Best French Alliance Guadalajara Near Me

1. Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara Lopez Cotilla center - Guadalajara

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Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara Lopez Cotilla center
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 1199, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Reopens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 2016 0670

Business type: Cultural center

Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara Lopez Cotilla center: what do users think?
Margarita Roman: Very good that they do DELF certification and see the level of French that they give in schools
isaac lopez: It is an institute that has been teaching the French language for more than 120 years, but unfortunately in all that time they have not changed anything in their teaching methodology. The way of teaching is very traditional with exercises like; repeat after the teacher, answer exercises in the book and listen to almost incomprehensible audios. In addition, the teachers speak to you in French from the first day and each teacher does what they can and wants with their class in order to advance in the book, but it is not the needs of the student. In most groups the language production is very low. This is a sad situation.
Ricky Cuen: They don't answer the phones, they don't return calls, they don't have the decency to follow up on messages, I guess they don't want students.
Mary Ann Rex: The best French school I went to vote
Andre Bidault: Very good attention, parking, kindness, speed.
Miguel Ángel Avilés: Excellent place to learn French.The French Alliance of Guadalajara has an audiovisual room in which French films from different eras are projected.Without a doubt, one of the must-see places in the city
Patricia Castro: The events are great, we went to an exhibition that we loved, we had a great time
Olmo Martínez: Considered the best French school in the city.The building was built at the end of the 70's by the architects Jacinto Arenas Serna and Rafael Torres González.On Tuesdays they project movies in French for the modest amount of 25 pesos. They usually have cultural events, you can check the news on their Facebook page.
Nidia Ibarra Serrano: I was in classes at the Ciudad del Sol branch before the pandemic and with the intention of resuming I wrote to the López Cotilla branch. Unfortunately, the attention of this branch, particularly of Ms. Ivana, discouraged me from signing up. I received not very cordial and professional treatment from him, a school like the Alliance should take more care of customer service.
Rodolfo Rodriguez: Excellent place to learn French with very good teachers
Élisée Siqueira: The best French language teaching team in Guadalajara.
Abigail Anguiano: disfruten de su biblioteca y actividades culturales ;
Paulina Saldaña Zamora: Accessible in schedules and price. Very good results and great teachers!
Carolina López Pinal: Although I have been studying French here for a short time, I consider it a very good school, with well-trained teachers who care about student learning
Luis Javier Sanchez Mariscal: Excellent place of learning. Here in this place very interesting languages ​​and cultural events are taught
Olimpya López: ve a la cafeteria!!!
Fernando Saldivar: Je suis étudié dans l'alliance en 1989. Je suis reconnaissant pour la qualité de l'institution. Continue le bon travail !
Ariadna Rojas: La meilleure école de français du monde...
Nelly: Good school but very expensive
Carlos ArLe: three good

2. Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara: Providencia center - Guadalajara

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Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara: Providencia center
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Address: Av Montevideo 2892, Providencia 5a Secc., 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3640 3887

Business type: French language school

Alliance Francaise de Guadalajara: Providencia center: what do users think?
Samna: An excellent place to learn the French language. They have high-quality teachers who are very willing to help you continue and help you understand the language.Recommended!
Jonathan Márquez A.: Circumstantially due to the issue of the health emergency button, it is closed to the public. They only answer by phone
Alex villafranca: Excellent environment, I started at zero without any knowledge of the French language and I had an excellent French teacher, Garance, and the truth was that the experience was very good. I advanced very quickly, apart from the fact that I had excellent and very proactive colleagues.
Daniel Rivera: They do not answer emails or telephone, as well as you can register one. But there are other French schools, they are not unique.After your answer: I spoke many times for weeks, without response. I sent several emails, no response. If that's how they are with sales, how should they be with classes.
Erick F Saldaña: Escuela y centro cultural de frances con profesores de muy buen nivel, la mayoria de ellos franceses.
Gerardo Caballero: Excelentes cursos, ideal para aprender.
I: La mejor escuela de francés en el área de Providencia.

