Best Places To Dance Kizomba In Guadalajara Near Me

1. El Callejón de los Rumberos - Guadalajara

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El Callejón de los Rumberos
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Address: Av. Chapultepec Sur 287, Col Americana, Americana, 44170 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30PM

Telephone: +52 33 3811 3575

Business type: Night club

El Callejón de los Rumberos: what do users think?
Elizabeth Hernandez Escamilla: The food was very dry, the meat of the ribs, the piñada seemed milkshake and the atmosphere only listened to music from one side and the place was very dark, there was no good lighting.
Luce mtz: Yesterday I went to celebrate my anniversary with my Cuban husband since he misses his country very much. The truth was crap, a mistake, I felt embarrassed because the only thing the waitress did was harass us and that is good for demanding a tip from a mulatto with Chinese hair. The dishes leave a lot to be desired, all we wanted was to get out of this place. The only salvageable thing is the music but even the most ordinary drinks. The raw wings.I don't know how it didn't occur to me to review all the comments and save myself the hard time. It's a pity that they are listed so much, they learn to select the staff because it seems that they are starving just harassing for money.To enter they are a sweetheart but to get out well sucker the guard at the entrance hahaha what an irony, right?It really hurts about the place, they ruined my anniversary.They don't even deserve a 1 rating.
Adriana González Figueroa: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
V M: Of the best!And if you are lucky enough to come across dancers like Chavita Salsa, not good. The night is not enough for you!
Oscar Als Flores Gnzl: If you love to dance, this is the right place.
Los Erifas: Excellent place to dance a Cuban atmosphere good food and above all good mojitos
Esteban Vazquez: Excellent place to dance salsa
MR: Ending April... whatever comes in May
Valeria Ibarra: It seems to me one of the best places to dance salsa, where you enter the Cuban atmosphere 👌🏻
Diego Contreras: Haha if I could I would put them 0, horrible service, threats from the manager and waiters, theft on the account, but one tells them that he waits for them outside and they never come out, not even because they were more haha, don't go if you don't want to have the night of your life, foreigners avoid this place, bad practices.
D C: They have also applied to charge more expensive mojitos for saying that the mojitos were expensive? Hahahaha and they are still outraged.
Miguel: Good atmosphere, but it is locked up, there is no ventilation, you are going to sweat, it is a heat.
Hippitaku: In general, it is pleasant to dance and the attention is usually between good and regular. It's just that most of the furniture needs maintenance; there are tables that won't hold your drink, and if you're wearing tights or any delicate fabric, chances are it will get caught or break on the furniture.
Alejandro Mejia: If you like to dance it's fine, but unfortunately it's the only thing.The worst thing is that they don't have control over the consumption of the tables, they don't let you split the bill and they threaten to show you your ticket to let you out.
Gabriel Enmanuel Velasco Estudillo: Terrible service, from the guard at the entrance to the manager, I don't know how good the quality of waiters they have, throwing the menu at you and making faces. I do not recommend the place at all, except when the clientele exceeds the capacity that they have as employees to serve you and not get bogged down with a simple order.
Arturo Quiroz: Excellent place to dance. Good service
Luis Villarroel: They robbed us when leaving the place, snatching our things, right at the exit, very dark at the exit and our very harassing waiter asking us personal questions, suspicious.
Rodolfo Alfredo Mendoza Martínez: Very good place. Good atmosphere, excellent music for me
J Perez: Appalling. Dirty place, bad and expensive drinks and little hygiene... we left the place with flea bites on our feet and legs.
Matt Boyce: We have just been kidnapped from the establishment. There is no other word. Never in my life have I known a place that prevents consumers from leaving! They asked us for consumption tickets that they never gave us to go out on the street. I had to go threaten the manager to let us out! It is a dangerous, dishonest and frightening practice. Sure, in this way they make certain people pay double. We spent more than 4000 pesos in the establishment... Guadalajara City Hall, take a look at this place to control more the safety of its citizens!
Luis Corral Morales: Terrible service from waiters, we were ignored for much of the night, after 45 minutes of waiting unsuccessfully, we decided to leave after the waitress and the captain of waiters made us rude.

