Best Minibus Rentals With Driver In Guadalajara Near Me

1. Derby Rent a Car. Renta de autos y Camionetas en Guadalajara. - Guadalajara

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Derby Rent a Car. Renta de autos y Camionetas en Guadalajara.
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Address: 2826-A, Av. Circunvalación Agustín Yáñez, Arcos Vallarta, 44130 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 3124 3963

Business type: Car rental agency

Derby Rent a Car. Renta de autos y Camionetas en Guadalajara.: what do users think?
Jose Mata: Very good customer service.They picked me up at the airport and picked up the car at the hotel where I stayed.No demanding and no extra charges.Highly recommended.
Huitzi Tlanezi: Best prices and service in town
Ricardo López: Exceptional service and very competitive price. The Derby team, adapting to our needs, has efficiently and punctually facilitated the delivery and collection of the car. The attention and treatment received have been outstanding. I am very clear that in the next visits to Guadalajara they will be my rent a car providers again.
Peter B.: I would recommend Derby rental car even though they are in the city and not at the airport. We rented over the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2022. They had a driver waiting to pick us up at the airport when we arrived. The car was in an airport parking lot waiting for us. So that part was great. I communicated in email with Jaime at Derby several times before we arrived to ensure our car would be ready to confirm the total prices of our reservation was all we would pay. To my surprise and my delight, there was absolutely no demands from Derby that we buy more insurance or pay a higher rate when we got the car. We've experience these unpleasant surprises with nearly all other rental car companies in Mexico and do not appreciate how they do business. But Derby did not do that to us, so my thanks to their management. The car we got was obviously not "new", but it was in OK condition. Just be sure you inspect all damages and have them marked on their "condition" sheet when you get your car. We didn't have any unexpected problems when we turned the car in. All went smoothly. The only complaint I would have is that this car had about 60,000 miles on it and the tires were very worn. I'm assuming the tires were the original ones. Derby needs to put new tires on their cars every 40,000 miles or so.
Carlos Camarena: Good service
J W: Very good service, affordable prices.
Sergio Millan: We are on your diposition
Elsa Expresa: Excellent service and attention at all times, very clear in their explanations, the car is super clean and in excellent condition!!!They supported me at all times, 100% recommended!
Jason Barajas: Thank you very much for your help Jaime, very happy with your service and good prices. We return to rent cars with you in the future. Highly recommended
Alighieri Rizo: Second time that I rent a vehicle, it does not take long to rent it and the same when delivering it. Excellent service both in cleaning and care.
Víctor Ma: Excellent service, I had a problem with my credit card and they helped me by taking me to the bank to solve it at no extra cost, they took all the time for me to solve my problem, very affordable costs, I would definitely hire them again.
Mayra Venzor: Jaime behaved very well !! Excellent customer service! I'm Cesar Ramos
Cheryl Toth: Excellent experience and hablan ingles. Jaime was very clear about the whole rental process and fees. Our car was new and clean and everything worked perfectly. The price was very good and the drop off process was very fast. This place is easy to get to and the owner and staff are very nice. Highly recommend, especially to Americans.
Adriana Favela: Very friendly and good service
Lidya Valenzuela: Excellent service, very affordable prices, they gave me a scratch on the car and they charged for the repair only Justo, he recommended it 100%
Jon Villanueva: Americans look no further. Jaime and his staff are always attentive and offer great cars fully insured at a great price. I have rented twice from them and it’s always a smooth process. Thank you!
Pablo H: excellent fleet of cars. best service in town..
Ayax Ron-Carr: Unfortunately I was not able to use your service. I wanted to try this company and there was bad communication and we were left without a car. On their page you make a request to reserve and they are supposed to contact you to confirm the car. As there was no communication, we talked and they had already canceled our request and there was no longer any car available. It was our mistake not to have contacted them soon after the request, but their way of operating did not leave a good taste in our mouths, which I think is better in other companies where everything is handled electronically and is not based on them calling you or you call them I see another comment from a Jorge client that something similar happened to him, they canceled his reservation and they never contacted him, nor did they send him an email to let him know that they no longer had a car. I tried to explain this because I wanted to give them feedback and they just told me to go to another company. There is no way to know if they really called, we have no missed calls, and apparently they do not send an email to indicate that our request was simply not going to be honored and it was cancelled. When talking to them and explaining the situation, it seemed to me that they did not want to take responsibility since there was no confirmation and they could not help us. If they offered me some recommendations and at the end an apology for the misunderstanding, they also kindly offered me to give the service in the future with a discount. I hope to be able to use them in the future and be able to change this review, but for now I'll leave it as is.
Blackbird: February 2022De nuevo Jaime responde con much professionalità. Me da mucho gusto poder comunicarme con el y te quita de dudas con respondiendo sobre situaciones que son en el momento muy importantes! Muchas gracias Jaime por el buen trabajo que tu y tu equipo hacen.March 2021First and foremost I am a frequent traveller. I have rented pretty much all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Renting a car can be frustrating because of all the upsale most rental places want to do for insurances and extra services and add fear mongering and high deductibles and high deposits just to rent a vehicle. This place gave me the best prices within a metropolitan area. They didn't try and upsell the insurance. They were upfront with what the insurance covered miles/km on the vehicle. The pricing and the flexibility if I was an hour or so late.Jaime was cool and collected and when he offered VEHICLE DROPOFF at my location that was the highlight. I immediately booked with him the 15 person van and set aside a second rental once that one was over. They called me once they were in the area to hand over on both vehicle both time. They were within minutes of our set time. Bravo Derby Team... De verdad que se la rifan bien chido en obtener clientes. Y por seguro ya van a tener otro cliente leal. Muchísimas gracias a su equipo de profesionales en facilitar las dos rentas.
mario alberto casal arcos: Excellent treatment of the staff, they did not have the car I was looking for. But they solved my need.
Lic. en derecho Arturo Sánchez: I have been renting cars with them for several years now and it has always gone well for me