3. Côté France - Escuela de Francés - Guadalajara

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Côté France - Escuela de Francés
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Address: C. Pedro Moreno 1431, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: +52 33 1814 2008

Business type: Language school

Côté France - Escuela de Francés: what do users think?
isaac lopez: The method they use is not different from the classical method as they argue. They use some classic strategies such as repetition, translation and completing exercises. In the classes they use a combination of Spanish and French to explain grammar and concepts and everything you see in the class you see again in the books which were created by the same institute. Language production by students is low. They do not have well-established dates or duration of courses. Your course may be 4 or 5 weeks depending on the length of the month.
N Medibe: A very good place to learn French, native teachers and classes that allow teaching to be more personalized.
Sebastian Santoro: . Merci beaucoup Côté France 🇫🇷🎓(Translated by Google
Mario Saldaña: Excellent place to learn, the teachers always speak to you in French which helps a lot to get used to the sounds and words of the language, the classes are very dynamic and the teachers know how to do them in a very entertaining way. They do not teach you the grammatical rules and everything typical of the language, but also the idioms and the meaning of various phrases that are used on a daily basis in French and that translating them directly would not provide you with the necessary context to know which refers.
Pili Ruiz: Very good teachers and they have a very well structured learning system to advance in grammar and learn enough vocabulary.
BRENDA PRECIADO: The best school to learn French. I started from scratch and his method is unbelievably good, you start talking super fast.The teachers are the best, they are very prepared to teach the topics and the best thing is that they are super fun, the classes are very dynamic I love 🏽They also have the best reception super friendly faby. If you are looking for a school this is the best!
Alejandro Salgado: Excellent space for learning French. The methodology allows you a complete understanding of the language, with native teachers always willing to support you.The moment you enter the facilities, you feel the full support of the institution, which will always look for the best timetable option so that you can make the most of the classes.Very grateful to everyone!
Marlon Mario Hernandez Preciado: Highly recommended, the environment makes you feel confident, the teachers are very good and all are native speakers, they are extra patient and make you read, speak and write.
Mike Villa: Los maestros e instalaciones son buenas. Si quieres aprender francés es una muy buena opción ya que aprendes con profesores nativos, si le hechas ganas incluso puedes aprender sus coloquialismos!
Carlos PS: Uno de mis objetivos es aprender Francés, decidí elegir Côté France por la facilidad de horarios y porque cuentan con profesores nativos, durante más de 6 meses que he estado aprendiendo este nuevo idioma me doy cuenta que tome la decisión acertada para aprender Francés, las clases son dinámicas (libros, actividades, concursos dentro de la misma clase), JE SUIS TRE CONTENT...
isaac alberto alvarado villalpando: Excelente escuela un forma sencilla de aprender francésMuy útil y muy prácticaLos profesores super geniales, totalmente nativos de FranciaAparte de aprender francés nos enseñan sus costumbres, modismos y conocer más sobre su culturaLa convivencia es genial con ellosLes recomiendo altamenteCote France
Abner Gonzalez: Excelente la atención del personal. Parece que tiene buen nivel de enseñanza
Isaac Pérez: Me encanta la escuela, los maestros además de mostrarte el idioma te enseñan de su cultura.
Janeth Gabriela Rivera Aguilar: The best French school ⭐️Very nice teachers and staff
Carlos Alvarez: It is a great school to learn French. I really recommend it. In the short time that I was there, I learned some French. I hope to return soon.The teachers are very trained and the staff is very friendly and they serve you very well.
Rich: I really feel super grateful to these little people. Full staff full of understanding, disposition and complete vocation to teach. Even in the secretariat you can see the affection they have for the academy and students.A thousand thousand thanks.
Javier Castro: Me gusta que tenemos una gran variedad de maestros franceses con diferente acento. Es muy enriquecedor.
Asher Cypress: Excellent school with a very good learning method, all the teachers are native speakers and the method helps to learn quickly
Georgina Alejandra Virgen castillo: It is super that the teachers are French, they teach you naturally and with their accents because they are from various regions of France, their classes are dynamic, practical, it is simply the best school to learn French 😉
Ed M Monroy: Excellent experience, it was a correct and fair investment to learn the language. Widely recommended. Thank you Côte France.
Michelle Gomez Angulo: (Translated by Google

4. Alliance jiu jitsu guadalajara - Guadalajara

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Alliance jiu jitsu guadalajara
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 1905, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Reopens at 6:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3505 3957

Business type: Jujitsu school

Alliance jiu jitsu guadalajara: what do users think?
Kurt Curtis: The team at Alliance is great. Marcos is an excellent instructor. His English is impeccable. I came in only for a few days and it would have been understanding for the team to not invest their time and energy with me, but they were very welcoming and had great instruction. Thank you.—Kurt
Samuel Cisneros HDZ: A great teacher, good facilities. Good classes.
Matt Randazzo: Centrally located, Good instruction, tough team and welcoming atmosphere
death gun: One of the best Academies in Mexico without a doubt. Great Athletes, High performance and high level. A lot of camaraderie and level. Without a doubt, a great Jiu Jitsu academy. English spoken.
benito Barragan: The truth is a very good place, everyone who is there is very friendly and my respects to the teacher, a good fighter and a good person, apart from he also teaches the class in English and that is very cool👍
José Manuel Jiménez Mora: Excellent place to go to learn Brazilian-style jujitsu, the teacher is bilingual, there are students of different nationalities, the seminars are superb (the last one was given by a Brazilian), we prepare ourselves extraordinarily for tournaments. An experience that you must try if you start in this sport, there are children's classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 👍
Jeronimo Guareña: Excellent environment of camaraderie, clean, tidy and hard training! 10 out of 10
Francisco Villaseñor: The best place for practicing bjj in Guadalajara, professor Marck it's detail oriented and really patient it is an awesome class with an amazing enviroment! Try it out
Cian Vazquez: The best BJJ Gym in gdl.
Dario Morales: Simply the best gym I've ever known, they also have a very good atmosphere
daniel garcia: Amazing academy. All of the people here are friendly, helpful, and skillful. lots of competitors and lots of talent. The professor is fluent in english and will teach in both english and spanish. He is extremely helpful, patient, respectful, and consistent. This is the place to be if you want to train and grow in GDL
Jacob Darby: Absolute best place to train BJJ -- gi and no gi -- in Guadalajara. Coach Marco is an amazing sensei. Highly recommended.
michael Seaman: I looked for different gyms in GDL, and I came across this place. I wasn’t too sure how it would be, so I contacted the instructor via Instagram. The instructor was chill so I dropped by the gym. The instruction with the techniques was good, and so were the students there. The instructor explained the technique in English for me, and then again in Spanish. His English is very well. I would definitely go back again. Really chill environment, and welcoming, gracias!-Michael
Mark Richardson: It is an excellent place to train. The teacher is kind and gives good instructions. I'm from the United States, but help me feel at home here in Mexico.This is an excellent place to train. The professor is friendly and gives great instructions. He also speaks English. And everyone I met was very welcoming. I'm from the United States but they helped me feel at home here in Mexico.
Sean G: Trained here for a month while visiting in June. Marco is the man, a great coach and the guys in the gym are cool as well. He also teaches in both English and Spanish any time theres native English speakers. Highly recommended and I hope to visit again one day.
Gerardo Orozco Preciado: Excellent
Angelica Sandoval: I have been searching for a jiujitsu gym that isn’t full of machismo or bros looking to smash anything that comes their way. Marco is very welcoming, teaches good technique, good equal attention to everyone, and teaches respect everyone who comes on the mats. I told him I haven’t been able to train in the US cause of coronavirus lockdown restrictions. He worked with me to help me get into the rhythm I once had back home. There are classes everyday at different times I recommend getting the month pass so you can have access to all the classes. Well worth the price. Overall the location, price, coaches, students, and attitude are wonderful. Thanks again Alliance Jiujitsu!
Alejandra Valdés: My house
Ricardo Salinas: Highly recommended. I have had the opportunity to train in different schools, in different parts of the republic and in the US, and no place compares to Alliance Guadalajara. The teacher trains together with the students, which makes this academy special, since in a more personalized way, he knows how to work on each of his students so that they develop a very good level in a short time. On top of that, camaraderie is something that is very present, and immediately makes you feel part of this team.
Baddest Boye (El Vic): Very good Jiu Jitsu school, good discipline and good camaraderie on the part of all the members.

5. Campus France Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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Campus France Guadalajara
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Address: C. Manuel López Cotilla 1199, Col Americana, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3825 5554

Business type: Corporate office

6. French Consulate in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico - Guadalajara

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French Consulate in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
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Address: Av Adolfo López Mateos Nte 484-1, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Tue

Telephone: +52 33 3616 5516

Business type: Foreign consulate

French Consulate in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico: what do users think?
Reynald Grattagliano: Excellent service, rapide et parfait congratulations.
Julien-François COLLIN: Je viens d'établir une procuration pour les régionales. Très efficace.
Pablo Cadarso: nunca está... Es mejor ir a México y ahorrarse la tomadura de pelo.(Translated by Google
Celi Curiel: Muy amables
Ma de los angeles Martinez: Céntrico y rápido
GaryX 17: Porque es muy útil cuando uno busca alguna dirección que no sabe con exactitud y es buena como vos

7. The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C. - Guadalajara

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67 reviews
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The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.
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Address: C. Colomos 2300, Circunvalación Americas, 44630 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 52333648248

Business type: Language school

The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.: what do users think?
Mante Guevara: Good
zqawsexdrcftvgybhunjiokpl: they believe the goats😴
Diego Rengifo: Gooooooooood place here
Send Spam: i overheard a middle school teacher said that if mexicans let their beard grow out they look like pakistanis
Michelle Ortega: Great School!
Diego “Diego G” Gutierrez-Hermosillo: Best school in town
Julián Villarreal Desentis: Had an awful last two years of highschool there. No one beyond the faculty bothered to make me feel welcome.
Jesus Vazquez: Positive:Communication
filiberto ruvalcaba: Excelente escuela, atencion muy buena y personalizada, seguridad muy bien instalaciones limpias mucho orden
Juan Ramon Hinojosa Lemus: Muy bien las instalaciones,buena organización en el 20o. Congreso Internacional de Educación Física y sobre todo muy vigilado
Paul Pelayo: Very clean, very organized, high security
Rodrigo Rivera Gomez: Really cool
Dimitri Dragas: i saw two people banging in the bathroom. very inconsiderate and nasty. almost joined in tho...
Daniel Pérez: Excellent school with a very good working environment and high quality education. Highly recommended!!
Juan Suarez Jimenez: Cool
Verónica Trujillo: In addition to facilities that promote the healthy development of students, the educational quality is exceptional. In the end, the corridors and classrooms are where the true essence of the College is appreciated.
Brian Zink: I have worked here since 2006 and think the schoolonly continues to improve. It will be a urban educational center in the coming years as the campus is remodeled to fit the local landscape!
anoo Paruchuri: Don't like it . It's not safe yet all. Kids always are fighting.
Mohamad Fatemi: سبزشاغ
Julio cesar curiel López: Cheee school of 💩💩💩 they ask for the parish page to enter
Cesar Cardona: The meaning of "overpriced" in person, old and neglected facilities, a chaos of location..... I don't know..... maybe 20 years ago

8. Ohlala Panadería Bistró Terranova - Guadalajara

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1807 reviews
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Ohlala Panadería Bistró Terranova
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Address: Av Terranova 658, Terranova, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3640 6564

Business type: Restaurant

Ohlala Panadería Bistró Terranova: what do users think?
Carmen Chic Salon: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Huevos BenedictinosMore
Ever Lopez: Terrible service from the hostess to the bill, everyone is lazy to serve, they twist your face, it takes a thousand years to serve you, the taste of the food is very simple and without joke. dry and bad chilaquiles.
Gerardo Rojas: Food: 3/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Luisa Nuñez Salazar: DeliciousFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Carlos Duran: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Huevos Benedictinos, Pan Francés, Croque MadameMore
Karla G. R.Z: We ordered a food with green sauce and the waiter to whom I explained that sauce was inedible because it was bitter....he argued that this taste was due to the poblano pepper...Obviously not. Of course I know the taste of that kind of chili.
Sergio Gonzalez: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Coco Aguilar: Excellent bakery and in general all the food.
Elizabeth Solorzano: The food is bad, the service lousy.The only good thing are the desserts and the juices.
lilianalooza: Bad service, bad food and bad organizationIf you want to organize an event this place is NOT recommended,They take a long time to serve the food, and the staff are annoying all the time if you ask them for something...The food is
isis michel arvizu martinez: Terrible service, the attention of the waiters is bad, more than an hour and a half to serve us a simple breakfast. I do not recommend it at all.
Liliana Loza: Terrible service, slow...I went to an event and I would NEVER go back.The staff serve you very reluctantly and angry...As cherry on the cake, the food is bad.ZERO recommended.
Nelly Barrios: I put one to be able to put the review.We had a business event for 30 people and it was not what they offered us:terrible attentionThey took more than an hour to serve and they began to take out 2 or 3 dishes when a private event menu was contracted just because they commented that only in this way could they ensure that they serve the entire reservation at the same time.The attitude of the staff left a lot to be desired, their disorganization and annoyance were noticeable.The food was so-so.Some dishes had smaller portions than others.It was discussed with the manager and there was no compensation for the poor service.The only good thing was the bread for the desserts.It is not worth booking for events there.
NIRVANA Adventures: pero esto estaba casi crudo la clara el pan scone malísimo e igualmente duro! Súper mala experiencia :((Translated by Google
Fotografo de bodas Fotografia de boda: bad experience withHostess this morning, it is believed that she works at Sonora Prime to assign the tables, twisting your face, poor thing.And surely those who answer these reviews are going to put their copy/paste that they put on everyone, that the whole company is lazy, improve the training of their staff but above all hire a hostess with 3 grams of common sense.
FOTOGRAFO-DE-BODAS- EN-MEXICO: Terrible care from thehostess who denied him the table that a family wanted, claiming that it was for larger groups, when the restaurant had only 2 or 3 tables occupied, there was no one waiting, and even so he denied them, being Father's Day and doing those rude words to the family that was going to celebrate the father.APPALLING!!!
Cho Chi: Too bad, we saw how a family was denied a table on Father's Day, even when the place was practically empty, and even more unfortunate that they did it on Father's Day!
Silvia Pacheco: Very bad service from the hostessFood: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5 …More
Monza Lopez Vazquez: Terrible hostess with zero common sense, denying tables even with the restaurant practically empty, I wish they would hire serious and more prepared people, the one they currently have is useless.
Brlss qn: Pesimo que contraten una hostess sin criterio, llegamos el dia del padre a desayunar a las 8:30am, solo habia 3 mesas ocupadas, cuando mi esposo pidio una mesa en especifico porque tiene un problema de espalda y esa es la unica que tiene un sillon mas comodo, la hostess nos la nego alegando que es para grupos grandes, cuando el restaurante estaba practicamente vacio!
Jose Ruiz: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More

9. IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico - Guadalajara

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17 reviews
new review
IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico
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Address: C. Donato Guerra 180, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3614 1414

Business type: Language school

IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico: what do users think?
K T: Coming here greatly improved my Spanish and was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the city and meet many people.
Oliviana Moreno: i took a couple weeks of spanish here in feb 2022, really enjoyed my time and my teacher was great. when you get there, they have you speak to someone to assess your placement and i felt like i was in just the right class for my level. they have multiple locations where they also teach english and we took field trips and met up with groups of english learners to tour new areas and practice together. i thought that was fun and clever.
Annica S: I researched so many Spanish immersion programs and I'm so happy I chose IMAC. Daniela A. is a fantastic instructor. I will certainly be back.
Robert Albert: I took two weeks of Spanish at this school in December 2022 and was really happy with the experience. Teacher Katya Ramos was excellent and the school was well run: well located, and serious in its mission. Don't expect a fancy facility, but the substance was there. Each week they pair the English and Spanish learners together for language practice on walks through Guadalajara which was particularly fun. ¡Muy bien, IMAC!
Colleen Malone: I spent 5 weeks at IMAC in Guadalajara late in 2022 and loved the experience! If you are serious about improving your Spanish (not just picking up some tourist language), I highly recommend it and I hope to return for further study in 2023.Because I didn't know what to expect I will detail what I experienced: Classes are 4 hours a day (from 9-1) with a 15 min break around 11. I never had a class with more than 5 students in it and usually there were 3 (it fluctuates--see below re: placement). The instruction (and textbook) is entirely in Spanish, only occasionally will the teacher relent and clarify something in English--this is true immersion! There's an optional additional hour intercambio (conversation) from 1-2 with the local students at the same school who are learning English. Additionally, on Wednesdays there is a field trip during class hours --either walking to a nearby location with the local students and exchanging relevant vocab words (once we went to a church, another time to a Christmas market) or taking a bus to another area of town to meet up with the English students at that IMAC location). There's a short test every Friday--I get the sense that it is as much for documenting your progress as it is for evaluating the teachers. I had 3 different instructors in 5 weeks (because of class changes, see below) and two of them were excellent! (If you are lucky enough to get Emmanuel or Katia, please tell them I say hola!) The 4 hours in class went very quickly--there were lots of varied activities/exercises: silly vocabulary games in the form of Taboo or charades, listening to recordings and (trying to) answer questions about th content, written exercises and review, and a lot of "discuss this topic with a partner." And there's a bit of homework too.The intermediate textbook cost me about $50 (US). The grammar lessons and vocab are buried in a context approach--each chapter has a theme (e.g. health, real estate, Spanish history or famous people). I understand this approach but to be honest I would have like more repetitive simple drills on some concepts (which I would find on the internet after class).Re: placement. The schedule of classes is seemingly erratic and solely based on which students show up in a given week. Each course level (beginner, intermediate, etc.) is about 5-6 weeks long. And they seem to start whenever they have enough students at that level (2-3 people) and simply end when it doesn't have any students left--during my 5 weeks there were several folks who came for just a week or two, so every Monday the class configuration was different--someone gone, someone new, and a few folks who were sticking it out from start to finish. In other words, you can start any Monday but you may be starting in the third week of an ongoing course (as I did). It's not really a problem though, as the lessons don't seem to build on each other directly--though presumably the earlier lessons in a course will be easier?Last but not least, here was my scheduling experience for 5 weeks: They initially placed me in the first week of a beginner course but I balked (I came with some vocab and could conjugate present tense verbs so I was pretty full of myself 🙄, and I got put in the next available alternative--the third week of the intermediate course (Chaps 5-6). I was in WAY over my head but I stuck with it for two weeks and learned a LOT (in retrospect starting in the middle of the beginners course may have been more appropriate for me--perhaps too easy but I would have reviewed a lot of foundational stuff that I apparently lacked). And then I joined week 2 of another Intermediate course (Chaps 3-4). There were only 3 of us in that class and we negotiated for the following week to repeat Chaps 1-2 since none of us had done that yet.
maria 1125: They cater to your needs. I am currently in Mexico and have 5 kids who understand Spanish, but don't speak Spanish correctly or fluently enough to get their point across clearly. So, I simply asked for conversational classes. Each of my 5 kids had a teacher for 3 hours for 3 days a week, for 4 weeks. They went over a 20 minute lesson and then had conversations with one break, talking about all sort of things. My kids ranged from 6 to 15 years of age. I decided to do it this way because, if I put them in the same room...only my more verbal kids would speak. This way they were forced to communicate and get out of their comfort zone of simply being a listener in class. The only thing I disliked was that the teachers wore masks. I get it...they are scared even though the studies from France and Germany say the masks don't work. However, because the purpose is to learn correct pronunciation and for that one needs to see mouth movement. Other than that, my kids loved the experience and when we come back we will surely use them again. FYI...I asked the teachers to remove their mask for the picture.
Fernando Steve Gamboas Murillo: Excellent place to learn and develop your English as it has different tools and professional teachers. My favorite part is the conversation between students at the school, like people who come from other places.
John: I was there for 4 weeks starting end of October 2020. I thought the school and classes were great! Instructors were very well educated in the language and how to teach, classes were small, (for me 2 to 4 students) and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. Covid procedures were in placed and strictly followed. I think it's a matter of how hard you want to work at learning. I worked hard and it paid off. I'm back in Guadalajara now (January 2021) and plan to take 4 more weeks of classes. Thanks to Miriam and Daniela for being great instructors!
Sarah Dodson: I highly recommend taking a Spanish-language class at IMAC. I can't recall my teacher's name, but his lessons and attention to detail have remained in my mind and have truly helped me to become a more proficient Spanish speaker. Classes are small and allow each student the opportunity to speak and ask questions (but not "take over" the class). I found that my classmates as well as other students in the school were engaged and dedicated--not just to the classes, but to learning about the city. If I could return this approaching winter, I would in a heartbeat.
Matthew LeClere: I studied at IMAC from October 2017 to December 2017 in one of their intensive Spanish Language programs and wow! Really it was a amazing experience and gave me a super solid foundation/boost in the Spanish language! Now my Spanish is far fom perfect but because of what I gained from them I was able to communicate much more easily with my friends who speak limited English!
Lyle Brown: I studied here two different times for about one or two weeks each time. My experience was great. I met people from all over the world studying Spanish here. It was a lot of fun and it is so great to go to a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish. Immersing yourself 100% really helps.I stayed farther out of town and took the light rail or a taxi into the city. It was fun and I really enjoyed the experience of living in the city for a bit.My only concern for going again would be the general lack of good restrooms (both at IMAC and in Guadalajara.) They have a lot of English students as well and the restrooms can be a real problem. But overall I was very happy with the experience and one day will return.
sulaiman Aloraini: Great school and they advantage is that they have English and Spanish courses so you could practise your language with local speakersTeachers’ quality is great as well
Kade MacNeille: Great place to learn Spanish! I am a Spanish Teacher in the U.S. and I like to take time once in a while to brush up on my Spanish by immersing myself in the culture and language once more. First off, I have to say that I had a terrific teacher, Corinna, who was very intelligent and attentive. It is also good to note that the school doubles as a Spanish and English school, so part of the experience is participating with the locals in various activities as they practice their English while you practice Spanish. It was blast! The host families are also very friendly and accomodating (all meals included). Overall, for the great price and wonderful experience I wouldn't hesitate to visit again!
Werner Schueller: completely dysfunctional operation. overpriced. poor quality of facilities and teachers.