2. Casinéate. Cuban Casino Dance Group ("salsa cubana") - Guadalajara

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Address: C. Justo Sierra 2072, Ladrón de Guevara, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 1821 5659

Business type: Dance school

Casinéate. Cuban Casino Dance Group ("salsa cubana"): what do users think?
Edith Romero: Davo es el que imparte las clases y lo hace explicando la técnica de manera impecable, es muy paciente y antes de enseñarte lo que sigue se asegura de que hayas aprendido bien lo previo. No es una clase de baile cualquiera, pues además te enseña nociones básicas sobre música.100% recomendado para todos aquellos que estén interesados en aprender a bailar salsa cubana como se debe.
Estefanía Ledesma: Jamás conocí a un maestro con tanta paciencia y sabiduría para enseñar. Tiene una técnica única y siempre encuentra la manera para explicarte hasta que lo entiendas perfecto y te salga. Davo imparte un curso demasiado completo y es un excelente bailarín🕺🏻Ésta no será la típica clase donde intentas seguir al instructor y ahí nomás medio te salen las cosas..
Luz: Heart recommendation! During my semester abroad, I danced salsa there for about two and a half months. Contact is quick and easy via WhatsApp, you can visit very spontaneously for the first time. You can go relaxed as an absolute beginner and be taken by the hand by Davo (the dance teacher) and learn something new very quickly. For your own course progress, it is better if you attend both dates during the week, but it is also not a problem to decide flexibly - you only pay when you are actually there.The atmosphere in the group is really warm, you are accepted immediately, you also learn Mexican colloquial language (English is not a problem either!) and after the lessons you always go to a dance club together.Would go back to Davo's dance every time I'm in Guadalajara and would highly recommend the salsa lessons to anyone, I really enjoyed the time there :)
Luisa Puteanus: I was in Guadalajara for a semester abroad for half a year and attended the Salsa Casino course during that time. Everyone is encouraged at their own level and you learn the steps really quickly thanks to the good explanation, so that after a short time you have the feeling that you can really dance something. Apart from the fact that the salsa teacher teaches you the steps fantastically, the atmosphere is really very familiar. We often went dancing together after class to practice. In addition to the salsa steps, one or the other Spanish lesson was not neglected (teachers also speak perfect English). Since the course was also very varied and I generally had a lot of fun, I always really enjoyed going to the lessons.
Carlos David Esparza Reyes: Las mejores clases de casino de toda la ciudad, Davo es un excelente instructor, que lleva a los principiantes a lograr sus metas, con una técnica y metodología inigualables.
CARMEN RODRIGUEZ: The best dance academy in the casino, I recommend it 100%, an excellent teacher who has the best technique in casino dance.
hazael quevedo tejeda: —The teacher is Impeccable in his way of explaining, and he supports you with audiovisual content for you to review at home, all the classes are very dynamic and progressive. The studio is great for practicing
Ady S: (Translated by Google
Cristy: The best classes to learn to dance Casino. The teacher has an excellent methodology that helps you understand the steps and learn to dance with very good technique. The classes are very dynamic and you always learn new things, plus the group is incredible. Super recommendable to learn with Davo !!
Julio Cesar Romero Rendon: Excellent classes, fun and above all Davo, a very good instructor, highly recommended.
Henry Guerra: The class is really very dynamic, 100% patience, recommended without a doubt to those who seek new horizons in relation to dance.
Dante Jaime: Very dynamic and very fun classes. The teacher Davo has a lot of experience and is patient.Highly recommended school to learn rueda casino.
Sara Rubio Jerez: Davo es un excelente instructor, de los mejores de Guadalajara, Enseña con es una técnica muy limpia y usa la lógica, por lo tanto los pasos fluyen sin problema, muy recomendado
Arturo Duran: Excelente lugar, amplio espacio maestros muy capacitados 👍🏼
Andy Alducin: Las mejores clases para aprender a bailar Casino, excelente metodología que te ayuda a entender los pasos y aprender perfectamente a bailar en pareja.

3. Salsa Fusión Studio - Guadalajara

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Salsa Fusión Studio
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 739, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 1049 8660

Business type: Dance school

Salsa Fusión Studio: what do users think?
Josué Reyes: It's a great place to learn Cuban salsa, highly recommended!

4. Latinos Dance Studio - Guadalajara

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Latinos Dance Studio
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 825, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 1662 4140

Business type: Dance school

5. Frenesí Estudio De Baile - Guadalajara

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Frenesí Estudio De Baile
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Address: C. Ignacio Herrera y Cairo 1483A, Santa Teresita, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 3825 5715

