Best Flamenco Venues In Guadalajara Near Me

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1. Teatro Diana - Guadalajara

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Teatro Diana
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Address: Av. 16 de Septiembre 710, Centro, 44460 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3613 8579

Business type: Performing arts theater

Teatro Diana: what do users think?
Daniel Ramirez: Pleasant
Victor Huerta: lack of air conditioning
veronica barajas: The theater is very nice, the staff is very friendly, the bathrooms are very clean. Really recommended.
Josè Antonio Soto Eugenio: Very nice the truth
Onasis Nicolas Arteaga Evangelista: Impeccable place, cleanliness everywhere, fast service at the bars
SALVADOR MILLAN: Excellent place, with very good acoustics, without a doubt, I would repeat the experience. We went to see, "A vivir"
Marily Castro: Good experience
Verónica Tapia: The best
jorge arturo camacho: The facilities already lack maintenance in general, terrible security, arrogant and poorly trained to care for the people and masses due to situations that I observed with the people who gave several of them a hard time without justification with the entertainment, nothing to say
Hector Vega: Brilliant
Hugo Medina: The only thing that doesn't make sense to us is that they say that the artist doesn't allow people to come in when they make the 3rd call, because we pay to see an artist and if they don't allow us to come in, then we should get our tickets back and that's it, but that's it. to leave you up to 10 minutes outside because the artist requested it, how barbaric, the artist must give his show and he must not give a damn if we are late. As for the fact that they don't let food into the room, well then they don't sell food and that's it.
Adolfo Jaquez: Great sound and good space. I was just missing more air conditioning! It was too hot.
Teresa Rodriguez Barajas: Quite hot, the air conditioning was not felt
Sary VdL: The theater is very comfortable, only the guys at the bar are quite slow
Eddie Simmore: Excellent Theater with all Services, one of the best places in GDL for concerts.
Max Rodriguez: Beautiful
AZUCENA VEGA GUTIERREZ: The people who serve alcoholic beverages are scammers, they don't serve you the measure they sell, they overcharge you when you pay with your card and they charge you tips that you don't also authorize with your card.
Miriam Ortega Rodriguez: The air conditioning was insufficient, it was very hot inside.
-rich- c: A benchmark in forums for quality shows.
Zyanya Tejidos: Very good place to go to enjoy the shows it offers, it is not very big, but it makes up for it with good acoustics. The staff is very friendly and attentive, the cafeteria area is comfortable and they also serve you very well.

2. Foro Independencia - Guadalajara

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Foro Independencia
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Address: Epigmenio González 66, Mexicaltzingo, 44180 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3330 1643

Business type: Live music venue

Foro Independencia: what do users think?
Alejandro González: Concert venue, little by little making history
Cris B Parker: The place is fine, a bit small but suitable for events. I don't give it 5 stars because of the horrible bathrooms and they don't even have water hehe
Yolanda Guadalupe Gómez González: Small and closed place, it fulfills its function for events that are not of great magnitude, it would be nice with a little more ventilation. Good shows are put on
Hernan S Rdz Rdz: A cool place... 🤘🤘
Eduardo Perez: Put more fans or air conditioning, tremendous heat it was. There are only 2 fans for the public, a guy was fainting because of that, yes, they took care of him until he felt better.
Juan Fregoso: Place of disgusting events every time from bad to worse, every time more expensive and more degraded the place today I went to see CYCLO Y ZARCORT and the net fucking horrible place, it was an oven without any ventilation, the truth is too dangerous, remember this Opinion when a misfortune happens, hopefully and not but there are all the circumstances, today there were two serious people due to suffocation, attention to the authorities check this site...
Ricardo Castillo: An excellent atmosphere, with great Bands.
Adan Loxster: The net has a good location
Julio Cesar Gomez Solano: Good place to hang out with music
Mayra Victoria Garcia Moreno: Excellent place ❤️ the bathrooms are clean, everything is cool
Abel Alarcón: good tacos
Eduardo Sanchez: small but nice forum
soy un perrillo con cepillo: It's really hot
Bruney Castañeda (BrUn3y): Excellent place for small events, only they have very little variety of drinks
Sergio Valdés: Good forum: it has bathrooms, security, the drinks are not excessively expensive and the sound is super.
Sandx Burie: Good place for concerts, what has always been exaggerated to me are the prices of drinks, cheap brands at more than 200% excess of their normal value
Estrella Sofía Flores: pues tuve una muy buena experiencia por la artista y la gente que estaba, el lugar no es muy grande, pero es adecuado para el tipo de artistas que se presentan, pero si se agradecería que hicieran algo para mejorar la ventilación, porque hace muchisimo calor ahí adentrola terraza que hay es muy linda y comoda y los baños me parecieron bastantes decentes a comparación de otros ladosel lugar y la zona no es tan peligroso como parece, pero igual es mejor tener sus precauciones
Jorge Villarreal: Excelente lugar para escuchar música de diferentes géneros y pasártelo super bien se los recomiendo
Osayuki Sakata: It is a small place, but it is wide for the presentation of a small group of followers and with a good place for recreation, drinks and sales
Merari Aguilar: Everything is very good, I just think the audio needs to be improved a bit for the concerts.
Miguel Angel Rojas: It's a small place but adequate forThe events that are presented. I like that it has an open area since it is very hot in the part where the groups perform, so being able to go out on the terrace is comfortable

3. C3 Stage - Guadalajara

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3685 reviews
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C3 Stage
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Address: Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 1488, Col Americana, Lafayette, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: +52 33 1955 5773

