Best Parks With Ping Pong Table In Guadalajara Near Me

1. Rios Ping Pong Club - Zapopan

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Rios Ping Pong Club
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Address: Av. Ecónomos 6600, Parque Metropolitano, 45010 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 1147 3937

Business type: Sports club

Rios Ping Pong Club: what do users think?
Jorge Alatrista: Excelente lugar
Ivan A: Excellent place to practice and learn table tennis!
BENNETT ALFRED: Great Place to practice and improve the game
roberto yaros vidales: Great place to play and train table tennis.
Santiago Padrón: A little hidden but very good and fun

2. Sam's Club Valle Real - Zapopan

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Sam's Club Valle Real
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Address: Av Sta Margarita 3600, Poniente, 45140 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3805 2761

Business type: Warehouse club

Sam's Club Valle Real: what do users think?
Yolanda sastre ovando: Proximity, but products like Neskuik are sold out
Mauricio Gonzalez: I forgot my membership at home and I just wanted to check some prices because I was passing through and I was denied access
Gema Mariscal Lopez: In general it is a good place.Associates are not always the friendliest and most willing to help customers.
Alex Herrera: 25 min de espera pars el cobro(Translated by Google
Sergio Rioma: Scan and go buy useful and efficient
Miguel Sanchez: The place has wifi, I can get there by bike and there is physical security. The service is very good and the area is very safe. The square where it is located gives it additional value
ED AL GO SA: , productos de limpieza tanto para la casa o para aseo personal o lavado de ropa, y otras cosas más esta muy equipada y aparte la plaza cuenta con más tiendas y esta muy agusto para asistir con la familia o tomar un café o comer algo.(Translated by Google
Luis Armando Gutierrez Sada: Fabulous to buy a lot of everything you don't need
Cesar Garcia: Excellent service
Diana Valle: I don't like that every time I go they ask me to show my membership and I see that many don't ask for it! So if I didn't have it, I can't enter to see the products?
Luis L Martinez G: Esta bien surtido y el pago en las cajas es rápido.
Krystal Aragon: Excellent Customer Service 👌 👍 👏
Lily Moreno: Todo está muy bien el único problema es cuando se va a pagar son unas filas enormes hay pocos cajeros
Edgard Sanchez: Completo encuentro lo que busco
Fernando Corona: Excelente surtido y con una muy buena atención, mi Sams favorito en la ZMG
Adan Zepeda: Casi siempre que una va hay que esperar algo de tiempo para pagar , y en el estacionamiento, no hay ningún tipo de sombra, para los autos ...
Raquel Palacios: Very good
Roberto Pedraza: Same as any other Sams
Oscar Avalos: Like all Sams, they have everything they need
Pedro Zuno: Very good place although suddenly if you arrive at a time it is quite full and the staff does not know how to control the environment
Jorge Dominguez: Good specials

3. Sam's Club Tlaquepaque - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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11100 reviews
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Sam's Club Tlaquepaque
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Address: C. Niños Héroes 720, Hidalgo, 45500 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3657 5706

Business type: Warehouse club

Sam's Club Tlaquepaque: what do users think?
Ernesto Casillas: Excellent!!!
Emmanuel Andrade Flores: Missing more assortment!!!
mike garcia: Clean and very well cared for
Gabriel Becerra rodriguez: Excelente tienda muy surtida
Gustavo Calderon Navarro: Mal actitud de los cajeros
Santiago Alba: Nada del otro mundo, estacionamiento amplio.
Martha Laura González López: Solo buscaba ventiladores o enfriadores y no habia ni uno
Sarahi j: Los cajeros son muy lentos, su prioridad no es cobrar ni ofrecer un buen y rápido servicio, si no vender membresías
Carlos Pulido: , esto hasta en e Aurrera lo aceptan.(Translated by Google
el fafita: Bah
elsa janette lopez de nava: Soft drink without ice snow without jam bad service in the cafeteria area second time I come and terrible service it hurts that this sams always discredits the other sams where if they know how to attend separately they close before the schedule
jesus lopez rosas: There is no ice for the soft drinks and that's how they sell them hot
Angélica Irungaray: Good
Dalila Villanueva: Super good I found everything I expected
Laura Martínez: I love Sam's it's always fresh good place to think
Happy Happy: I had little merchandise and it was very dirty, the ATMs did not work well
Rilein: The member service people attend quickly and well, the facilities are good. The only detail is the food area, the heat accumulates through the windows and there is no ventilation.
rosa maura barajas hidalgo: It is comfortable, it does not fill up as much as the others and they have the same
Pedro Angel: The only detail is the entrance and exit of the parking lot, which becomes a problem most of the time.
Liliana Araceli Cruz Álvarez: TERRIBLE SERVICE, I ordered a washing machine online and it arrived all beaten up and after more than a month I dialed, they still haven't given me an answer, they say they'll call me in 72 hours to give me a return number and they just don't call me.
Pedro Vega: Shopping is nice 🛒