Business type: Dance school

Frenesí Estudio De Baile: what do users think?
Emmamuel Sanchez: With the best of Guadalajara bachata, without a doubt Frenesí is one of the best schools to learn
Orlando Ríos: the place does not exist
Jorge Meza: Excellent teacher!! Highly recommended...🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Edgar Rojas: Excellent dance classes, the kizomba ones are very cool. 😜
Alberto Guerra: good overall
Rafael Lopez: Excellent place!!!
Luis Escalante: Good care and service
Tere Cortes: The best dance school with the best teachers
ALEJANDRO AMAR O MORIR: Excelente servicio, me gusto la clase de salsa con jimi
Oscar Miranda: Las clases de bachata qrecomendadas. El profe explica muy bien.
Eder Ivan Merino Quintero: Excelente lugar
Allan “Lobito” Angeles: Excellent study. The classes are recreational and didactic. I was in bachata class with maestro Boris and I can't say more than excellent 👌🏼 I'm giving it 4 stars because a wall in the room was unpainted just to say something.
angelonix98: 😍😍😍
Pablo Figueroa: The best place to learn Bachata
J.S. Caro: Great dance teachers in one place
CITLALLI MACIAS (Cit): Excellent place to really learn to dance, in a short time you make great progress and the instructors are super good

6. Aché de Cuba Academia de Baile & Café - Guadalajara

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24 reviews
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Aché de Cuba Academia de Baile & Café
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Address: Av. Adolfo López Mateos Sur 1805, Chapalita, 44240 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 1114 6744

Business type: Dance school

Aché de Cuba Academia de Baile & Café: what do users think?
Rogelio Grande Cortes: Well, it's not a dance school anymore, now it's a restaurant, I ordered the meal of the day, which includes soup and water, in this case I chose noodle soup but they also had vegetable soup, then they gave me a plate with a flank steak , rice soup, beans and a salad, all very good and very cheap. All for 80 pesos
Tanya Enid: Dropped in for the Wednesday 8pm class. The studio is small but is very open to the outdoors so it doesn't feel cramped.Studio is located right next to a gas station so the surroundings are well illuminated. Class started about 10 after and ended about 30 after. There is no "closing of the door' after class starts, feel free to walk in if running late (at least on Wednesday 8pm class).There were four different groups learning at the same time. Salsa Rueda, couples, ladies styling and guys. All together but not scrambled.Class was fun and very social oriented. The ladies in the Ladies' styling class were great and we had a great time practicing together.The instructor I had (Elena) holds a very fun class.Class was $75mxn drop-in price. Great value!
andre Sainz: light you place
Miriam Orozco: Great!!!A part of my life has already changed for good.
Juan Dominguez: o tienes dos pies izquierdos para bailar les recomiendo que inicien en otra escuela. Si aun así quieren ir, lleven a su propia pareja o de lo contrario se verán rodeados de principiantes masculinos y, si tienen suerte, podrán bailar con una mujer que se tendrán que ir "turnando" con los demás y la verdad eso de estar tomando turnos corta el ritmo y hace que tú progreso sea muy lento. La mayoría de mujeres están con los intermedios y avanzados y difícilmente las pondrán a bailar con principiantes.El espacio no es muy grande y no separan niveles por horarios; principiantes, intermedios y avanzados están en el mismo espacio a la misma hora, esto ocasiona que en ocasiones las clases se llenen y será un dolor de cabeza estar chocando con los otros al estar bailando.Tampoco esperen que les enseñen detalladamente técnica o teoría ni pasos básicos, su filosofía es más al estilo “aprende bailando” y si no tienes ninguna experiencia previa, al inicio lo puedes encontrar frustrante.Un pro para los que somos impuntuales de nacimiento es que las clases por lo regular inician entre 15 - 20 minutos después de la hora y termina más tarde, pero si te gusta la puntualidad te vas a desesperar.En general el ambiente es relajado, los maestros son muy carismáticos y te inspiran confianza, el precio es súper accesible. Creo que el lugar es ideal sí ya sabes algo de salsa cubana sobre todo si ya has bailado en rueda de casino, y quieres ir a un lugar para bailar y divertirte, éste lugar es perfecto.(Translated by Google
monica jasso vazquez: Excellent Cuban salsa teachers
Edgar Torres: Excellent attention, good prices and great dancers. The classes and the quality are very good, everyone is very friendly and willing to help (:
Carlos Rivera: I liked the place and the teacher dances very well, the classes are very entertaining and fun, the negative point is that newbies or those who find it more difficult are relegated, if you know a little it is an excellent place to learn more And what's more, if dancing is difficult for you or you have 2 left feet, I would start somewhere else, here everything is very fast from the warm-up, and nobody tells you how to start, apparently it's a lot of fun when you already fit in with everyone, but at first yes You are going to struggle, single men, a bad idea, it is best to take a partner or an acquaintance because the women who already know are in the wheel and hardly any of them will want to be too much with the newbies. It is an excellent experience as a couple, the place is good and accessible, the cost is very cheap
Roberto Marquez Mayorga: The best academy of Cuban Room
Javier Saavedra: Good academy of Cuban rhythms, the price is affordable 55 pesos
Reyna Garcia: Excellent teachers and great atmosphere.

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