2. Budget Car Rental Guadalajara Oficina Centro - Guadalajara

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Budget Car Rental Guadalajara Oficina Centro
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Address: Av Mariano Otero 1288, Jardines del Bosque, 44520 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 3613 0027

Business type: Car rental agency

Budget Car Rental Guadalajara Oficina Centro: what do users think?
Mari Romero: Terrible service. I was told at the time of my scheduled reservation that the vehicle I had reserved over 2 months ago was not drivable and Karen Rodriguez, the employee at the counter, offered to send us to a different business, which turned out to be a smaller unknown site outside of the airport. We didn't follow through with renting the vehicle with that "small business," to which Karen personally called me to express her frustration and disbelief that I caused because she was trying to help. The whole situation was off and I returned to the Budget location to ask her in person for a cancelation confirmation of my reservation. To which she stated she couldn't produce. I did get one in the end, but to those looking to rent a car, please be aware of possible scams or fraud from this location and it's employees.
Juan Diego Quintero Bejines: Buena atención. Los autos pueden mejorar.
Joe Salinas: Excelente atención personalizada , a tiempo la entrega de los vehículos
Jesus Francisco Acosta Gonzalez: La verdad doy dos estrellas por qué el que atiende les rescata una. Pero llegas te estacionas y entras a un lugar sucio, con habiente desagradable olor a baño y sucio y dos tipos que sin moverse de la silla te dice en qué le puedo servir.. nada de la papelería te quieren llenar, te entregan un carro no sucio pero no excelente en limpieza.La verdad parece te hacen el favor y más la persona de más edad ... Un curso de atención a cliente les caería de maravilla
Aracely Villalpando: The car was very good, but it took me almost 1 hour to deliver it to meAnd they did NOT respect the published price at the end, paying more than double what was announced
Raul Kano: No saben respetar reservaciones. Cuando llegue me dijeron que le dan prioridad, a los que llegan fisicamente a rentarlo ahi mismo en mostrador. Entonces para que hace uno reservaciones? Si pueden mejor acudan a cualquier otra renta de autos
daniel de jesus hernandez: Súper recomendado, el personal que atiende son unos profesionales. Coches en excelente estado. Los precios son muy justos.
Julian Becerra: Excellent location in the center of the city, but extremely expensive for what it is!! A car for 3 days costs you an arm and a leg. I will not do it again.
Olver ED: Terrible, I made a reservation from their page, I even paid for the service, and when I arrive to pick up the car, it turns out that there are no units available, and they cannot do anything according to them, now I have to write emails and make calls to their uto call Center to request a refund that takes up to 10 days. A rubbish service
Adrian De La Rosa: Excellent service
Santiago Saldivar: I wanted to rent but more negative opinions about the service, hopefully they improve and above all they respect rates that are promoted on networks.
Gabriel Agustin Martinez: Very expensive rent and bad cars.I went to another rental company and it went very well
Diana Maya: Terrible service, they do not solve anything for you. The office person didn't know anything. A prepaid rent did not want to give it to me.
Oscar Cira: They increase the quoted price to double, plus a charge on your card for more than double what you are quoted. They are not interested in renting their cars.
Jake Taylor: Terrible. Came to their office to change my drop off location because I couldn't reach them by phone.Their computer system was down. They said it would cost me US$200 more. I ended up cancelling my reservation.
Gus Arriaga: Excelente servicio del agente
Sergio Zuñiga: Buena atención
Roberto Lechuga: Pésimo servicio
Hector Alvarez: Peor lugar para rentar. Reserve un carro ase un mes y llego al loby, tarde 1 hr y cuando es mi turno me dicen que ya rentaron mi carro porque tarde mas de una hr....... y ni para llevarnos de nuevo al aeropuerto fueron buenos.
C gf: They tried to give me a car with sratches everywhere and a cracked windshield. Even claiming that was "safe" for highways. Employees rolled eyes after insisting for another car. If that's how their cars look i am afraid to ask about maintenance. Will not come back for sure!
maherva jalisco: Buenos precios buenas unidades