4. Sam's Club Mariano Otero - Zapopan

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9572 reviews
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Sam's Club Mariano Otero
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Address: Av Mariano Otero 3450, Colli Urbano, 45050 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3634 8842

Business type: Warehouse club

Sam's Club Mariano Otero: what do users think?
Onasis Nicolas Arteaga Evangelista: Very nice at opening or near closing
Pablo Humberto Barajas Cárdenas: They no longer only check your ticket and merchandise when you leave, now they also check your membership when you enter
Hugo Medina: Excellent prices, articles and attention
Raul Flores Curiel: Fair prices, and good table wines
Daniel Solana: All good, only that once I touched myself inside the parking lot, those who steal cars
ernesto alvarez: Very fast customer service and in a matter of payment in boxes, it will be that I got that day but some aisles were closed and I did not complete all my purchases that I usually do from there on out, excellent
AEpSERVIN (Globis): lack of products
juanis SP: Estacionamiento baste grande hay muy buena atención
Educa Informado (Tania Wanderkauven): I love paying for everything with scan&go, super fast and without lines. I open the application when I arrive at the store, using its Wi-Fi, and I dedicate myself to going for what I need, I scan it at the moment and when I finish paying online, a QR code is generated and with that I leave the store with all my products already paid for, without lines or anything.
Juan José Pérez Aguilar: The *Scan & go* system greatly speeds up the stay in the store and is easy to use and close the purchase
arcelia ortiz: The person who served us in refrigerators with a magnificent attitude of service and 0 stock for sale. He referred us to another Sam's
Nothanael Leon: Now checking one by one membership at the door and different cash out process for USA members. The cashier said "each store works differently" Shame shame.
BERA Nails: Very clean and well accommodated staff excellent service
Eduardo Urbina: Good place, few people, plenty of parking, the only drawback is the exit, it gets congested and you have to exit with caution since it is a two-way street
Pamela Melendez Gonzalez: I like shopping there because it has a lot of the products we consume. Lately I have bought online, I am still coupling to capture the different prices and discounts. For example, the last time at the end of the purchase the amount that I had saved appeared but when I physically received the ticket in the store it did not appear, it puzzled me a bit. I saw the prices on the shelves and they were the same as on the ticket. 🤔 I saved or I didn't save......
Lourdes Cuevas Franco: The store is well stocked and there are not as many people as in other branches.Excellent atention.
Javier Palacios: The attention of some of its staff needs to be improved a lot
Ernesto Islas: I like it because it is not very crowded. The only bad thing is that they don't give you a discount for parking.
ROLANDO GARCIA: Good assortment, good prices
Gerardo D. Treviño Villa: Excellent service very stocked and good attention from the staff.

5. Sam's Club Iteso - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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8266 reviews
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Sam's Club Iteso
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Address: Anillo Perif. Sur Manuel Gómez Morín N, Mirador del Tesoro, 45608 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +52 33 3855 5030

Business type: Warehouse club

Sam's Club Iteso: what do users think?
Carlos Victoriano: Normal, I like the self-checkout method
Maria del consuelo Vazquez Oropeza: I like to go
Victor Trueba: No se con que criterio aumentan el precio del estacionamiento de 5 a 10 pesos no me tarde ni 10min y pague eso. No están considerando ni la inflación.
Pedro M Sanchez: Todo lo que buscas
Jesús p. v.: La verdad ayer me atendió un chavo muy bien muy atento en Sam's del iteso me dio toda la información que yo requería gracias¡¡¡¡👍
Legna Suarez: What a bad impression I had of this Sam 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was there at 9:45 AM and I waited for a cashier to arrive to open the boxes because there was no cashier staff then I went to the toilet and nooo I was really fit they give the impression that they are missing of personal
CARLOS HERNANDEZ: Very good store to buy wholesale, excellent for families of 5 or more members.
Alejandro Navarro: The facilities are clean, you don't have to wait long for you to make your purchase, Agile ATMs, Organized, very well distributed, as a recommendation, go between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.
Richard Rdz: Good assortment but needs more offer
mary Reyes: Excellent I loved this place to buy my pantry for the whole month💕💕💕
OSCAR ORTIZ: Only the service, as always, leaves a lot to be desired, a lack of control with its inventories
Alma Galindo: Go to the store during the week there are almost no people, I recommend eating the Caesar salad in the snack area 👌
Esteban DcP: I liked it until today, you go and sometimes there are no things that you occupy and worse they don't know how to tell you when they arrive, I don't like anything else that I always have to take out my wallet at the entrance for the dirt membership show it because I don't know what silly policy they have Or is it that I don't see myself as wealthy to enter the place or what, I have been to many and they have never asked me to show them anything, just because this one is 10 minutes away from me, but better not anymore
carlos aguas: The escalator is damaged and every time I go there is this situation.As for the service, it's very good.
Miriam alejandra Martinez Rodriguez: Good assortment and clean
Ramon Gaona CNC GDL MX: Ñe
Rocío Madrid: Great variety of products at a good price.Good option to buy electronics.Good clothes and with ample parking.
Tity Perez: Good assortment and fast service

