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1. Centro de integracion Animal CIA - Guadalajara

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Centro de integracion Animal CIA
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Address: Río Zapotlán 2-166, El Rosario, 44898 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +52 33 1885 5209

Business type: Pet adoption service

Centro de integracion Animal CIA: what do users think?

eduardo Malagon: I had 2 Schottisch Terrier dogs, 11 and 9 years old; they already left; my wife passed away 5 years ago; I feel very alone; We have 20 years with the breed, help us find one like it...malagoneric72@gmail

adriana huerta: Excellent attention, very professional, highly recommended for all those people who take their pets to be sterilized, very grateful to them

Adriana Vazquez: Sometimes they do take time to answer, but once they attend to you, they give you an excellent treatment, from the appointment to the sterilization, highly recommended, thank you very much

Tigre Flomar: Unfortunately, it has many deficiencies, in addition to being very far from the downtown area of ​​Guadalajara.

Pily Chimalmatzatziuatl: In this animal integration center, the attention is careful and loving with the canines, since they are rescued from situations of abuse, to be rehabilitated and put up for adoption later. Support by sharing so that more dogs find a loving home as soon as possible.
Erik Aguirr: First-class care, they have excellent facilities and very attentive staff, they take care of your pet very well, free sterilization of canines and cats, and they give you low-cost advice and vaccinations, an excellent option.
elizabeth delgadillo castillo: They never answer the calls, they say that you dial Monday for appointments and they don't take the calls
Maria guadalupe Santillan: Hello, I can no longer have my dog, she is vaccinated and sterilized, can I leave her there for someone to adopt her?
Arturo Arias M: Receive the information I requested, the person who attended me was very kind
Laura Sánchez: How stupid.... According to what they pick up dogs from the street but they don't receive dogs that people no longer want?? Well then what? That they leave them in the street so that you go to pick them up?
Carlos Robles: Thank you for the service you provide, really 🙏.Carrying out free sterilizations are one of the few government actions that really translates into real help for low-income animal lovers, rescuing mistreated animals and carrying out adoption campaigns among other services and all this with a good quality service. it is to be thankful.Points to take into account;The care center is very far away, therefore it is advisable to have your own or borrowed vehicle to request the sterilization service, since the animals are delivered to you with a little anesthesia and cannot walk and/or run and/or jump for the next 7 days.
Carolina Báez: The phone they have does not give a line. They should fix that.
LuisNavarro: not solve my problem
Samuel Canela: Great service
abarajame44: Excellent treatment of animals! We ended up adopting a dog!!!
isis meza: Very friendly and professional in their work, they took care of my dogs with efficiency, they also do a great job rescuing dogs from mistreatment and keep them healthy and well cared for. I wish the families would adopt them, there are many puppies looking for mom and dad, very adorable
Norberto Gonzalez: It seems that daily is closed
Karina Lopez0099999: The tel. It doesn't work or it's not correct.
Lucy Hernández: I like the program.But they don't answer the phone and long wait
Ccmas muñoz: Muy atentos.
Tigre Flomar: Tiene muchas deficiencias lamentablemente, además de estar muy distante de la zona centro de Guadalajara
Hector Manuel Magaña: No ayudan
Victor hugo Zarate chaves: Muy bien
Rosaura “Ross” moctezuma: Excelente muy buen servicio profesional
HildaEelizabeth Águilar Guerrero: No eh ido yo solo quería que ayuden unos gatitos

2. SOS DOG GDL - Tonalá

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Address: Calle Hidalgo, Carr. libre a Zapotlanejo &, La Ladrillera, 45416 Tonalá, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 1027 7097

Business type: Animal rescue service

3. Tienda De Animales - Guadalajara

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4 reviews
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Tienda De Animales
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Address: Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 1360-1398, Mirador, 44370 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Business type: Animal protection organization

Tienda De Animales: what do users think?

Lupita Mendez: I have a dog out here that I hurt in the morning

4. Petland - Guadalajara

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117 reviews
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Address: Av Adolfo López Mateos Nte 2405, Italia Providencia, 44648 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +52 33 3113 5912

Business type: Pet supply store

Petland: what do users think?

Francisco Reyes: An excellent space to buy products and Pets with all of the Law.

Iri Y: Super friendly, they explain you in detail, they also suggest you according to your needs.

krayola Papeleria: I love this place I super charm. You can find a cute Pet.

Heidy Lozada: A wide variety of puppies and cats, food, accessories for your pets, a very clean place, they offer you many guarantees for your pets.

