Best Free Plastic Arts Courses Guadalajara Near Me

1. Center of Arts, Architecture and Design - Guadalajara

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Center of Arts, Architecture and Design
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Address: Calz Independencia Nte 5075, Huentitán El Bajo, 44250 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 1202 3000

Business type: University

Center of Arts, Architecture and Design: what do users think?
Alondra Del Rio: I went to take my entrance exam, the truth is a beautiful university, with an incredible view, full of classrooms, and great diversity!I hope you are lucky enough to study there!
Eduardo Aguirre: Excellent university center with beautiful views towards the ravine, very large and very pretty
Max Bucio: because you don't know if.
H. H. Almanza D.: An incredible view, one of the best units of the UdG
PTX: Excellent
Sonidu CER: Gran Centro Universitario de nuestra Universidad de Guadalajara; cuenta con carreras de DISEÑO en el área de GRÁFICO, INDUSTRIAL, MODAS e INTERIORES; Maestría en Diseño e Innovación Industrial. Además de una extraordinaria vista a la Barranca de Huentitán.
Geovanni E. Werekeitzen (Geo): Uno de los centros universitarios con una de las vistas panorámicas de la falla de la Barranca más espectaculares de Guadalajara misma.
Yamri Sb: It is an excellent University and its facilities are very nice. With its surroundings close to the nature of the Huentitan canyon.
Yolanda Gonzalez: Excellent university center of Art, Architecture and Design that students enjoy a beautiful view of the Barranca de Huentitán
Julio Bush: uno de los mejores campus de la UDG.excelentes instalaciones. Pero lo más importante , tienen los mejores maestros.
Erick Garcia: La Universidad es muy bonita en sus instalaciones, tiene varios areas verdes y es ideal si quieres estudiar una carrera de diseño o arte.
perla benitez: I love it ....✨ that simple
Rodrigo Fabian: It has an amazing view
Claudio Carrillo: Great place to work⭐
Lic. Martha Cecilia Hdez: Very nice place but it is too big and you can get lost haha
Fatima Murillo: Estudio diseño industrial 10/10
Jennifer Paulina Esquivel Olivarez: Ofrece lindos paisajes a todas horas, el estár ahí es muy agradable.
Rosa Vally: Interesante, amplias instalaciones y bonitos jardines
Jessica Duran: El mejor centro universitario de la UDG
Josue Nunez: El campus más hermoso, de toda la red universitaria de la ugd, la universidad con la mejor vista y con el mejor ambiente estudiantil. Pura gente guapa
Jess Delgado: Amo is the best university and besides with a beautiful view. ✨

2. MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara
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Address: Av Juárez 975, Col Americana, Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue

Telephone: +52 33 3134 1664

Business type: Museum

MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara: what do users think?
Susana Martínez Hernández: No tiene muchas exposiciones, pero lo que tiene esta bien, las instalaciones y la atención fue excelente.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Elise M (Ellie97): This was a great museum to stop by! There were about 5 exhibits open when I went though it looked like more will open soon. Great mural by Orozco and a nice exhibit on Frida Kahlo. Would recommend visiting. I didn’t pay an entry fee.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
florence stas: Buena presentación, personal acogedor, expo interesantes.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Armando Perez Alanis: Extraordinario 💯👍Visited on Weekend …More
José Antonio Ledesma Medina: Esta muy padre e interesante. Lo mejor es que es gratis!!!Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait …More
mariano Pérez Contreras: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended YesMore
Alejandro González: Visited on Weekend Wait time No waitMore
Francisco Muñoz: Culture
Rosario Cortes: I touched all the exhibition on Frida. Very complete. He even had his blood test when he was 5 years old. hihiWhat a pity your house in Mexico. There is not so much information
MiaMiga: Very cute, very cool, I love it, plus it's free
Marisol Valdivia (wosiram): Visited on Weekday Wait time No waitMore
Pili Lopez: Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Leslie Bandín González: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Karen Guzman: A very fascinating museum. I got the Frifa Khalo exhibition. It was great and it's very beautiful. The entrance is what you want to donate the truth I thought was super excellent. It is worth going.PS And if you donate more than 50, don't be stingy, it's a beautiful place. Most place 20 pesos. Very cheap for a place like this.
Marlene Robles Cruz: It is always a pleasure to walk through the rooms and appreciate the exhibition in turn.The photograph is about the sculptures made by Dolores Ortiz.
Carpe Diem PHOENIX: BEAUTIFUL PLACE, WORTH A LOT TO SEE!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Ricardo Hernandez G: Free admission, it is well worth it and it is very interesting. I really liked the store, I wanted to take everything with me.
Angelina Barrera: It is beautiful and spacious, it has no particular cost, it is only a voluntary donation
Matthew: The Frida Khalo exhibition is spectacular and very interesting.
Bruno 1: Beautiful place. Comfortable, well maintained, with interesting views, free and a good place to eat something.

3. IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico - Guadalajara

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17 reviews
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IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico
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Address: C. Donato Guerra 180, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3614 1414

Business type: Language school

IMAC Spanish Language Programs - Learn Spanish in Mexico: what do users think?
K T: Coming here greatly improved my Spanish and was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the city and meet many people.
Oliviana Moreno: i took a couple weeks of spanish here in feb 2022, really enjoyed my time and my teacher was great. when you get there, they have you speak to someone to assess your placement and i felt like i was in just the right class for my level. they have multiple locations where they also teach english and we took field trips and met up with groups of english learners to tour new areas and practice together. i thought that was fun and clever.
Annica S: I researched so many Spanish immersion programs and I'm so happy I chose IMAC. Daniela A. is a fantastic instructor. I will certainly be back.
Robert Albert: I took two weeks of Spanish at this school in December 2022 and was really happy with the experience. Teacher Katya Ramos was excellent and the school was well run: well located, and serious in its mission. Don't expect a fancy facility, but the substance was there. Each week they pair the English and Spanish learners together for language practice on walks through Guadalajara which was particularly fun. ¡Muy bien, IMAC!
Colleen Malone: I spent 5 weeks at IMAC in Guadalajara late in 2022 and loved the experience! If you are serious about improving your Spanish (not just picking up some tourist language), I highly recommend it and I hope to return for further study in 2023.Because I didn't know what to expect I will detail what I experienced: Classes are 4 hours a day (from 9-1) with a 15 min break around 11. I never had a class with more than 5 students in it and usually there were 3 (it fluctuates--see below re: placement). The instruction (and textbook) is entirely in Spanish, only occasionally will the teacher relent and clarify something in English--this is true immersion! There's an optional additional hour intercambio (conversation) from 1-2 with the local students at the same school who are learning English. Additionally, on Wednesdays there is a field trip during class hours --either walking to a nearby location with the local students and exchanging relevant vocab words (once we went to a church, another time to a Christmas market) or taking a bus to another area of town to meet up with the English students at that IMAC location). There's a short test every Friday--I get the sense that it is as much for documenting your progress as it is for evaluating the teachers. I had 3 different instructors in 5 weeks (because of class changes, see below) and two of them were excellent! (If you are lucky enough to get Emmanuel or Katia, please tell them I say hola!) The 4 hours in class went very quickly--there were lots of varied activities/exercises: silly vocabulary games in the form of Taboo or charades, listening to recordings and (trying to) answer questions about th content, written exercises and review, and a lot of "discuss this topic with a partner." And there's a bit of homework too.The intermediate textbook cost me about $50 (US). The grammar lessons and vocab are buried in a context approach--each chapter has a theme (e.g. health, real estate, Spanish history or famous people). I understand this approach but to be honest I would have like more repetitive simple drills on some concepts (which I would find on the internet after class).Re: placement. The schedule of classes is seemingly erratic and solely based on which students show up in a given week. Each course level (beginner, intermediate, etc.) is about 5-6 weeks long. And they seem to start whenever they have enough students at that level (2-3 people) and simply end when it doesn't have any students left--during my 5 weeks there were several folks who came for just a week or two, so every Monday the class configuration was different--someone gone, someone new, and a few folks who were sticking it out from start to finish. In other words, you can start any Monday but you may be starting in the third week of an ongoing course (as I did). It's not really a problem though, as the lessons don't seem to build on each other directly--though presumably the earlier lessons in a course will be easier?Last but not least, here was my scheduling experience for 5 weeks: They initially placed me in the first week of a beginner course but I balked (I came with some vocab and could conjugate present tense verbs so I was pretty full of myself 🙄, and I got put in the next available alternative--the third week of the intermediate course (Chaps 5-6). I was in WAY over my head but I stuck with it for two weeks and learned a LOT (in retrospect starting in the middle of the beginners course may have been more appropriate for me--perhaps too easy but I would have reviewed a lot of foundational stuff that I apparently lacked). And then I joined week 2 of another Intermediate course (Chaps 3-4). There were only 3 of us in that class and we negotiated for the following week to repeat Chaps 1-2 since none of us had done that yet.
