Best Language Bookshops In Guadalajara Near Me

1. Libreria itaca - Guadalajara

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Libreria itaca
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 545, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 1613 4876

Business type: Used book store

Libreria itaca: what do users think?
Yared de Jesus Gurrola Renteria: Excellent variety of books and quite reasonably priced, definitely one of my favorite bookstores.
Cit: Great variety of books although some are very mistreated, low price and good attention from the staff
Miguel Gonzalez: Great place to pick up books and chat with the staff
alex alcaraz: Good assortment of books, Recommended.

2. Librería José Luis Martínez del Fondo De Cultura Económica - Guadalajara

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Librería José Luis Martínez del Fondo De Cultura Económica
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Address: Av. Chapultepec Sur 198, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +52 33 3615 1214

Business type: Book store

Librería José Luis Martínez del Fondo De Cultura Económica: what do users think?
Salitre Rangel: Excellent place
Carmen Arreaga: Excellent service, delicious coffee recommended
Zayx Hex: The hot chocolate and frappes are tasty, although there are few electricity connections to recharge my laptop/cell phone
Neftalí Rivas Gomez: Very good bookstore
Heriberto Mena (Psi. Mena): Books, coffee and an excellent view... after the little cafes were almost eradicated from the place, this one survives tied to culture
once_112 Bering: Excellent place and very good prices.
Mentes Libres: a good space to buy books and enjoy quality coffee
Karina Liliana Morán Jiménez: There are weekend activities for children.
Gilberto Velazquez: A place full of attention, all the staff from the cleaning lady to the security guards.
Carlos Alberto Aldrete Calvillo: the coffee is excellent
Israel Hernandez: It is very well stocked, they have a discount for students and for people in the third year on books from the Culture Fund.
Evelia Montserrat Aldana González: The service is very nice, I love to go and see what's new or what's on offer. It is in a very central location
Felipe De Jesus S. H (el Profe): A high quality of works of different literary genres
Jesús Rivas: The bookstore; It is from the Fondo de Cultura Económica, which has a large assortment of all kinds of works, be it literature, philosophy, economics and much more, which is better at a very good price and all in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
Joy Nuño: Love it
Eduardo Burgos Castro: Very kind. They had the title I was looking for at the same discount as amazon. Better to buy it difference in the store.
ألما اجراز: Super relax
Manuel Cantero: Excellent titles. And the collection "Vientos del pueblo" at approx. 10 pesos each. gems!
David Vargas: A good selection of books and a good collection, it also has Punta del Cielo coffee. It is a good option to rest and read a book accompanied by a drink.
Jaime Alejandro Delgado Borunda: 😉😉👌🏻👌🏻


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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 813, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +52 33 3827 3408

Business type: Book store

Isabel Parra: Very rude.I went to sell some books and the girl who helped me checked them and asked me the price, everything was fine until I told her an amount and she made a face to lower my price too much, commenting that they were not worth the one I proposed, she literally wanted to buy each one of my books for about $4. And, well, supposing that the books I offered were so deplorable that they were worth next to nothing, the disrespectful way in which she said it or the comments so out of place that she and other employees she spoke with when I arrived, they took me away all the desire to even enter to buy or recommend it. They seek to "earn something" from buying and selling books when their inefficient behavior drives away anyone who wants to buy or sell their books at such a low price.
Mario BR: Good variety and attention, only the prices are a bit high, but you could spend a whole day looking for jewels.
Manuel O. Betancourt: They never answer, about the sale of books and when they finally do they want to give a pittance, even for new books
José Arturo Rivera Rendon: Bad attention from the clerk!
Fernando Flores Zuñiga: Excellent service, the entire Bookstore Team with extensive knowledge of Books and Writers.
Aylin Sarabia: It is not convenient to sell them books, they buy them very cheaply despite being in good condition.
Sergio Olmos: The best place where you will find used and new books. Excellently attended by Don Macario and his collaborators. Fair prices, friendly and honest treatment...
marco eduardo de leon gonzalez: Great assortment of books.
Oscar Eduardo Murguia Curiel: Very stocked stock of books
Marcello Brunaldi: Here you will find the answer you were looking for!
Citlalli Rios Lopez: Good books and at a good price
Joaquin Andrade: The gentleman who cares about a lot to be rude, the books are not cheap.
Zaira Real: triplingthere were many books
Jessica Alehli Orozco Trejo: Huge and full of books, a marvel of literature, art and leisure, it is divine
Luis Quintero: Extraordinary attention, enormous variety of books, nostalgic atmosphere
David Melendez: An already mythical perimeter of the city, where you can find a vast and immense variety of discontinued, rare and collector titles, including first editions and small luxuries with various bindings, which will satisfy the cannibalistic impulse of the most picky collector and the general public.
RICARDO RAMIREZ: Excellent service, excellent attention from the owner with a wide range of books 📚 at a really affordable cost. Widely recommended
Salvador Espinoza Rojas: Horrible. Atienden pésimo y son muy groseros. Increíble que sea una librería y que no traten si quiera a la gente que acude a comprarles de forma amable.
Diana ubiarco: 👌
Iván Ramírez: Muy buena librería y excelente servicio 7w7
Héctor Ubaldo Cartagena López: Precios de libros usados más caros que los nuevos