3. Avis Renta de Autos - Guadalajara

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Avis Renta de Autos
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Address: Av. de las Américas 1169, Providencia, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +52 800 770 2847

Business type: Car rental agency

Victor campa: Don't do it
Xav Vall: Worst place to rent a car in Guadalajara
Forrest Glover: Best car rental company in Mexico. Love the GDL airport location as well.
Flwrs: I like that they have recent model cars and the treatment of their employees towards customers is good. There are only several cars that deliver them to me dirty. :/
Ramon Zepeda Amaya: Very affordable prices and above all very good attention from Mr. Guillermo and his very impeccable units.
Oliver J: To be honest, they have good service... they should only take care of the selection of the car and the day they deliver it is the one that one selected, I was not dissatisfied but I was surprised by the change without prior notice
Tracy Reynoso: Terrible service
Claudio De Santiago: Much more expensive than expected, even with a 50% discount, I paid more than a minivan and the terrible customer service, they didn't want to make an extension, I had to deliver them at 10pm and I asked for deliveries the next day at 4am and they didn't want to do it the extension because they did not know if I had the money to pay ..!! .Yo. I recommend Hertz best price and service ..
lander ramirez: Very good service, cars always in very good condition
Lic. María Poza M.: Giovanni very attentive and helpful, the car super good. Congratulations!!
Luis Gonzalez: Very professional service
Joss Martínez: Excellent agency and very good vehicles, helpful customer service.
Nikita Nemtin: Nice and helpful personnel
Oscar Blanco: Attentive staff service, very attractive rates and promotions and cars in excellent condition
Connie Figueroa: The manager Giovanni is very friendly and attentive
Corwin Haney: Renting a car was easy... and quick.

4. Green Motion Car Rental - Guadalajara - Zapopan

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Green Motion Car Rental - Guadalajara
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Address: Av. Galileo Galilei 3792, Arboledas, 45070 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Sun