Azucena Ribera: I bought my dog ​​here and it is an excellent place with many guarantees and excellent treatment 👍
Jesús Hernández: Que vergüenza que aún existan lugares como este que comercializan con los cachorros
Amanda Jazmín Flores Cruz: Adopta, no compres.Mascotas con precios altos, productos caros.Hay variedad de instrumentos para perros y gatos.
Miriam Guzman Jimenez: súper agradable la experiencia de convivir con tu futura mascota
Annie Bikes: I went to this store today to buy some dog food and a few other things, and was surprised to see they are still selling backyard breeder type puppies. So unethical, it’s 2023 and people still think this is ok? Also, their selection of dog clothing and shampoos was terrible. Couldn’t even find a decent harness for a small size dog.
Josuas Deere: No apoyo la venta de animales, considerando que hay muchisimos perros para adoptar, promocionar la venta deberia ser ilegal.
Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Velazquez: Good
Jose de Jesus Chavez: The puppies they have on display are beautiful
Odeth Cruz: Excellent place
Sara Quezada: They are always attentive and in the follow-up with my puppy and guarantees there have never been any problems.
Ticoitica: The store was good, I don't give them a bad score
G. Eduardo HG: (Translated by Google
Mi llave perica y yo: Beautiful dogs, very expensive but beautiful
Emmanuel Andrade Flores: Very expensive everything.!!!!
Bernardo Espinoza: It is a good place, there are very beautiful specimens.It's just that the products are a bit expensive, although there is a lot of variety.But apart from that, the place is fine
Ángy O: Love those pups. I loved knowing this beautiful place.
Susana Vantes: Good service from the person who served me.
carlos montes: Super attentive and helpful staff. Shame about the obscene cost of animals
aura diaz: The best place to take someone who will be part of your family and will make you very happyExcellent service
Ana Avila Jimenez: How ugly that they profit from animals...they are living beings and they shouldn't be sold...let alone so expensive
D C: Beautiful pets, they look healthy and well-groomed,

5. SDoM Rescue and Adoption Center - Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos

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1 reviews
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SDoM Rescue and Adoption Center
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Address: Cam. Real De Cedros 1148B, 45850 Los Cedros, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Business type: Pet adoption service

6. Exotic Planet - Guadalajara

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299 reviews
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Exotic Planet
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Address: Francisco de Quevedo 122, Arcos Vallarta, 44130 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +52 33 3630 5233

Business type: Pet store

Exotic Planet: what do users think?

Dustin McCowan: Crazy to think I can get a tiger for the same price as an African

21soulriver: Ok

Axel Sanchez: Wow

bunty brahmachari: Lot of options

GUSTAVO ARMANDO GLORIA VAZQUEZ: Excellent place to buy a pet and they advise you on all the questions you have

Luis S.: They treated me excellently, I had to take my hedgehog for a surgery that fortunately was successful, the staff is properly uniformed and very professional, they explained everything very well and met the times they had commented, they have a very interesting exhibition with a great variety of copies of all kinds, about prices I do not know if they are high or low since I do not know much about it.

Reyna Fraga: Good service and a wide variety of pet supplies. They have excellent veterinary service. And healthy options as new pets.

Totiburonpro 500: It has some rare animals but the price is exaggeratedly high, a nominal leopard gecko (that is, normal) costs 5,500 pesos, while the normal price is between 800 and 1,400

Patricia Corichi: Good attention from the staff, variety of products and some exotic animals

7. Pet World - Guadalajara

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246 reviews
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Pet World
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Address: Av. Manuel Acuña 3387, Monraz, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +52 33 3642 2734

Business type: Pet supply store

Pet World: what do users think?

El Chema: Great service, good knowledgeable vets

Wilfrido Silva: Great!

Israel Concha Ruíz: I like the attention and care they offer my pet, the price seems fair for what they offer

Laura Martin del Campo Jimenez: Excellent, a wide variety of items and food for all pets, plus it is a hospital and they can train your dog

Alen gu: Good attention, but the croquettes that were recommended for my puppy cat (Diamond) did not like it :( it has stinkier feces

Edward David Pineda Jimenez: Good prices, the treatment they have with pets is excellent, I recommend them

Luis Mayorquín: Terrible vet, several times they hurt my dog ​​with the excuse that he is very "restless", we trusted them and now he returned completely injured in the hip. DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE.