maria 1125: They cater to your needs. I am currently in Mexico and have 5 kids who understand Spanish, but don't speak Spanish correctly or fluently enough to get their point across clearly. So, I simply asked for conversational classes. Each of my 5 kids had a teacher for 3 hours for 3 days a week, for 4 weeks. They went over a 20 minute lesson and then had conversations with one break, talking about all sort of things. My kids ranged from 6 to 15 years of age. I decided to do it this way because, if I put them in the same room...only my more verbal kids would speak. This way they were forced to communicate and get out of their comfort zone of simply being a listener in class. The only thing I disliked was that the teachers wore masks. I get it...they are scared even though the studies from France and Germany say the masks don't work. However, because the purpose is to learn correct pronunciation and for that one needs to see mouth movement. Other than that, my kids loved the experience and when we come back we will surely use them again. FYI...I asked the teachers to remove their mask for the picture.
Fernando Steve Gamboas Murillo: Excellent place to learn and develop your English as it has different tools and professional teachers. My favorite part is the conversation between students at the school, like people who come from other places.
John: I was there for 4 weeks starting end of October 2020. I thought the school and classes were great! Instructors were very well educated in the language and how to teach, classes were small, (for me 2 to 4 students) and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. Covid procedures were in placed and strictly followed. I think it's a matter of how hard you want to work at learning. I worked hard and it paid off. I'm back in Guadalajara now (January 2021) and plan to take 4 more weeks of classes. Thanks to Miriam and Daniela for being great instructors!
Sarah Dodson: I highly recommend taking a Spanish-language class at IMAC. I can't recall my teacher's name, but his lessons and attention to detail have remained in my mind and have truly helped me to become a more proficient Spanish speaker. Classes are small and allow each student the opportunity to speak and ask questions (but not "take over" the class). I found that my classmates as well as other students in the school were engaged and dedicated--not just to the classes, but to learning about the city. If I could return this approaching winter, I would in a heartbeat.
Matthew LeClere: I studied at IMAC from October 2017 to December 2017 in one of their intensive Spanish Language programs and wow! Really it was a amazing experience and gave me a super solid foundation/boost in the Spanish language! Now my Spanish is far fom perfect but because of what I gained from them I was able to communicate much more easily with my friends who speak limited English!
Lyle Brown: I studied here two different times for about one or two weeks each time. My experience was great. I met people from all over the world studying Spanish here. It was a lot of fun and it is so great to go to a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish. Immersing yourself 100% really helps.I stayed farther out of town and took the light rail or a taxi into the city. It was fun and I really enjoyed the experience of living in the city for a bit.My only concern for going again would be the general lack of good restrooms (both at IMAC and in Guadalajara.) They have a lot of English students as well and the restrooms can be a real problem. But overall I was very happy with the experience and one day will return.
sulaiman Aloraini: Great school and they advantage is that they have English and Spanish courses so you could practise your language with local speakersTeachers’ quality is great as well
Kade MacNeille: Great place to learn Spanish! I am a Spanish Teacher in the U.S. and I like to take time once in a while to brush up on my Spanish by immersing myself in the culture and language once more. First off, I have to say that I had a terrific teacher, Corinna, who was very intelligent and attentive. It is also good to note that the school doubles as a Spanish and English school, so part of the experience is participating with the locals in various activities as they practice their English while you practice Spanish. It was blast! The host families are also very friendly and accomodating (all meals included). Overall, for the great price and wonderful experience I wouldn't hesitate to visit again!
Werner Schueller: completely dysfunctional operation. overpriced. poor quality of facilities and teachers.