Telephone: +52 33 3642 4180

Business type: Car rental agency

Green Motion Car Rental - Guadalajara: what do users think?
javier enciso: Very professional and friendly
Mario Cristiano: Disappointingly, I ask them for a car on Monday for today and they tell me that there is none, and by the way they tell me that if you want we have a silver crashed MG that is the one we have and that is because today I got the one as a gift For the 3 rents according to the promotion that have a free day, because you get the car crashed and destroyed, I congratulate you very well.
Fernando Martinez: well located
Reyna Martínez M.: (Translated by Google
Eduardo Sánchez: Very good services, the vehicle agreed to which we asked for, the person in charge was very kind, he waited for us longer than his closing time since it was Sunday and he even took us to the airport. Highly recommended, I see that it has bad comments from past years, it must be from a previous manager. The one who touched us now excellent person.
Valentino Gil: very attentive, and very kind.
arturo ceron: All good
Luizinho Marcial: I thought the prices were very high compared to more commercial places
Armando Rodriguez: they treated us very well
Karina Morgado: They supported me and offered excellent service.
Jose Luis Garduño: Good landlord I will always sell with them good service and kindness
Josefina Gutierrez: we regret
Rodrigo Uribe vega: It is an amazing car rental place
LUIS GARCIA: Excelent service.
Nukua Carrillo: All very well
Shambala carrillo: excellent service and affordable prices
Javier Vanashek: Excellent rates and fully satisfied customer service
Laura Franco: Excellent option, real promotions. What they say is what they charge
Martin U.: BBB
Emmanuel Flores: No problem with the rental of the vehicle, all good

5. Sixt - Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

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121 reviews
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Address: Carr.Guadalajara ChapalaKm17.5, 45659 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +52 33 3688 5613

Business type: Car rental agency

6. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport - Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

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20610 reviews
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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport
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Address: Carr. Guadalajara - Chapala Km 17.5, 45659 Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3688 5248

Business type: Airport

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport: what do users think?
Porfirio Aparicio: excellent
H romero: Eternally under construction, with insufficient roads, no space to rest or sit down, all monopolized by the taxi mafia. Bad very bad.
Franciscvs Xavierivs Zepeda Ramírez TOF: July 2022: Since I arrived I was able to connect to the free Wi-Fi at the airport. My flight with American Airlines, the people who review you at check-in, very friendly and attentive.April 2023: Returning through Terminal 1, very fast to get off the plane, everything seemed very well signposted and, although there were many people in the "migration" line, the process was very fast.
RAFAEL MEZA - AGUIRRE: disorganization and total chaos, a new airport terminal is necessary.
Hector De La Torre: In halls C of the Guadalajara Airport, considering the amount of population that travels, the toilet service is not enough, perhaps whoever designed the Airport did not consider, nor saw in the future the number of passengers that would pass through here... inefficient-insufficient, I remember in 2007 that we had to pour water into the toilets with buckets and the service continues to be just as inefficient
AHMED DURAN: I love the space for dogs and the playground for children!
H G: Excellent!
Albert Mo: It is not big, but it has improved in its facilities. The service of the staff is good. They are already expanding it, it will be bigger and with better facilities.
Guadalupe Gonzalez: Awful. Much mess. Everything is under renovation at the same time.It took them 40 minutes to deliver the bags.
Sol: All good, although it is being remodeled to improve
Alfonso Gonzalez Garcia: Job
Rulo Machado: Very nice and renovated
Mariel Loreto: Remodeled and with expansion.
Adrian Gallegos: Quick access, quick information, lots of staff to support the traveler.
Pepe Vallejo Aguilar: Complicated, always with "arrangements" that in the end are not up to par.There will be no solution soon, only patches...
Edgar Sanchez: There are no seats to wait or board
Laura Porto: Everything very good, the staff very friendly
ricardo hernandez: Horrible... El peor aeropuerto es de.guadalajara... el trato del personal de seguridad es muy malo, deberían de capacitar al personal...
Georgiana julieta Velazco Landeros: El aeropuerto siempre se mantiene limpio y en orden.Esta ocasión tuve problemas para encontrar la puerta de mi vuelo y no hay agentes que den una atención personalizada, mucho menos humana. Perdí el vuelo de #volAris y tuve que comprar otro vuelo, la realidad es que cada día es peor el servicio de esta aerolínea.
José Trinidad Blas Barajas: Hermoso Aeropuerto, cada día avanza con firmeza en sus instalaciones seguridad y confianza, es lamentable la actitud prepotente de sus agentes aduanales déspotas i rateros, ya que a todo pasajero que llega del extranjero quieren cobrar dinero extra por la poca ropa, artículos que cargan dentro de sus maletas.La lucha ante la corrupción es una lucha interminable!!!Esperemos que el gobierno tome medidas estrictas ante todo este grupo de agentes aduanales corruptos ladrones ofensores del pueblo mexicano...

