a pleasant atmosphere and great to meet with friends!
Cesar Ocegueda: Excellent.
Sarai González: It is a very nice place, they serve a variety of beers and mixed drinks. I don't think I took any photos either, but when I get back I'll post them.
Eduardo Rivas: very nice place
Jorge Medina: A secret that is worth discovering especially Saturday and Sunday from 3pm, very good food for hangovers and a variety of beers
Oliver Díaz de León Marquez: The "manager" Lalo can't stand being denied or contradicting his idealsHe gets aggressive and wants to get more just because he literally doesn't know how to hit a drunk customer on his sideRegardless of how wrong one is
axel walter: Joe is better. Very cozy bar 😁
Tanya Enid: Friendly, neighborhood dive bar. Serves snacks.
Dafne Santos: A pleasant experience... Excellent service, and company...
Yas Padilla: The net the place is cool although small and the attention is good, it is not a new place or super careful but it fulfills its function, in addition the selection of chelas and music is very good.
jony cero: Excellent service and very comfortable place very good atmosphere and wide assortment of drinks
Jose Armando Martinez: Excellent service
Octavio Pineda: Excellent atmosphere and service
Leo de la torre: Good place to go for a few beers, if you arrive early you can have the balcony that has an excellent view, they give snacks and there is another one that you can order like cecina etc.
sarah leonm: Good atmosphere to arrive alone or in company
Anakaren Perez: It is a very small place, the service is the best, all the staff are very friendly, the prices are cheap
Cuauhtli Navarro: Very quiet, and with good drinks
Silvia Cortes: Very small, it is cosy. Few know about it, nothing spectacular, it is a simple canteen. Great variety of drinks and good service
Osvaldo Vargas: Excellent

4. Bar Mutualista - Guadalajara

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Bar Mutualista
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Address: Calle Francisco I. Madero 553, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +52 33 3107 2284

Business type: Bar

Bar Mutualista: what do users think?
jos delmal: It was an excellent place, now it is closed.
Giezi Juarez: Very good service
Juan jose Navarro: The Mutualista de Guadalajara bar is the best place in the pearl of the west for lovers of salsa and lively rhythms as it has live music and there is a good atmosphere and the musicians are like Dominicans and play very cool and it is A highly recommended place 100% visit it
Fernando Arredondo: The pigeons need more tequila..
Rosa Isela Villegas: A nice place
alejandro reyna: Agusto as always good place to dance
Aurora Sánchez: Ugly, I didn't like it
Gerardo Espinoza Salcedo: I don't like very dirty bathrooms
Delfina Mendoza: excellent for dancing
Angel Ramirez G.: nice place to dance
OSCAR GUZMAN: It's ok to enjoy a beer
Julio Alberto Saldaña Santiago: If you are not a smoker you may like it and you must also like salsa music since they do not play anything else do not expect to hear other musical genres very low prices
Lucia America Camacho: One of the mandatory sites if you want to know the nightlife of gdl.
Isabel Gonzalez: Good place to dance salsa
julieta velez: Great music and great prices
Ana Guill: The environment is cool, highly recommended
Miguel Angel Ochoa Jacquez: good place to dance
Kytzia Montes Sahagun: It is always a pleasure to return to this great place!
armando israel navarro plascencia: Quite large bar good service but somewhat neglected

5. Hacienda la Sevillana - Tonalá

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387 reviews
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Hacienda la Sevillana
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Address: José Álvarez F. 146, Santa Paula, 45420 Tonalá, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 3690 2436

Business type: Event venue

Hacienda la Sevillana: what do users think?
Danni Vazquez: Todo muy bien el lugar, atención y servicio solo que si les hace falta ya sea aire acondicionado o ventiladores ya que no cuenta con nada de eso y en tiempo de calor está muy sofocado
Maria Matilde Godinez Rodriguez: Bonito lugar
Juan jose Perez: Buen lugar para sus eventos
Luis Santana: Buen lugar, con un gran espacio
M. en D. José David Hernández López: Hermoso lugar para todos los eventos
Alejandro Fierros: It's very nice
Miguel Torres Jacobo: Very big and nice luxury place
Abraham Muñiz Nuñez: Excellent service and facilities
Ivanov Herrera: The place is very nice, from its chapel and the facilities in general
Juan Manuel Carrillo: Very good location, service and attention do not stop visiting it
Alberto Rolon: The location and the service
Omar Garcia Tamayo: What I liked is that it has its chapel, the mass was held and from there to the pachanga
Sabrina MR: Excellent place, very spacious, pleasant facilities and ideal for taking photos.
Maury Zurita: Alone location is not so nice, great facilities
Enrique Santana Perez Venegas: It is a very nice place, very good attention and good service
Manuel Galindo: Very comfortable, has a chapel, party room and parking
Oscar Vilchis: The place is fine, I give it one star because the waitress keeps asking me for a tip, that's extremely annoying, especially since I had to stop to ask her for something to drink
Leticia Reyes: Very nice and wide
José Manuel Linares Vázquez: It's nice
octavio aceves: Good place, nothing but a little cold
Liz Elicea: Very prettyGood valet and waiter service

6. Salon para Eventos Villa Guerrero - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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66 reviews
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Salon para Eventos Villa Guerrero
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Address: C. Isla Zanzibar 3719, Villa Guerrero, 44987 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 6PM