Dolores Aranda: I highly recommend the hospital as the store and not to mention the bathroom of my beautiful dog is white like nowhere, the kindness of your staff is professional I am delighted with your services
Marco Santacruz: Magnificent care both at the vet and in the store. I have been a customer there for more than 15 years.
Kim Sikorski: Good baths for dogs
Jazmín Valencia: Me desperté esta mañana oyendolo, y sigue. Pobre de él, si yo fuera su dueño no volvería a dejarlo así. (Imagino que está en pensión o guardería
Bertha Alicia Diaz Angel: Excellent attention ☺️ and veterinary service
Gabriel Zarate: good prices
Alvaro Gonzalez Ross: Excellent attention
Alen gu: no le gustaron :( tiene heces mas apestosas(Translated by Google
Israel Concha Ruíz: Me gusta la atención y cuidado que ofrecen a mi mascota, el precio me parece justo por lo que ofrecen
Karenina Haro: Excelente servicio
Lizzy Rodríguez García: Cero profesionales... No recomiendo el hospital para nada. Me hicieron esperar más de 8 días y no me supieron dar respuesta...
Gilberto Silva: Pésimo trato, pésimo servicio. Citaron a mi perro desde las 9am para tenerlo encerrado en una jaula hasta las 4pm. Marqué para ver cómo iba y resulta que “los expertos” no podían bañarlo ni cortarle el cabello, me dijeron que “no se dejaba” obviamente después de estar encerrado casi ocho horas mi perrito estaba muy estresado con hambre y con sed. Si no hubiera marcado no sé qué hubiera pasado. Cero recomendable
Laura Martin del Campo Jimenez: Excelente, gran variedad de articulos y alimentos para todas las mascotas, ademas que es hospital y te pueden entrenar a tu perro
Edward David Pineda Jimenez: Buenos precios, el trato tienen con las mascotas es excelente, los recomiendo
Arcad: Espere 10 min y nadie me atendió, no regreso
Edgardo Garrido: El Dr. Ricardo es un profesional excelente!!!
Mtro. Hugo Rodriguez Heredia: Ya cobran muy caro los cortes de cabello con tijera de los perros
Octavio Zamora: Buena atención y encuentras de todo para tu mascota
Luis Mayorquín: Pésima veterinaria, varias veces lastimaron a mi perro con la excusa de que es muy “inquieto”, confiamos en ellos y ahora regresó completamente lastimado de la cadera.NO TRAIGAN AQUÍ A SUS MASCOTAS.
Sara Jimenez: I didn't like the attention at all
Enrique Rojas: Good attention

8. Dog Dog Encaminando a Tu Perro - Guadalajara

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243 reviews
new review
Dog Dog Encaminando a Tu Perro
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Address: Calle Gral. Eulogio Parra 3143, Monraz, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM

Telephone: +52 33 2184 5846

Business type: Dog day care center

Dog Dog Encaminando a Tu Perro: what do users think?

Lorenzo Cavalcante: This wonderful team of people love dogs. On the first day, while a trained dog analyst took our puppy for a behavioral assessment walk, we were interviewed extensively. At the end of the 90 minute session they created a detailed report on our puppy, which was on point. They recommended a different type of leash which has significantly improved his leash walking discipline. We felt completely comfortable leaving him at the day care, in the knowledge that he would socialize with other dogs in a safe and loving environment. We highly recommend Dog Dog in Guadalajara, they are a wonderful and professional team. Shout out to Monica who sent us a photo while at day care and sent us a very touching VM when we continued on our travels around Mexico.

Leonard Willson: Is a really good places always tale care of my dogs and my dogs really enjoy it...really nice people and understand and really live dogs...

Daniela Gonzalez: Not flexible with visitoea with out of town, recepcionist very rude and poor dogs are not taken care of, my puppy siffered from dehydration no water was provided

Brianda de la Huerta: I congratulate this company that has been an important part in the life of my dog ​​and mine. They have taught us through different programs to communicate with our dog in a healthy and functional way for both. My dog ​​has improved her way of socializing, working and developing different skills due to the different programs she has attended. It is a space that allows you to enter a world in which we understand and communicate better with our dog.

ROSSIO JESSICA HERNANDEZ BECERRA: I started visiting dog dog this year, due to the adoption of a puppy that has much more energy than my previous puppies; which is why I took on the task of finding a safe place to complement their interactions and learning. The dog dog kennel club and its activities are wonderful because our canchildren can interact and learn in controlled environments and we dogparents enjoy outdoor activities in community. On Saturday, October 29, we went on a new adventure with the dogpackers on an excursion to the el nixticuil forest, or better known as the tooth, and the truth is that my beloved pet and I enjoyed it tremendously with a hiking tour, hiking, and activities. didactics for a better interaction of our dogs in our daily life, because we do not have dogs... we live with our puppies. “THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE DOG DOG STAFF“

Alma Delia Sanchez Hernández: Great place, great team, well prepared. Each activity a new experience. Whatever activity you choose, rest assured that your furry will have fun like never before. I love going to outdoor activities, because they give you valuable tools to live with your dog, and not just have a dog. We returned tired, but very happy with this experience. Every day you learn new things and they leave you with new challenges. Waiting for the next activities!!!😄

Ruth Iñiguez: I love the service, Paco is always well taken care of and they constantly send me reports of his behavior, they also explain the behaviors he has had and how to improve them. We are fascinated with DogDog and recommend it 100%. Paco is the happiest since going to DogDog, thanks for the attention you give my shorty

Andres H: It started with a simple school for dogs in Guadalajara, we approached our first recognition consultation for my dog ​​and it was a great experience. They began to guide me with my dog ​​who has a lot of energy so I had to know how to handle her. Today it is not only a school for her but also one of her favorite places where she learns, lives with more dogs and also grows safely and the staff will always accompany you. Also take advantage of the events and classes they provide as it will help you on your journey with your dog and your dog will be much happier.

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