4. Librerías Gandhi - Guadalajara

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4977 reviews
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Librerías Gandhi
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Address: Guadalajara Centro, C. Manuel López Cotilla 1567, Lafayette, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +52 55 2625 0606

Business type: Book store

Librerías Gandhi: what do users think?
Gallows Calibrator: I love buying books here!The best bookstore with affordable prices
juan medina: My favorite bookstore 😍 spacious, illuminated place and it smells delicious
Jorge Palazuelos: Great selection of books and very good help !!!
Jane Mushdal: I found all the ones I was looking for 💛
García serrano Sergio: A quiet place, you can buy your book and read it in the outdoor places they have
Luis Flores: Always The best experience...culture within everyone's reach...and the best thing is its schedule...they close until 9:00 p.m....
Oly .Ángeles. R.: Tidy but they have dead areas where they could do something didactic to readers or children who want to return...
Lic. Karla Balderas: Ghandi bookstores are my super recommended fav, you can find all the authors and a children's variety for my daughter
ana cristina rodriguez: I like how the books are arranged. It invites a walk between shelf and shelf. They have a good selection and variety. And with average prices.
Saul Díaz: They are always well attended and in my purchase for solving surveys they gave me a bonus of 100 pesos in the purchase of 500 pesos
arrgght: They never have the books that one is looking for and when you order one by paying, it turns out that you only have a few days to go through it if it does not go on sale to the public, they do not respect the order.
Arely Sánchez: . La música ambiental se oye como si la bocina estuviera rota.Me fui sin comprar nada porque ya estaba desesperada, es insoportable el ambiente.(Translated by Google
Jesús Morán: Excellent assortment, as always.
Norma Torres: Excellent service, branch in excellent condition and a large number of titles.
Roberto Carlos Ábrego Manríquez: It is expensive
Ale Moreno: They always serve super well, and fast ☺️
Adamari Liasefi Bernardino: Excellent attention
alberto monrroy: They are very friendly and helpful. It's a great bookstore. Congratulations to the workers.
ana ruiz: You want to find a treasure only in Gandhi you find the incredible even your childhood you can find for the diversity of tales and fables.

5. Librerías Gonvill - Guadalajara

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710 reviews
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Librerías Gonvill
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Address: Local 24 Zone A, Av. México 3300, Monraz, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +52 33 3813 3428