Telephone: +52 33 2898 4549

Business type: Event venue

Salon para Eventos Villa Guerrero: what do users think?
Francisco Salcedo: It is very good and good price
Moises Ruiz: Very nice place I liked that it has a second floor just for the band. The people there are nice
cesar carlos armenta lopez: Nice place clean bathrooms at the entrance of the hall good!
Julio Torres: lousy acoustics
Alex Díaz: Good located.
Jorge Armando Vazquez: Agradable trató del dueño muy amplio el salón
Axel Alvarado: La atención por parte del encargado muy mala, ibamos dispuestos a escuchar ofertas y nisiquiera nos dijo nada, solo abrio para que pasaramos y nos dijo que no podiamos meter mucha gente, despues de eso solo se quedo parado y nos dejo solos, el lugar es muy bonito pero no tuvimos oportunidad de llegar a nada
Gerardo Amarales: Excelente localidad
Guillermo De la torre: Muy buen lugar muy agradable para fiestas y reuniones.
Josué González Sánchez: A salon that offers you all-inclusive packages at an affordable price. It is not pretty nor is it so ugly, its capacity is perhaps for 150 max 200 people already tight. You have to park around the place which can be complicated.
Luis Arballo Meléndez: Nice, simple and good place
erika salcedo: 👌
Jonathan Salinas: Lugar muy amplio, cómodo y limpio además el precio es justo
Diana Aguirre: Muy amables los dueños que rentan el lugar ☺
flozaax Flores: Muy chido
Adrián García: Buen lugar para eventos chicos y sencillos!!
fernando milanes: I didn't like the one who directs, she yelled a lot into the microphone all the time and that's very annoying
Rogelio Gómez: These photos do not all correspond to the place, first go to verify the place
Pedro Valencia Arana: is getting remodeled
Daniel Padilla: Good but the music not so much
Lupis Saras: it's nice

7. The Terrace Lounge Event Carrizos - Tonalá

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412 reviews
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The Terrace Lounge Event Carrizos
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Address: C. Independencia 392, San Gaspar, 45404 Tonalá, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 1293 5971

Business type: Event venue

The Terrace Lounge Event Carrizos: what do users think?
Soraya Colores: Great place for your event, all the staff are super friendly from the first day we booked, super attentive to everything, highly recommended 10 out of 10
francisco arellano: Excellent place for parties
Eduardo Rodríguez: Beautiful!Ample parking, easy access and well located.
Fer Alv: It is spacious and beautifulSuper-kept green areas
Maria Cordero: Ok
Rene Gomez: Very large place, very well maintained, good service, average to good food, well-kept gardens and games for children
Ileana Maribel Gomez Lizaola: Nice place for small events
Lupita Jimenez: Beautiful, very large terrace, nice decoration and all-inclusive packages at a good price
Miroslava Ramos: Spacious, beautiful, well-kept... The large terrace, capacity for approximately 200 people and a space for dancing
Luis Alberto Romero: Good place
Santiago ibarra cruz: Beautiful place, excellent facilities, all the staff are very friendly, very well located, everything very good, highly recommended
Julia Correa: Very nice place and very good service from all the people who work in that place a large garden
Erika Pimienta: Cobran demasiado caro para el servicio que dan, pierden mucho tiempo para empezar el baile , y aparte los meseros no están atentos, la verdad no lo recomendaría caro y muy mal ambientado.
Emmanuel Carrillo: Muy bonito el lugar 10/10
Carlos Xavier: Excelente atención todo perfecto
María Gabriel Segura: Very good place for family
aviario libertad genética: Spacious
Jonathan Fernando Mar Cortes: He's really not the only one. .... I ASSURE YOU IS THE BEST AND ITS VERY ECONOMIC AND GOOD PACKAGES SUPER GOOD ATTENTION
Alejandra Duarte Ramirez: Excellent place I recommend it
Enrique Aviña Hernandez: Very nice place!

8. Parroquia Jesús Divino Preso - Guadalajara

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78 reviews
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Parroquia Jesús Divino Preso
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Address: C. Damián Carmona 321, San Juan Bosco, 44730 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3643 0931

Business type: Catholic church

Parroquia Jesús Divino Preso: what do users think?
Adriana Machado: Pretty
Javier Medina Bautista: beautiful catholic temple
María Hernández: I loved it, I'll be back next Sunday!!!
Yareny Alvarez: Beautiful!!
zorro crack alvarez: The lady who attends for minutes and others is very kind
ramiro pedraza: Very clean good area
Norma de zavala Gonzalez Vazquez: Wonderful place
Hector Manuel Magaña: Beautiful parish, small in size, but it has a priest Olegario, who makes it very big with the word of God the Father.
Ramon Garcia: I am surprised by Father Olegario's dedication, testimony of dedication
Marvin: Charming place, beautiful, very classic parish.
Glo Cortes: The parents of this church are super accessible, the 11 mass is given for children. In the case of baptism, the paperwork must be brought 15 days before the date of the baptism.
jesus montes: Catholic parish, small and with many pastoral needs. Good community.
jose zepeda: Excellent place to meditate
Odilon Martinez avila: excellent
Angélica Peña G.: A temple with good acoustics and cool and Mr. Cura didactic and fine person!
Pedro Fabian Barboza: The masses are very good. They only need to add an earlier mass on Sundays
Irma Garay: Beautiful this church and the divine priest
Santos Sayula: A very simple temple and a mr. Father Olegario cures a fine person.
Rosy Sánchez: quiet church

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