6. El Palacio de Hierro - Zapopan

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4837 reviews
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El Palacio de Hierro
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Address: Av. Patria 2085, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +52 33 3648 9870

Business type: Department store

El Palacio de Hierro: what do users think?
pascual sanchez: I enjoy my purchases a lot, although there is a lack of lighting in its corridors and around the square in the area of ​​the pedestrian routes and access roads, entrances and exits, as well as lighting on the main avenue, lamps that are off or burnt out, asphalt strips need to be painted with lighting in pedestrian areas.
Víctor Garibaldo: Without a doubt a perfect and elegant place
Henry Morgan: the staff is rudeIt seems to me a poor standard in your treatment with customers
Weston V: This store claims to be "premium" but their return policy is super lame. Unlike liverpool or costco, where you can return anything, just because you don't like it, in iron palace you only have 5 business days.
Ramon Bojorquez: Excelente Palacio de Hierro
esther aranzazu encarnacion de la torre: you find nice things
Jhohnny Millan: A great place to fins luxury brands and get exclusive clothes, accessories and discounts
Julio Perez: beautiful and giant
Raquel Palacios: Excellent
Rafael Servin: nice
Mara Hernandez: Without a doubt, it is a mandatory stop if you like luxury brands and are looking for a wide variety of items at different prices. They have the best brands.
luzelen100: lovely as always
Andrés Gómez Renaud: Wow
Christopher Dubois: Very bad experience, security Israel spends its time harassing the promoters and therefore does not give adequate attention.
Halan ber: 💯💯💯💯💯
Samantha Arredondo: It is very large and outside the square there are a good number of shops. That square is really very large, entertaining and to spend time with your family. There is a convert from time to time, not daily, but there are music concerts.
Faviola Gonzalez: Much publicity is needed for people to know the spa and the services and products it offers. They don't know about it, they don't even advertise it on internal screens, it goes unnoticed and it's a place worth visiting.
alfonso arias: excellent !!!
alfonso mena: Many people today shopping for Father's Day gifts
Uile Odaicerp: air-conditioned, super
ARTURO GONZALEZ RUIZ: Excellent 👌 outlet store, boutique etc

7. IOS OFFICES Torre Américas 1500 - Guadalajara

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127 reviews
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IOS OFFICES Torre Américas 1500
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Address: Av. de las Américas 1500, Col-PISO 17, Country Club, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 8000 7100

Business type: Executive suite rental agency

IOS OFFICES Torre Américas 1500: what do users think?
serpiente autoexistente: Muy agradable lugar para trabajar
Elizabeth Coronado: Lugar agradable estacionamiento de 5 niveles
Nadia portillo: El lugar es bonito y tiene vigilancia solo que a veces no son muy amables, el interior de la torre es muy agradable
Arturo Bonilla: Céntrico instalaciones de primera
Ricardo Romero Salgado: Muy moderno, pero no hay baños para las visitas a los corporativos, y el único baño en los estacionamientos está cerrado, muy mal !
Veronica Alejandra Eusebio Perez: No estuve exactamente en IOS ofices, yo trabajé para seguros Monterrey New York life, pero la torre 1500 en sí es muy calmado y cómodo, de lujo y muy limpia.
Veronica Franco: Bellisimo lugar
Benito Mariano: Exelente lugar
Antonio Villalvazo: 👍
Diego Ponce: Great office environment and always friendly staff
Luis Sandoval: Offices perfectly located, the best team at the service and first class furniture.
Angel Geovanni Santiago Martínez: They have good attention with their visitors
Fernando Maldonado: Excellent, super professionals. Modern and impeccable offices
J A F R: It is a very modern concept as well as comfortable
Martinzoye Castro: I have been in these offices for a year and since I arrived I have grown my business explosively. I recommend it 100%
Allan Peña: Same standard all iOS
Jimena Lopez: I loved the space, very good attention, the offices are beautiful, the equipment in the excellent meeting rooms, the incredible view of the city, the product in the cafeteria is very rich, they are definitely considered in my next meetings.
Antonio Benz: Very comfortable offices, ideal for company work areas, the building has a modern and elegant architecture, highly recommended.
Pedro Valencia: Excellent facilities, security and health measures
Nosk EEA: professional facilities