Business type: Live music venue

C3 Stage: what do users think?
Sofia Mendoza: Excellent security was good
Selene Álvarez R.: lack of ventilation
Fani Zarate Oficial: . Por el precio de los boletos creo que estuvo bien. 😊(Translated by Google
Rich Harriet: Expensive and bad environment
Robert Cortez: Great intimate venue with great sound system
Alberto Casillas: Muy agusto desde la entrada, te van dando indicaciones, la paquetería no es cara, se escucha muy bien. Precios accesibles
Bryan Vlz: Es un lugar pequeño pero con muy buena acústica
Oscar Manuel Vazquez: Cobran por guardar paquetería 😒De ahí en más todo bien 😃Cerveza doble 100 pesos
Elizabeth Medina: It is a great place to enjoy concerts without massive audiences and with a good view from anywhere. There is a variety of drinks and clean bathrooms
Adolfo Vazquez: excellent venue
Apary Corona: Excellent photo for events
Alejandro LB: One of the best concert venues in the city, in an accessible and well-connected area. Many of the best local bands from Guadalajara made their debut at C3, as well as several exponents of the global scene when they were still in their underground phase.Only at times do they regret that they no longer sell food inside the premises, they did a good strike in moments of death.
Fatima Gonzalez: One of the best places to enjoy a good party and the best concerts in Guadalajara.
Jose Antonio Franco: I had to see thieves and fear factor, the 1st group couldn't see it, very good sound.
Jacqueline Hernandez: The best experience watching Alcolirykoz.!! 🔥❤️
Adolfo Tavizon: good concert venue
Roxana Borja: Poor ventilation, needs air conditioning.
Denisse de los Angeles Sanchez Martinez: I had a good time watching @San Pascualito Rey, everything was very clean, the people were very friendly ✌️😜🍻
Lorena Arca: They make up for their lack of acoustics with a very high volume that is badly heard anyway, deaf. Too bad because they present good events.
kim kimm: Without a doubt my Happy Place, each artist who goes there has a unique experience, I love being there, the bar serves quickly, the security people know how to deal with situations, everything 10/10
Ileana Sanchez: The atmosphere is fine, the distribution and location super.It's a small thing and it's very hot at events.The price of drinks is regular for this type of place, but the sweets and snacks they sell are extremely expensive.

4. Auditorio Telmex - Zapopan

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17158 reviews
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Auditorio Telmex
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Address: Av. Obreros de Cananea 746, Industrial los Belenes, 45150 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 3836 5200

Business type: Performing arts theater

Auditorio Telmex: what do users think?
Miky Fields: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
erika nayeli lopez rubio: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Salvador Mardueño Sanchez: Visited on WeekdayMore
Lizeth Sandoval: Most of the staff friendly, very few not so much and they have no control that people are not standing up and covering you
Maria Meza: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended YesMore
JUAN C. P. R.: Excellent place,,,👍👍👍
Mario Alberto Gonzalez Garcia: I loved the achieve, and its distribution.
Amy12: Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended YesMore
Gl S: The seats are so small that you can't even move.
Iván jhovany Jiménez Godoy: The space is large. I went to the Mónica Naranjo concert.
Monica Perez Cueva: lo llevaron hasta el estacionamiento. Muy buen servicio.👏👏 La única recomendación que hago es que establezcan un horario para el ingreso a los eventos para que las personas no estén interrumpiendo con su pasadera. Si llegan tarde: que esperen hasta el intermedio. Como nota adicional; los espacios entre los asientos (estás muy pegado con la persona de al lado
-GiiO-: Excellent place to enjoy your favorite artists.
Nory Ramírez: Excelent as always!
Miriam C: The only thing I did not like is that it is difficult to see the stage if you sit behind a tall person, the arrangement of the seats is not the best
AMISABAD MAHARAI EUAN SIERRA: I feel that it lacks a little updating in its facilities and it was very hot

5. Terraza Vallarta - Zapopan

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275 reviews
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Terraza Vallarta
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Address: Calz. Nueva 47, Parque Metropolitano, 45010 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Business type: Concert hall

Terraza Vallarta: what do users think?
Bryan Dorantes: very good ❤
Javier Palma Morales: Festivals parents although something small
César Soto: Hopefully one day it will look a bit like trasloma park, they have potential
fada glez: It is quite close to the city of Guadalajara and is an excellent venue for concerts, it is small but comfortable and has parking. As I am from abroad, it was easy for me to find a hotel, as well as a shopping center about 10 minutes away on foot.
JOSE TORRES: Good space to enjoy events
Ludmila Machain: Es pequeño para eventos
Luis Camacho: Pues parece ser un buen venue" amplio con bastante potencial, ojalá sigan trayendo buenos artistas, aunque descubrimos que tiene varias zanjas lo que se convierte en una amenaza inminente para los borrachos
Ruben Santos: ❌ Beware festival fraud Roxy Festival 2019 investment through Weeshing theft did not pay investment do not encourage scam
Fer7 7e: Good place for events
armando hernandez: As
Felipe López Toledo: no me han devuelto mi inversión. Es más, se niegan a dar la cara. Hablé por teléfono con Jacobo de Lado Be y simplemente desconoció a Weeshing, la deuda y la inversión.(Translated by Google
Jorge Gama: The businessmen of this festival are part of a scam in complicity with Weeshing, they never paid debts from their previous edition and dare to announce a new one
MALALEXHE: Very bad, for people who do not know the Roxy 2019 festival was carried out with private investment and the people who invested their money in said festival have not been paid anything at all, very bad they only seek to take advantage of others please do not go to the Roxy 2020, it's not going to be that they scam you too...
Hugo Gabriel Maldonado Gómez: Excelente lugar
rosario castellanos: Buenisimo vale la pena
Alejandra Pérez Hernández: Mucho polvo, no hay donde resguardarse del sol. