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1. Teatro Degollado - Guadalajara

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Teatro Degollado
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Address: C. Degollado s/n, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3614 4773

Business type: Performing arts theater

Teatro Degollado: what do users think?
DISTRIBUIDORA PHARMA SI: The Jalisco Philharmonic is always a pleasure to listen to.
Isabel Rocha: It reminded me of the Parthenon in Rome.
Andrea Velazco Colorado: Beautiful place, a must for when you plan to visit the center of Guadalajara
Alma Rosa Buenrostro Perez: Beautiful cultural venue located in the first square of the city of Guadalajara, it is charming.It does not have its own parking lot, but right in front of the theater there is access to an underground public parking lot, so this issue is not a problem.
Leo Alcala: Beautiful
Prototigre (prototigre): Here I would spend it if I were a crazy person from the center
jesus gaxiola: Attending an event in this theater is very attractive and it is an experience that you have to live if you visit Guadalajara. Perhaps if the visitors were told a little about the history of all the details of the theater it would be super interesting.
Yisus Martínez: Spectacular concert and majestic setting.
ruben brito beltran: An emblematic theater of the City of Guadalajara where world-class artists from Angela Peralta to contemporary artists have performed. The quarry was used in its construction, which makes it look impressive and very beautiful. Located in the heart of the Perla Tapatía, it is a reference for all tourists who visit Guadalajara and therefore everyone wants to take the photo as a souvenir.
Sergio Lopez: A place you must visit in Guadalajara, Jalisco
Ivan Rodríguez: Place you must visit when you are in Guadalajara Jalisco
TATY HERNANDEZ: It's a gem, you can't miss it.
Fernando Villa: A place with enough history of the city of Guadalajara. A magnificent theater to enjoy any work or orchestra.
HAYDEE MEZA MORENO: Beautiful place
José “EL SIMPATICO,” G: Very nice, the theater to spend an excellent afternoon,
Eduardo Silva: Visit the cafeteria, excellent service. There are always excellent quality events
Nayeli Grajeda: Magnificent
Gustavo “G” Rossi: Completely beautiful architecture.
Oliver Schultz: Very nice place. Highly recommended for classical concerts
VIRIDIANA ZAMORA: Extraordinary place.
Carlos Meneses: Excellent theater with a lot of history, recommended to visit, not to miss.

2. Jalisco Stadium - Guadalajara

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Jalisco Stadium
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Address: C. Siete Colinas 1772, Independencia, 44290 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3637 0563

Business type: Stadium

Jalisco Stadium: what do users think?
Manuel Murillo: hold chivas
julian davila: Excellent facilities
Antonio Gutierrez: Ready for the match Atlas vs Cruz Azul
Manuel Torres hdz: Excellent place, super safe and very easy to get to
Psicólogo Pedro Tejeda: Hee
Juan Ramon Flores Moran: Muy buen recorrido
Delia Plascencia: Falta mantenimiento
Graciela Rodriguez: No respetan los números de asiento y ya no puedes hacer nada pues los de seguridad tampoco lo hacen ,, me parece muy mal eso ,,falta mucho cultura cívica para que las personas respeten un lugar que ya pagaste, lo peor es que te tienes que sentar en donde veas un espacio libre,y tus familiares por un lado y tú por otro, muy mal organizado cuando se llenó un espacio abrieron otro ,tache para los administradores del estadio, Jalisco pésima organización,
Itzhak Stern: A very cool place to have fun
América Quiroz: One of the best stadiums in Mexico
Alejandro González: The house of the Rojinegros
Jose Luis Arellano (Mortem): What can I tell you banner of Jalisco
JOEL REYNA: Excellent place with easy access
Roman Robles: excellent
Manuel Larracilla: cool place
Jorge cardenas rodriguez: The stadium is a benchmark for the city, only it lacks maintenance.
Héctor Meraz: mythical study of Mexico
Irma Robles: My second home, it's beautiful, huge and you live the best moments in life.
Bernardino Hernandez: Good atmosphere, the delivery of the keys for the boxes is not organized
Ana Gomez: I attended a 6k race sponsored by the Comude, it was very enjoyable and a lot of participation
Octavio Anceno Zepeda: Spectacular, running inside and stepping on the field