8. Radisson Hotel Tapatio Guadalajara - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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3257 reviews
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Radisson Hotel Tapatio Guadalajara
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Address: A Chapala Km 6.5, El Tapatío, 45588 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3837 2929

Business type: Hotel

Radisson Hotel Tapatio Guadalajara: what do users think?
roberto sanchez: WellRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Leonardo Rizo: BeautifulHotel highlights Great view …More
Wendy Muñoz: Lamentablemente ante esta situación solo puedo decir mientras sea temporada de calor "NO IR A ESTE HOTEL" a menos que renueven el aire acondicionado.Pero es una contradicción ya que lo bonito es ir en época de calor por el atractivo de su alberca, en época de frío preferiría otro hotel.Si siguen así lo tendrán que cerrar porque eso es lo único que pide la gente poder dormir, que mal que no quieran invertir en algo tan indispensabe, tambien deberían bajarle la categoría de estrellas por esta situación a los usuarios hay que reportarlo porque esto no puede ser. Y no es culpa de empleados es mera culpa de dueños o accionistas pues deben liberar recurso al efecto supongo los empleados no saben que hacer ya con tanto reclamo. Un verdadero Hornoooo(Translated by Google
Adriana Romero Rojas: Terrible service, it is a place that I would not recommend.The reservation was made a week before, I authorized the price of the most expensive rooms to be low-priced, I had a person with a disability. When I arrive I want to give myself another room on the top floor, despite the fact that a day before I called to confirm the reservation.In the end they gave us a room on the ground floor, which did not have air conditioning or television. We were almost the only guests and it took them hours to serve us. Reluctantly they brought us a little fan after a long time of insisting. It was at a time when the heat was fatal, hovering around the temperature above 37 degrees.
Santa Romero: The only thing I suffer there is billing, it is difficult to get it. For the all very good.
Greg Mccombs: No air condition. Staff lied and said they we're moving into the room with special air condition. When I arrived in room there were already people inside the room when I walked in.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 1/5|Location: 2/5Hotel highlights Quiet …More
Jaquelin Ojeda: The rooms did not have air conditioning.Very hot can't sleepI do not recommend them
jose C: Rooms had no ac. Every one had a fan in their room. Their ad said ac. But was not true the lady in front office said they were not working bad experiance could not sleep super hot.Rooms: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Location: 1/5 …More
Rodolfo Nuñez: Nice place, very nice.
Fernando Guevara: I went to a party in one of the rooms and the only problem is that it didn't have air conditioning and the heat locked in, everything else was fine.
Alejandro Sanchez: 50 calls and 20 emails to be able to issue a single invoice for a ticket
Miguel Saint Charles: mala actitud de algunas personas, lunes y martes alberca sucia, instalaciones y ubicación excelente, pero muchos detalles(Translated by Google
Jimmy Pena: An excellent view, only to get there one has to enter and cross a private subdivision of residences
mario escorcia: Brown water in the faucet, no phone to call front desk in our room, pool wasn’t even clean the water was green. The shower sprayed water to the ceiling and made a huge puddle of water in the restroom. Service takes forever, AC wasn’t working on our room. Wi-Fi only works at the lobby. Only reason we stayed here is because my family’s house is a 5 minute drive away.
Samuel Tovanche: Pool with green water, air conditioning did not work, inattentive receptionists.Rooms: No funciona aire acondicionado
LEILANI MORALES: If I could give 0 stars I would. Indeed, the largest and greenest pool in Jalisco, is unbelievable, fatal! *Attached evidence*. The phone at the reception does not work, the "air conditioning" blows hot air, hot sheets and they send me carrying a fan to my room. The person in charge of the reception has no customer service, with a bad attitude, he does not give solutions. Driving so many hours, looking for "a decent hotel" and ending up like this? THE WORST HOTEL I'VE EVER STAYED AT!
Oscar Navarro: Terrible the new version of the Guadalajara, the weather without serving a terribly neglected room, bugs everywhere, dirty pool, doors that do not open with a card. Uninteresting staff attitude. Terrible this experienceRooms: Terrible el cuidado de las habitaciones . Lo único rescatarlos es el estilo pero limpieza y condicion deplorable . Imposible dormir sin clima

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