7. Avis Renta de Autos - Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

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87 reviews
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Avis Renta de Autos
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Address: Nueva, Carr. Guadalajara - Chapala 2 9950, 45659 Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +52 33 3688 5656

Business type: Car rental agency

Avis Renta de Autos: what do users think?
Alexis Contreras: ESPERO Y ESTE MENSAJE LO LEAS Y CUANDO LO LEAS TE ABSTENGAS DE ALQUILAR UN CARRO CON ELLOS. Es frustrante que no se hagan responsable de todo lo que hicieron mal hoy 3 de junio del 2023, por culpa suya o no basicamente los carros no funcionan, y lo peor NO DAN NINGUNA SOLUCION, dan numeros que no funcionan o no contestan, el carro aqui parado sin poder encender y peor ni las personas en mostrador, ni Alejandro Soltero gerente general de AVIS GDL hacen nada, les eh pedido mucho una grua no pueden, manana viajo el carro se quedara varado y si algo pasa yo no me hare responsable, de verdad la PEOR experiencia, se los repito absténgance de rentar un carro aqui.
Zee More: We have been customer from this customer for years with no problem but this time in our trip to guadalajara, we had an issue with the car not starting. When we called it took almust 2 hours to get a hold of a representative just for them to tell us that it was an national update going on. This was at 10:00am it is 1:30 pm and we are not able to get in contact with no one, no avis at guadalajara, not avis online, no avis wassup, no road assistant. No one answered, road assistant hang up the phone etc. Very disappointed, next time I will think twice to rent with them again not to mention the dispute I am going to do with thmy credit card.A day paid with no ability to use a car. How convenient.
Alejandro Santiago: No respetan lo establecido en confirmación de renta. No dan alternativas.
Osvaldo Sanchez: Es un robo , el 50% de la promoción es más falso que los billetes de 3 Dólares! Reservé un carro y la renta iba a ser $9000.00 pesos por 12 días y después me sacaron más de 13000.00 de cobertura de seguro en total fueron más de 22000.00 de el precio total.. en conclusión decimos en el dicho popular me salio más caro el collar que el perro. No vuelvo a rentar jamas con ustedes que me robe otra compañía pero no Avis otra vez gracias
martha toscano: Que servicio tan malo, te salen con un precio totalmente diferente, tienecargos ocultos pasan tu tarjeta de credito diciendote un precio y en el contrato te ponen condiciones diferentes, al final sales pagando muy caro. No son para nada fiables.
George Hekimian: Hello, this is the 2nd time I've rented from Avis in Mexico. First time at Cdmx airport and this time at GDL Airport. I reserved online about 3 months ago and then a few days prior to arriving I paid for the rental car at the "pay now" discounted price. Since I have insurance with my Chase Visa, I didn't have to purchase any other insurance. They had the car ready for me and didn't try to upsell me anything. Even the gas was included in the price. All the staff was friendly and accommodating!
jeanette sedano: I highly recommend you do NOT rent from Avis Guadalajara!Terrible service. I reserved the car a month prior to my trip and for the remainder of the month I kept receiving emails that my reservation was ready. When I showed up on the day of my reservation I had to wait over an hour because the vehicle was not ready. The next day I was experiencing car trouble and had to wait for a new car to be delivered and that was over a four hour wait. I was unable to go anywhere until the car was delivered to my address. When I returned the car I was being charged more than the original agreement. When I questioned the charge the customer service reps were unable to provide me with a reason. They said they would waive the extra charges but when I reviewed my bank statement a couple weeks later they did not waive the fees and actually charged my credit card more than expected. NEVER AGAIN!
Emmanuel Bernal: The are so misleading with the information provided. I called to inquiry about the documentation and they informed me of what was acceptable. Upon arrival they didnt want to accept it.