Business type: Book store

Librerías Gonvill: what do users think?
Libia Ponce Zarate: very kind
Juan Manuel Castañeda Gomez: Very good service, they strive for whoever leaves you satisfied.I took my granddaughter to buy a book, they told her you hadn't gone, but a lady who works there told her let me look and she went into some kind of warehouse, I guess, and it turned out that she came with the book my granddaughter wanted.Thank you
Rosario Estrada: Good assortment and excellent attention 🤓
Cristy Bec: They are super attentive and accurate in their recommendations
Luisa Fernanda Cardona: Very friendly, the attention of the staff is excellent!
Mario Mayor: I went to look for a book by Macario Schettino and it still hadn't arrived.
Elizabeth Botello: Very attentive, well stocked
Mariana M.: To begin with, I understand that sellers want to get a commission for the sale and try to be "friendly" but I think they are too harassing when it comes to entering, they don't even let you go to the bookstore because from the beginning they start asking you what you are looking for, It is different that they greet you and then tell you that they are here to serve you and if you require a specific title, look for it. They don't have any assortment, and to make matters worse, they don't make you want to continue watching because they are following you, too bad :(
C H C: Very complete.... Very good prices
María Ramírez: not very resolute
Abelardo Cardenas Diaz: Excellent attention and guidance.
María Fernanda: 📖💖✨
JAlberto Mata: W liked the books I bought
Grace Sanchez: Excellent attention, I always find what I need, any book I want there I find it
Ale Bonilla: great assortment
Miguel Angel Ruiz Morales: Always the largest assortment
Duina quiroz: Access to people with disabilities and attention to them for the same
Dagoberto Osorio: Muy buena variedad de libros . Muy recomendable
Fernando Rivera: Excelente atención de todo su personal
Arturo Rodriguez Alba: Excelentes instalaciones, muy buen servicio.

6. IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico - Guadalajara

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14 reviews
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IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico
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Address: C. Donato Guerra 180, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 3614 1414