3. Los Charros’ Baseball Stadium - Zapopan

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9927 reviews
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Los Charros’ Baseball Stadium
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Address: Calle Sta. Lucía 373, Tepeyac, 45150 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Business type: Stadium

Los Charros’ Baseball Stadium: what do users think?
Yolanda Rodriguez: Very nice and pleasant environment a lot of security
ALEJANDRA NUÑO: Good installations
Cristo Pelaez: Chatting gets cool, especially when you go with your compas to make chela
Jorge Arturo Franco Medina: Very kind and attentive in the service and attention, they are good vibes, thank you very much. Greetings from Culiacán!!!
HECTOR HUGO CARVAJAL alvarez: chingon
Salvador Rojillo: The stadium is next to the children's park, it is the home of the "Mariachi" baseball team, you can find parking very easily and it is about 5 blocks from the "mercado del mar" station on line 3 .....
Antonio Orozco: The stadium is modern, so modern that you have to line up at a kiosk to buy a card for internal consumption.Cards that were sold out so you have to download an application.Application that with the saturated network takes time to download and once downloaded you have to take forms and wait for the confirmation email.After that, it can already be formed again in the module to load balance and spend it all, why it cannot be refunded or transferred.40 minutes to be able to buy a beer.
celia Tovar: Nice facilities, clean, good events and familiar. Recommended
Jorge de Jesús Napoles Zamora: Excellent facilities, the games much to be desired
Ernesto Carrillo: Good stadium, family atmosphere, affordable prices, good snacks, easy to enter, the only bad thing is the brand of beer they sell, Corona is the good one and they only sell tecate. 🤮
Yadira Lopez: I liked very good environment
Gina Medina: A place with easy access, well-kept and the staff supports you if you have questions about seats and sections.
Jessica Agrey: The atmosphere is very fun, you spend a pleasant time, on some occasions it becomes somewhat boring when the games are extended
Orlando Lopez: Good atmosphere!!! At ease!!!
Lupe: It is an excellent venue for baseball. It is somewhat unfortunate that Mariachis do not have the engagement of Charros because the place is beautiful for the environment.
Luis Vergara: Nice place, in good condition, they make atmosphere. The attention of the waiters is excellent! We must mention that with few people their work is a little easier.
Mtro Osbaldo arana: excellent stadiumfirst world
israelo ITS/ UNAM: The place is beautiful, I went to a mariachi party, a family atmosphere and it feels safe inside and outside the place, they have a pars purchase card system, the prices of food in general are somewhat high
Anita Villalobos: Excellent atmosphere, good drinks, very expensive by the way
EDUARDO MENDOZA: Fun, familiar, very clean and safe, you can get there by public transport
Norma Sánchez: It is beautiful, everything is bought with a card, they do not accept cash, the sound in the seats is very, very loud and can be annoying, the rest is very good

4. Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Expo - Guadalajara

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2115 reviews
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Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Expo
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Address: Av Mariano Otero 2397, Victoria, 45089 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 5000 8080

Business type: Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Expo: what do users think?
Agustina Gonzalez (Nina): Very clean rooms and good serviceRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
PEDRO G VIVEROS RIOS: Good size rooms, comfortable beds, good size bathroom. The breakfast is ok. For me, I don't like that they have carpet in corridors and rooms. And in cleaning the shower they have their area of ​​opportunity. They were very kind that after leaving the room, they allowed me to leave my vehicle while we went shopping in Plaza del Sol, which is in front of the hotel.
Sergio Rios: Location is too noisy. Complimentary beakfast could be better. Excelent service and room feels cleanRooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 4/5 …More
Desco extinguidores: Meets the expectation.Hotel highlights Great value …More
Francisco Pacheco: Pleasant and very friendly staff in their treatment and always attentive to help the guest.
Raymundo Luna Morales: Very clean and above all quiet, ideal to rest
Adriana Andrade: I highly recommend it for any occasion.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Manuel Ando: Good. Although the rooms could be betterRooms: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet …More
Francisco Zarazua Aguilar: It is a hotel with an excellent location, the rooms are spacious, very comfortable and clean. The affordable rate. It has a gym and swimming pool.Includes buffet breakfast.Excellent service and attention from the staff.
Rito Macias Velasquez: Excellent care and service
Jose luis Hernandez Gariby: It was very nice and the breakfast was delicious and the service was very good in the restaurant. I recommend it.Food & drinks: Fue excelente el desayuno muy rico y la atención muy buena