10. Hotel Francés - Guadalajara

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Hotel Francés
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Address: C. Maestranza 35, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3613 2020

Business type: Hotel

Hotel Francés: what do users think?
Marisela Gonzalez: Too Colonial, so much so that it does not have air conditioning, and the mattresses as well as the beds are too old, the room was an oven 😞 the staff is very attentive and friendly, the facilities are very cleanNearby activities: Super céntrico.
Antonio Rangel: Food & drinks: El buffet desayuno cada día peor !
are dg: Me tocó yo creo de la peor habitación del hotel. una ventana daba al aire o boilers terrible. La otra daba al pasillo del mismo hotel . El baño realmente desagradable. El piso manchado. Se ve que solo hacen la limpieza muy superficialmente.Me hubiera gustado una habitación de las que muestran en internet. Lastima no regreso
Octavio Martínez: Muy buen lugar para hospedarse y lo mejor de todo esta en el centro de guadalajara
Raul De Jesus: Sin duda es un lugar interesante y con mucha antigüedad. Falta mantenimiento y está muy bien ubicado en el centro histórico de Guadalajara
Rene Galaviz Hernandez: En la zona centro de guadalajara excelente ubicación su restaurante y atención 👏👏👏
Teresa Castillo: El hotel es un inmueble muy antigüo, conserva su toque de antaño, guarda mucha historia pero hace falta que pongan más atención en su aspecto como hotel, tiene muy poca iluminación, no hay buena recepción de internet, el mobiliario e instalaciones deberían ser renovados. Tiene a su favor que es muy céntrico y su personal es muy amable pero en verdad yo no me volveré a hospedar ahí.
Fernanda Roque Osuna: Desde que llegamos se sintió una vibra rara del bell boy, no nos dieron la habitación que reservamos y nos querían cobrar extra por algo que ya habíamos pagado, el servicio es pésimo ya que nunca vinieron a prender el aire y estaba haciendo muchísimo calor, aparte de que nuestra habitación lo incluía, baños súper reducidos con apeste a caño al igual que el closet y regadera con moho, súper mal higiene en toda la habitación. Nos fuimos del hotel al siguiente día y al regresar nos encontramos el baño sucio al igual que el cesto con papeles sucios de otra persona que se había metido ahí, al igual que ropa que no era de nosotros, una gran invasión a la privacidad y una asquerosidad la verdad, nada recomendado este hotel, la peor experiencia que he vivido
tu dinosaurio inutil kawai: I like everything, really a good place to stay and get to know Guadalajara 😋
Vianny Serrano: It is very old, for obvious reasons it has some details to improve, such as removing the dead insects from above the bathroom acrylic, which give a bad appearance, but the staff is friendly and attentive, they have parking and valet parking at no extra cost, it is very well located, one or two streets from the center of Guadalajara.

11. Restaurant Pierrot - Guadalajara

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Address: C. Justo Sierra 2355, Ladrón de Guevara, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +52 33 3630 2087

Business type: French restaurant

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