Business type: Language school

IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico: what do users think?
K T: Coming here greatly improved my Spanish and was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the city and meet many people.
Oliviana Moreno: i took a couple weeks of spanish here in feb 2022, really enjoyed my time and my teacher was great. when you get there, they have you speak to someone to assess your placement and i felt like i was in just the right class for my level. they have multiple locations where they also teach english and we took field trips and met up with groups of english learners to tour new areas and practice together. i thought that was fun and clever.
Annica S: I researched so many Spanish immersion programs and I'm so happy I chose IMAC. Daniela A. is a fantastic instructor. I will certainly be back.
Robert Albert: I took two weeks of Spanish at this school in December 2022 and was really happy with the experience. Teacher Katya Ramos was excellent and the school was well run: well located, and serious in its mission. Don't expect a fancy facility, but the substance was there. Each week they pair the English and Spanish learners together for language practice on walks through Guadalajara which was particularly fun. ¡Muy bien, IMAC!
Colleen Malone: I spent 5 weeks at IMAC in Guadalajara late in 2022 and loved the experience! If you are serious about improving your Spanish (not just picking up some tourist language), I highly recommend it and I hope to return for further study in 2023.Because I didn't know what to expect I will detail what I experienced: Classes are 4 hours a day (from 9-1) with a 15 min break around 11. I never had a class with more than 5 students in it and usually there were 3 (it fluctuates--see below re: placement). The instruction (and textbook) is entirely in Spanish, only occasionally will the teacher relent and clarify something in English--this is true immersion! There's an optional additional hour intercambio (conversation) from 1-2 with the local students at the same school who are learning English. Additionally, on Wednesdays there is a field trip during class hours --either walking to a nearby location with the local students and exchanging relevant vocab words (once we went to a church, another time to a Christmas market) or taking a bus to another area of town to meet up with the English students at that IMAC location). There's a short test every Friday--I get the sense that it is as much for documenting your progress as it is for evaluating the teachers. I had 3 different instructors in 5 weeks (because of class changes, see below) and two of them were excellent! (If you are lucky enough to get Emmanuel or Katia, please tell them I say hola!) The 4 hours in class went very quickly--there were lots of varied activities/exercises: silly vocabulary games in the form of Taboo or charades, listening to recordings and (trying to) answer questions about th content, written exercises and review, and a lot of "discuss this topic with a partner." And there's a bit of homework too.The intermediate textbook cost me about $50 (US). The grammar lessons and vocab are buried in a context approach--each chapter has a theme (e.g. health, real estate, Spanish history or famous people). I understand this approach but to be honest I would have like more repetitive simple drills on some concepts (which I would find on the internet after class).Re: placement. The schedule of classes is seemingly erratic and solely based on which students show up in a given week. Each course level (beginner, intermediate, etc.) is about 5-6 weeks long. And they seem to start whenever they have enough students at that level (2-3 people) and simply end when it doesn't have any students left--during my 5 weeks there were several folks who came for just a week or two, so every Monday the class configuration was different--someone gone, someone new, and a few folks who were sticking it out from start to finish. In other words, you can start any Monday but you may be starting in the third week of an ongoing course (as I did). It's not really a problem though, as the lessons don't seem to build on each other directly--though presumably the earlier lessons in a course will be easier?Last but not least, here was my scheduling experience for 5 weeks: They initially placed me in the first week of a beginner course but I balked (I came with some vocab and could conjugate present tense verbs so I was pretty full of myself 🙄, and I got put in the next available alternative--the third week of the intermediate course (Chaps 5-6). I was in WAY over my head but I stuck with it for two weeks and learned a LOT (in retrospect starting in the middle of the beginners course may have been more appropriate for me--perhaps too easy but I would have reviewed a lot of foundational stuff that I apparently lacked). And then I joined week 2 of another Intermediate course (Chaps 3-4). There were only 3 of us in that class and we negotiated for the following week to repeat Chaps 1-2 since none of us had done that yet.
maria 1125: They cater to your needs. I am currently in Mexico and have 5 kids who understand Spanish, but don't speak Spanish correctly or fluently enough to get their point across clearly. So, I simply asked for conversational classes. Each of my 5 kids had a teacher for 3 hours for 3 days a week, for 4 weeks. They went over a 20 minute lesson and then had conversations with one break, talking about all sort of things. My kids ranged from 6 to 15 years of age. I decided to do it this way because, if I put them in the same room...only my more verbal kids would speak. This way they were forced to communicate and get out of their comfort zone of simply being a listener in class. The only thing I disliked was that the teachers wore masks. I get it...they are scared even though the studies from France and Germany say the masks don't work. However, because the purpose is to learn correct pronunciation and for that one needs to see mouth movement. Other than that, my kids loved the experience and when we come back we will surely use them again. FYI...I asked the teachers to remove their mask for the picture.
Fernando Steve Gamboas Murillo: Excellent place to learn and develop your English as it has different tools and professional teachers. My favorite part is the conversation between students at the school, like people who come from other places.
John: I was there for 4 weeks starting end of October 2020. I thought the school and classes were great! Instructors were very well educated in the language and how to teach, classes were small, (for me 2 to 4 students) and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. Covid procedures were in placed and strictly followed. I think it's a matter of how hard you want to work at learning. I worked hard and it paid off. I'm back in Guadalajara now (January 2021) and plan to take 4 more weeks of classes. Thanks to Miriam and Daniela for being great instructors!
Sarah Dodson: I highly recommend taking a Spanish-language class at IMAC. I can't recall my teacher's name, but his lessons and attention to detail have remained in my mind and have truly helped me to become a more proficient Spanish speaker. Classes are small and allow each student the opportunity to speak and ask questions (but not "take over" the class). I found that my classmates as well as other students in the school were engaged and dedicated--not just to the classes, but to learning about the city. If I could return this approaching winter, I would in a heartbeat.
Matthew LeClere: I studied at IMAC from October 2017 to December 2017 in one of their intensive Spanish Language programs and wow! Really it was a amazing experience and gave me a super solid foundation/boost in the Spanish language! Now my Spanish is far fom perfect but because of what I gained from them I was able to communicate much more easily with my friends who speak limited English!
Lyle Brown: I studied here two different times for about one or two weeks each time. My experience was great. I met people from all over the world studying Spanish here. It was a lot of fun and it is so great to go to a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish. Immersing yourself 100% really helps.I stayed farther out of town and took the light rail or a taxi into the city. It was fun and I really enjoyed the experience of living in the city for a bit.My only concern for going again would be the general lack of good restrooms (both at IMAC and in Guadalajara.) They have a lot of English students as well and the restrooms can be a real problem. But overall I was very happy with the experience and one day will return.
sulaiman Aloraini: Great school and they advantage is that they have English and Spanish courses so you could practise your language with local speakersTeachers’ quality is great as well
Kade MacNeille: Great place to learn Spanish! I am a Spanish Teacher in the U.S. and I like to take time once in a while to brush up on my Spanish by immersing myself in the culture and language once more. First off, I have to say that I had a terrific teacher, Corinna, who was very intelligent and attentive. It is also good to note that the school doubles as a Spanish and English school, so part of the experience is participating with the locals in various activities as they practice their English while you practice Spanish. It was blast! The host families are also very friendly and accomodating (all meals included). Overall, for the great price and wonderful experience I wouldn't hesitate to visit again!
Werner Schueller: completely dysfunctional operation. overpriced. poor quality of facilities and teachers.

7. Internacional House Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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39 reviews
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Internacional House Guadalajara
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Address: Av. México 2819-Int. 101, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 2263 5254

Business type: Language school

Internacional House Guadalajara: what do users think?
Cecilia Soto: They don't close at 9 they close at 4 and their phone never works horrendous serviceSpare yourself courage and don't deal with this fifth grade school
Francisco Cabello: All very well to take the ielts!
Conrado Vela: Update your schedule information. Today I went to the office at 3:55 p.m. and they told me that they were already closed and no one was there. Even when they close at 4:00 p.m., it hurts me that they don't have that professional care.
Valeria Macías: Horrible, this Carlos Solis has a bad treatment, they change the schedules and confirm one day so much. If you are going to do IELTS in Guadalajara I do not recommend it
Ricardo Morua: very good place
Ulises Saldaña: The analyzer has a horrible tone to address people plus he fell asleep in the middle of an exam
juan pablo Alejandre: The schedule is until 7 at night so that they take it into account
Eli Ponce de León: They should update the hours. I came on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and the person who attends was just leaving and told me that he could not attend me because he had to leave.
Santiago Quesada: He does a hairstyle to the building.. that's all. Everything else very well
Gabriela Martínez: Lovely place
Janet Conde: Sólo me presenté para hacer mi examen, pero todo súper bien.
Jos Ruiz: , lo único es que no cuenta con estacionamiento propio de la escuela, pero todo lo demás excelente(Translated by Google
José Mario Estrada Ramírez: I took my IELTS test here, the service is not as good as one would expect. About the test everything was fine. The place is small and there is no parking.
juan miguel rivas del toro: At IH I took the IELTS course and exam and it was a very good experience, our teacher was Stuart, who is British and always gave excellent classes, clarified all doubts and was very dynamic, in the end the result of my exam was very good and allowed me to enter my master's degree at King's College London
Lucia Vazquez: I signed up to take the IELTS exam and before paying I was given the option to choose my time for the oral exam. In the end, International House does not respect that schedule and puts you on the schedule it wants. They better not have that option on their website if they are not going to respect it
PONTE FIT: Uno de sus maestros me negó el examen sin ninguna razón y levantó falsos a mí persona, si pudiera demandarlo, lo haría.
Luis Ontaneda: Su sevicio es horrible. Me cambiaron las fechas del examen 2 veces. En serio si estan considerando este lugar, no lo elijan.
Elena Núñez: Pésima experiencia. Tenía que tomar la certificación IELTS, hice mi pago en la página web oficial, seleccioné mi fecha y horario, llegó confirmación a mi correo. Intenté comunicarme para corroborar mis datos pero jamás contestaron mi llamada. Según los requisitos al recibir confirmación via email era suficiente. Me presenté el día y hora correspondiente para realizar mi examen y me recibieron con la sorpresa de que no estaba registrada, mi examen debía hacerlo pronto ya que me urgía el resultado, les pregunté el por qué había sucedido eso si la página es la oficial de IELTS, me dijeron que el sistema no les servía, yo les dije que sí porque la página mostraba los horarios restantes. Pregunté si podía hacer cambio o reembolso y me dijeron que cambio si pero tardarían más de un mes en darme fecha. Después de discutir la situación aceptaron darme una fecha metiéndome en un grupo privado que tomaría el examen, quedaron el marcarme ese mismo día para confirmar (nunca lo hicieron) , después les marqué yo (nunca contestaron) terminé yendo en persona, no habían personas esperando, estaban solos y ni así pudieron atenderme. Al final me dijeron que si quería bueno y si no pues que lo perdería. Acepté, el día del examen me presenté con tiempo porque tenía miedo de que fueran a hacerme lo mismo de nuevo, mi examen oral lo tenía antes, cuando entré al examen, el examinador grabo la conversación pero nunca supo mi número de aplicante, no supo quien era yo y eso quedó grabado, el personal de IH me dijero que tal vez se repetiría porque los callificarían mal como institución evaluadora. Nunca se repitió, al final de los resultados me quedé con muchas dudas entorno a si mi examen estuvo bien calificado o no. Mi experiencia general fue muy mala, el trato del personal también. Honestamente recomiendo hacer el examen en otro lugar de Guadalajara ya que afortunadamente IH no es el único.
Luis Q.O: Excelentes cursos, me sirvieron mucho para mejorar mi inglés
Ana Margarita Santillan Medina: Para la cantidad que cobran por el curso y el examen, deberían ser más atentos y contestar el teléfono. Es muuuy difícil que contesten las llamadas.

8. Guadalajara Language Center - Guadalajara

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15 reviews
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Guadalajara Language Center
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Address: C. Francisco I. Madero 160A, San Juan, 45500 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 3635 2535

Business type: Language school

Guadalajara Language Center: what do users think?
Steve Sax: The teachers were awesome. The only somewhat issue is it is really tricky to combine students with such different capabilities in a class, so some classes you may not get as much as you wanted from certain sessions. The classes usually had only one or two other people in them. I still learned a lot. Wouter takes great care of his students before during and after classes. The home stays were great. It is definitely very budget friendly too.
Perlita Pistache: They are very kind to the students, good teachers, especially Diana.
Jaeann Tschiffely: I highly recommend GLC. The teachers I had were amazing. Karen was knowledgeable about the language and a skilled teacher. Wouter was responsive throughout my stay and provided information and opportunities for an enjoyable stay in Guadalajara. He took us hiking to a beautiful waterfall one week and to some nearby ruins the next as well ask recommending other things to do in the city. Such a friendly place as well as being a great place to learn.
Felix Anton Faller: I can highly recommend GLC if you are looking for ways to improve your spanisch skills in Guadalajara. Wouter is super nice, the classes are well organized and worth every penny. I learned a lot in the time being and would always advice this school. Not just because it is very economical, but also because of the familiar atmosphere between the teachers and students and the free outside school activities that are offered. Wouter can also help you out if you are looking for a place to stay in Tlaqueparque, a quiet and lovely neighborhood of Guadalajara. 5 Stars, no doubt!
Samuel Hawley: My wife and I studied Spanish at the Guadalajara Language Center for one month, in Aug-Sept. 2021. We were very satisfied with the classes, and the friendly atmosphere of the school. It was like having a family in Guadalajara. A nice thing too about the GLC is that the owner, Wouter Stut, has a selection of apartments for rent as well, so we were able to arrange our classes and our accommodation with the school. Our apartment was only 5 blocks from the school, barely a seven-minute walk. Very convenient! Wouter also took us on several memorable excursions, to a nearby hot springs, to the archaeological ruins at Guachimontones, and up the dormant volcano of Nevado de Colima. All in all we had a great time at the GLC.
Jeffrey Turner: Good teachers located in tourist friendly Tlaquepaque. Owner is a great host.
Hailey Triggs: Due to COVID my flights to Mexico were cancelled back in June/July. I asked Wouter, the owner, to refund my $100 deposit I made prior to the pandemic. We have exchanged emails for months, and despite me providing PROOF that my flights were cancelled, he has taken the route of 1) arguing with me about policy, and 2) claiming that the $100 goes towards the mental energy of booking me.In my opinion, a business is defined by how it handles crises. I think we can all claim that what we have gone through this year is a crisis. Therefore it boggles me that any business owner wouldn't be flexible with clients and their business policies in general.I have received refunds from many businesses, as I am sure many have, due to COVID. This empathy and flexibility towards clients maintains trust, and ultimately, a client returning to the business in the future. Sadly this will not be the case for me in regards to GLC.Below is the last email I received. Make your own decision if you want to go this school.Dear Hailey,You are the first of all students that request their deposit back. Also about your flight. It is not that you couldn't go. It was just that particularly flight that was canceled and they gave you three options including taking the next available flight which was the next day, yesterday. The reason that you are not coming dont think has anything to do that your initial flight on the 3rd got canceled as you could have taken the next flight at the 4th. I have people still arriving from the US several times a week.Your financial situation is in away of no concern to me as my financial situation as well should be as no concern to you. It would be weird if I would raise the price from one day to another if I would have some financial problems.Paying you or not has nothing to do with honesty. Honesty is for example not saying that you cant come because of your flight has been canceled. Your not the first where a flight has been canceled and it happens once in a while. This never has been a reason for a student not to come.Actually the airline is not returning your money as I read it. They just give you a voucher which you can use for any other flight in the future and you probably paid more then a 100 USD deposit for this flight. Are they as well dishonest??I think your duty as an honest client is understand that I cant change policies according my clients financial situations not even knowing if it is true or not and you should understand that cost already have been made. People have spend time on your reservation and have been paid for that. I am offering kind of the same as the airline is doing which is offering the online Spanish classes or deduct the 100 USD deposit when you like to come another time.I think it is your duty as an honest businessman to take into account the unfortunate circumstances of your clients that have chosen to give you their patronage.I think it is your duty as an honest client to take into account the unfortunate circumstances of our school that already have been spending on your reservation and have not be able to rent out your accommodation as this was not available as for 2 weeks before your arrival and has been closed for 2 months.In all the dealings I’ve had to do for refunds during this pandemic, I have yet to come up against a business that hasn’t been completely understanding and willing to refund me.In all the dealings I´ve had with cancellations and school being closed during this pandemic, I have yet to come up against a client that hasnt been completely understanding and willing to accept my proposal according the deposit payment.Best regards,Wouter Stut
Lauren Kee: I had an incredible experience at the Guadalajara Language Center! I took Spanish classes there during Feb/March 2020 and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The teachers are amazing and help you learn practical language skills, the director (Wouter) is well-connected and can point you toward anything you need in the city, and there are so many activities and excursions you can do while in Tlaquepaque such as walking tours, markets, bike tours, hiking, soccer, etc. I will definitely be coming back in the future.
shawn smith: Very good spanish school! Teachers were very good and each with different teaching styles to suit your specific learning style.And Wouter the director is very good about organizing events and making sure everybody gets the most out of their stay.I stayed in the shared apartment and it was perfect! Best value for the money in my opinion.
Marthe Bierens: I studied Spanish for 4 weeks in the Guadalajara Language Centre and it was an amazing experience. Studying Spanish here has been great, I feel way more confident in day to day situations and am able to have small conversations with people. I feel that in only 4 weeks with no prior experience in spanish, it exceeded my expectations. I regularly get compliments about my Spanish, people are very surprised that I just had Spanish classes for 4 weeks, which is all due to the great effort of the teachers. Besides the great classes, the Guadalajara Language Centre also offers a lot of (free) activities. Wouter, the owner, will take you hiking in the beautiful canyon nearby, you can visit lucha libre together in guadalajara (you pay your own ticket), there are free walking tours and a lot more. And if you decide to do something else and have some questions, Wouter is always very willing to help you. The language school is in Tlaquepaque, which is a beautiful little town, 30 minutes from Guadalajara. You can stay there but if you prefer Guadalajara, Ubers are around 80/100 pesos but another great options is the camion (bus 275b) for 7 pesos. I took it every day and never had any problems. All in all a great experience!
sa scudamore: Had an excellent experience. You are assessed during the classes and moved if you have over or under estimated your skill level. Tutors were all very nice and use a range of methods. The additional tours and visits arranged were lots of fun and allowed us to experience some more local things than we might have managed alone
Kyu Lee: I am 76 years old and learning Spanish as a hobby. I had been studying the language by myself for three years and wanted to experience the formal instruction in a place where Spanish is spoken as a daily language. What attracted me to this school was the fact that it offered my stay with a Mexican family as an immersion program. I had the fortune to stay with the Bustamante's. Javier and Tere were not only perfect hosts but also tremendous teachers of Spanish as well as the Mexican culture. Our mealtime conversations covered a variety of topics ranging from our backgrounds to foods, tourist sites, politics and social issues. Twice a day we spent a considerable amount of time conversing with each other, of course, Javier helping with my Spanish. It felt as if I had had another set of teachers in them. When I had difficulty understanding them, they would slow down and patiently repeated their words. We had so much fun talking about so many different things that we joked that we were solving the problems of the world together. Once I told Javier that I had a hard time understanding the language that Mexicans on the street use, he advised me that I should go to the town square and try to talk with people as often as possible. I followed his advice and went to the town square almost every night and initiated a conversation with whoever sitting alone on a bench. Most people I approached were very kind and quite willing to talk with me. I enjoyed the experience tremendously.The language school under the guidance of Wouter Bastian is well run and the quality of teachers is outstanding. My four weeks of stay in Tlaquepaque passed quickly and I hated leaving the school and the Bustamante's. If I were a little younger than my actual age, I would consider returning to them over and over again.