Citlali Aldama: Las promos que te llegan se ven super bien, hasta que llegas por el carro y pagas más cosas, sobre todo si quieres cobertura amplia en tu seguro. Sale la misma practicamente, yo no vi ningún ahorro en mi renta. Llegamos y no hay nadie que te atienda en los módulos que están dentro del aeropuerto, tienes que llamar para que te digan qué hacer porque no hay información ni nadie que te oriente, luego viene un camioncito por ti. Eso sí, muy amables el del bus y el chico de la caja del turno nocturno. Es muy peligroso, y se lo mencioné a la chica que me recibió el auto, que no revisen las unidades. El Cavalier que me dieron tenía super abajo el freno y algo andaba super mal con el acelerador, muy malas condiciones, maneje con miedo todo el tiempo. En fin, esta era la segunda oportunidad que les daba y pues, peor que la anterior. :( no lo recomiendo.
J G: Denied my car over not having a credit card on me, they do not accept debit, also there are many hidden fees, do not rent from here rent from Alamo car rentals next door they actually tell you how much it costs in total and provide better service.
Rosa21 Hernandez: Be aware the theft protection insurance is not included on the price that you going to pay online you have to pay it at the desk so that will inflate the price significantly they have different coverages I really hate not being able to add that when I'm trying to rent the car and just get there and pick up the car without being waiting for more ads on my payment
David Gesualdo Martinez Salazar: bad experience, the costs that they publish on the internet is only a part and when you get to the module they increase the costs and they still say that they are at 50%, the receptionist said a price and the ticket had increased $1500.00 mxn more, she could not explain why what, and fixing the ticket would take a lot of time..Then, when it was time to deliver the car, the receptionist said that the prepayment money would be refunded and that it would be reflected in the following 3 to 5 business days, and still nothing, a week has passed since then.Having known that they are thieves like that, I'd better go by bus.
Miguel Perez: Be very careful with your rental policies. I made a prepayment of 6 thousand pesos and I had to cancel it, I did it 3 days before, 1 day after booking, and they no longer return the money, they keep it and they don't even give it on credit to get another reservation. Wasted money.
David G.: Rented a truck from Avís at the Guadalajara Airport to drive around in rural towns I planned on visiting and was highly disappointed. On their website, the truck they show is a fully loaded Nissan Frontier and charge a premium to rent it but when I showed up I received a commercial version of the truck. The vehicle had no backup camera or Apple CarPlay which I was told it would. When I questioned them about why I received a commercial grade truck, the lady kept on insisting it is the same truck. I agreed it is the same truck but not the model they advertise on their website. Had i known that, I would have opted with another company. Not to mention, the truck had dents all over it.
Derek Weber: I booked and paid for my car almost 2 months in advance. Our flight was delayed by 5 hours. I called to make sure they would not sell our car. Customer service confirmed that the policy is they will hold the car for 24 hours. When I arrived at the car rental station in the airport the representative said they sold the car to someone else and broke policy. He told me I had to call customer service again to get my money back and find a new rental company because there was nothing he could do to help. I had to pay $300 more for a different car rental through a different company. What is the point of a policy if you're knowingly going to break it. Highly disappointed.
M V: Do not rent in avis, they are gangsters who take advantage of a 2 thousand dollar deposit or almost a thousand dollars for a week according to insurance.
JOSÉ LUIS ALEMÁN MAGALLANES: Terrible service, if I could give 0 stars I would, think twice before requesting any service.
Juan Lopez: Terrible service, I made a reservation online, they charged my credit card and when I arrived for the unit they could not deliver it to me due to lack of verification of license plates to enter the state of Guanajuato. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE.I already have 10 days and I'm still waiting for my money back.
Yvonne Diaz: They are charging me twice for a car rental. Fraud fraud fraud !!! I called and they couldn’t help me because I needed my reservation #. Which I missed placed and haven’t been able to find it. It was imposible for them to check with my name and dates the car was rented. Why do they even as for ask for all my personal information!? They need to make customer service more efficient. I feel this review is a waste of my time as well. I don’t think there corporate reads any of these reviews!! I called my bank to file a dispute claim. They are not getting away will double charges!!!

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