5. Old Navy - Guadalajara

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33 reviews
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Old Navy
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Address: Av Adolfo López Mateos Nte 95, Italia Providencia, 44648 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +52 33 3109 3050

Business type: Clothing store

Old Navy: what do users think?
Ivan Rodriguez: Assortment price and sizes
joaquin sanchez: Well, the pant sizes are not the same as the USA, I mean that the measurements do not correspond, I have already tried to buy three times, long and large sizes
Максим Яскевич: Just few closes for men, most of the closes sell here is for wemen or children, just casual clothe with no taste of for somebody who like old-fashion style
Julia Garcia Fonseca: ❤️
Mayra Trujillo: pero que casualidad que el de ventas no tiene problema! Son un asco!!(Translated by Google
LUIGUI MARTELL: Visited the Midtown branch for the alleged 50-70% rebatesThey just inflate the price and lower it 🤔😡
Dany Lopez: I loved this store and the very friendly staff.💖
Sun Ag: Excellent attention
Jeff Harper: Visited this store on New Year's Eve. Many of the shelves were empty, the men's section didn't have a large variety. The store was clean and the staff was friendly. Hopefully next time there will be more inventory and a bigger selection of men's wear.
Mario A: The high prices. Good attention from the staff
Katia Plaza: Good service, good variety and excellent prices.
Victor Sanchez: There are almost always promotions
Hector Ibañez: For the entire family
Lizabel Davalos: I like the store, the brand and the attention is very good
Rosalba Munoz: Ropa de calidad !!!
Ingrid NatchBe: Buena calidad en ropa.
Ettore G.G.: Ya no es tan barata como solia ser
Mukesh Mahin: Nice location
Luisa Chavez: Comprar y obtener supercash, para volver a comprar y así sucesivamente es el secreto
Diego Olmos: Very good very comfortable shirts
Maya Hernandez: Love this place! Cheap and perfect! Inclusive place!

6. Akron Stadium - Zapopan

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23731 reviews
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Akron Stadium
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Address: C. Cto. JVC 2800, El Bajío, 45019 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3777 5700

Business type: Stadium

Akron Stadium: what do users think?
María Carrillo: Very clean, well-kept facilities.
mario alberto lopez glez: Very nice functional modern perhaps the best in Mexico. .only that on event days you have to arrive very early because there are no routes into and out of this area
lourdes batista: Comfortable, large capacity, accessible bathrooms
Jaquehline HM: Super nice and comfortable stadium
Blanca Hernandez: They do not count with Space, for wheelchairs, or rows For them, they do not have an assigned parking space For people in wheelchairs, much less areas for the elderly, sorry for pregnant womenSent
Leonardo Ramírez cartier: Espectacular espacio, con todas las comodidades y medidas de seguridad para disfrutar de un evento deportivo de gran escala.
Elvira Garcia Ramirez: Me gusta es moderno bonito asientos cómodos
Roberto Chávez soto: Es un estadio hermoso muy buena vista y muy moderno 10/10
Tavo En el tercer planeta: Maravilloso estadio del rebaño sagrado, recomendable el el recorrido para conocerlo
Angel Davila: Bastante hermoso e higiénico
Porfirio Garcia: Es un estadio de primer nivel mundial
Bertha Betancourt: A clean and suitable place to do sports
facundo carcaño: It is a very nice spacious place with very good facilities
Bruno Barranca: Play the best and biggest CHIVASS team
Alex Ok: It was a very pleasant experience to be in that huge stadium
Gerardo Neri: regional assembly
Viridiana Martinez: The place is very nice but to pick up the Chivabono it is a terrible wait of more than 3 hours, plus the line goes through the bathroom and it smells horrible
Fernando Perez: Well done! Excellent
Santiago Perez Maldonado: Very comfortable easy access and very very modern
domingo briseno diaz: Excellent place
Julian reyna: Up the Chivas!!!

7. Old Navy - Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

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36 reviews
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Old Navy
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Address: Av. Paseo Punto Sur No. 235, Local LN05 Col, Los Gavilanes, 45645 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +52 33 1656 5251

Business type: Clothing store

Old Navy: what do users think?
René Landa: Excelente lugar, personal muy atento, gran variedad de ropa inclusive tallas 2XL.
Four&Kid's: Tienda excelente. Encuentras D todo y muy bonito.
Julio Montana: Terrible trato, el día de hoy visite la tienda y todo iba bien hasta que pase a la zona de cobro y la señorita Valeria, empleada de la tienda que iba a comprar también las dejaron pasar antes que a mi y eso que yo estaba formado el cajero (Ramón) y se dieron cuenta de que me molesto y solo se rieron, no dije nada porque llevaba prisa, pero me quede con una mala experiencia.
Gen Yo: Bonita tienda
Ivan Rosales: Son unos groseros y poco inteligentes, hoy eliminaron en Jalisco el uso obligatorio del cubreboca y me corrieron groseramente de la tienda por no traer uno.Mal plan de tratar así a sus clientes, no vuelvo a comprarles
Beatriz Fuentes: Buen surtido de ropa para toda la familia, son amables, pero faltan más probadores
Mayra Aram Amaya: La mejor tienda de todas, la verdad que he ido a C&A, Liverpool, Suburbia en fin... Por no mencionar más tiendas de ropa y nada como Old Navy, quede encantada encuentras desde la talla mas chica hasta la mas grande, ropa de moda y cómoda, precios pues de todo, dependiendo. Accesibles y no tan accesibles. El personal ni se diga, definitivamente volveré a Old Navy.
ILIANA OROZCO: Excellent promotions and products
Alberto Saavedra: Large assortment of clothing for the whole family in sizes ranging from xs to XXL
Anii Lope: Excellent service when you enter you are greeted very friendly, the staff is very attentive, the quality of the clothes is good, the sales area has a variety of sizes, that part is super good since you can find items like this in almost no store.congratulations keep it up
damaris robles: I love buying my clothes here
Lizeth ME: Good service, good quality, they have discounts on specific products, I loved it 10/10
Cesar Alfonso Franco: The best clothes
Charly C.: A better layout in the store would help improve the customer experience, labeling and offers are not very clear at times.
Carlos Fernando Rodríguez Hdz.: Incongruous: In all the boxes they have a label where they invite you to pay with contactless cards and when you ask for it they put 20 thousand pretexts and then they tell you that they do not have it activated. Too bad #OldNavy
Francisco Serna: Excellent service, very good offers
Antonio Orta: Well, it's old navy, good services, good cashier service, acceptable clothing in relation to price, nothing better or worse than the regular service that you have in Old navy stores or that makes a difference. It's fine.
Gaby Aceves: Great variety to choose from, for the whole family, some good promotions, I couldn't buy everything I liked because the dressing rooms are closed and you can't try on the clothes, so take that into account. I recommend you verify that the published promotions are applied at checkout at checkout.Excellent service. Wide variety of clothing for the whole family.
Enrique Gálvez: They serve well, very close to the Californian concept. I like it!
norma avila: Terrible treatment that my friend and I received due to the fact that she is pregnant, the security guard in a very arrogant way told her that she could not go through because she was pregnant, to which my friend replied that we had come to change a garment that he bought right there a day before and he answers: you can only go from 11 to 1. It's okay that they want to take their measures but this restriction should not be mandatory, but at the discretion of each person, now it turns out that dogs can enter and not pregnant women!!! Too bad Old Navy!!!
Yazmin Silva: I had never bought clothes in this store, I was very surprised by its variety of sizes and plus sizes, quality of materials and clothing models, there is something for everyone for a family.It has good sales and the price that they ask us for pieces without discount I consider them to be good for what they offer us.This store will become a place to go when you need new clothes!!Additionally, in times of covid, they have control over the people who enter the store, they adhere to the necessary control and measures.

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