Chia Wei Liang: Awesome school, the school offer a lot of activities beside class like food tour, hiking, city tour,parties etc. if you wanna enjoy study spanish also experience Mexico culture , stop searching, here is the place to be, they also provide the short term apt rental and homestay, pretty much everything, my teacher is Monica y Edith. both teachers are awesome, one of the best school in my life !! strongly recommend !!
Emily Barrett: I just spent 5 weeks in Tlaquepaque, learning Spanish at GLC and exploring the area through various activities and tours.I really enjoyed my time and learnt so much. My teacher (Monica) was fabulous and Wouter (owner of GLC) was an amazing resource. I also used GLC's accomodations: I first spent 2 weeks at a homestay and after that 3 weeks in an apartment. I was happy with both options and wish I could have stayed a lot longer.I absolutely recommend GLC, if you are looking to start learning Spanish or just wanting to improve, they have options for everyone!
My First Fish Tank “My First Fish Tank”: My family has been coming here for a couple of years now. Last year for three weeks and this year for a month. My daughter goes to a local Montessori school in the mornings, and my wife and I take private tutoring lessons in the morning. We also rent an apartment from the school, which is close to town, the school, and has every amenity we need.The owners name is Wouter and he is super responsive to any need that may arise. He is Dutch, but has lived in Mexico for many years and has a lovely family. He lives right near town and uses WhatsApp to respond quickly to anything that arises. It is nice having an English speaker who also knows the area so well just in case.Wouter not only runs a school and rents out apartments, he also arranges homestays and outings. When we arrived last year, he invited my family to join his at the zoo, and we had a great time.The school itself is close to the center of town, and has multiple classrooms and balcony space for both private tutoring and small classes. The prices are affordable and competitively priced. They will cater the content to what you want to work on, and even take you to local museums and coffee shops if you want.Tlaquepaque is an amazing town, it feels very safe, and you can't beat the culture. It is a tourist destination, but only for other Mexicans and Latin Americans. Restaurants, coffee shops, and art stores fill the streets, along with the sounds of Mariachi. The heart of town is around El Parián, and is closed to cars. It is only a 20 minute uber ride to the airport, to downtown Guadalajara, and only 40 minutes to Lake Chapala.And being a mile high, it is much cooler than the latitude suggest. The bit months are typically during spring in North America. In late June or early July, the rainy season comes and the weather cools to a high of about 80 degrees with daily thunder storms. It is a perfect summer temperature, and not very humid.I couldn't recommend the Guadalajara Language Center enough!
Welcome Words: large professional staff so i did not meet them all - my tearchers were edith - monica - elizabeth - alan - and each was responsive to my questions and made learning fun and stressless.accurate assessment of skill level - diverse student body - good value - excellent location as tlaquepaque is safe, clean, quiet, mellow and people smile and look you in the eye and are polite - and guadalajara is literally at your doorstep as the bus (40¢) into the city center stops at the school.the school takes students on hikes into the hills and lakes - arranges 45 minute massages ($15.) if you want one - arranges pedicures - takes students to the haunted walk-about, arranges an amazing trips to archaeological ruins, a really great walking food tour, accomodations and more :)wouter - the owner of the school - is terrific and very easy going.* i had to have dental work done and wouter took time to take me to the dentist so i would have a clear understanding of the procedures to be done.* furthermore the machine they used to asses my teeth was unlike anything we have back in the states - i was shocked that it was so cutting edge.* and without knowing the diagnosis my dentist back in the states had given me, this dentist in tlaquepaque gave me the identical diagnosis.upshot - the guadalajara language school - and tlaqupaque earn an A+

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