4. University of Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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University of Guadalajara
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Address: Av Juárez 976, Col Americana, Americana, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3134 2222

Business type: Public university

University of Guadalajara: what do users think?
Víctor Muro: The powerful University of Guadalajara
CECILIA ISABEL ESCALANTE MENDEZ: Nobody is picking up the phone
Fer RP: Building with spectacular architecture within Guadalajara with an excellent location.
NOE MARTINEZ: The building has the main governing body of the university and the offices that depend on it are grouped in a coordinated manner to provide a service to its community and the public in general, excellent treatment and kindness guarantee your visit
diego martin: It requires some fixing.
Alan Martinez: Beautiful iconoclast, they greet you with a fire extinguisher
Céfiro Chak Chak: Está llena de acosadores, malos tratos y de burocracia barata
Manuel Antonio Espinosa Sánchez: Qué bonito es el edificio central de mi alma mater. No está fácil de llegar en auto y se complica más por las eternas reparaciones en la zona que ya bloquearon el estacionamiento subterráneo del Expiatorio y no se puede entrar por Enrique Díaz de León.Tómense un café en la cafetería de enfrente sobre Av. Vallarta y disfruten un rato al compás del tráfico 😃
Patricia Medina: 👀👩‍🏫💜#
Marcela Mendez Cervantes: Excellent attention
Souls Parawhore Padró: yes 👍
alejandro guga: Nice
Francisco Rodríguez: Terrible service from the operators, he was asked if a payment could be made a day later and in a curt manner "nothing can be done" And he hung up, they do not help you solve anything, the truth is that the servers are in bad taste in their offices.
Héctor Uribe: Hfh
Fernanda Rivera: lousy!!! For three days I called and they never answered me so why do they have a contact phone number then? And the day I went they were buying peanuts and gummies if they take care of their work just like they take care of their mouths there would be no serious problem that unconscious people should better evaluate their staff
christian x: Very good
Maiky Ventura: very good very lit
Veronica Morales Hermosillo: A wonder my alma mater
Arturo Santillan: Increasingly better, since they have renovated their facilities
Tere Perez: super my 2nd house
Rabinovich Moon: Excellent!

5. Cerámica Suro - Guadalajara

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Cerámica Suro
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Address: C. 5 1006, Colón Industrial, 44940 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3635 1298

Business type: Manufacturer

Cerámica Suro: what do users think?
Sandy Ramos: How I work is not recommended, they want the employees to be at their disposal, they change the schedules as they please, their benefits uff do not offer anything and from my own experience I suffered abuse by a manager and HR said that perhaps he was not realizing that everything came close to me from behindThey talked to him and he grabbed me downstairs. I talked to HR again and the one who had to apologize and try to talk to him was me because it was a personal matter... They never come to the employee just for their own benefit
Dom Zurl: (Translated by Google
monki moon: Incredible paintings ... and coffee Rin tintin excellent
Jason Born: Artists are encouraged
CARLOS EDUARDO ALVAREZ NIÑO: I have tried to contact the phone but they do not answer, is it the only way to contact?
Martha Rocío Soberanis Martínez: It is a wonderful place where traditional ceramic techniques and industrial machinery come together. It has trained people and artisans who do wonderful works.
Juan Jose Garcia Calzada: Very beautiful high-temperature ceramics, handicrafts, works of art.
Moises Salcido: Great place
Jose Adrian: great great place
David Melendez: A unique place where ceramics in general comes to life in its multiple forms and facets.
Gerardo P.Moreno: 🤙
los chulos importaciones: Hello, good afternoon. I'm interested in some wholesale aromatherapy burners, can you send me a WhatsApp number so I can send you some images in case you can make them similar to me, thanks
Renata Morales: From Mexico to the world
Mercedes gaume: Very nice, seen in hotel in Tequila Jalisco

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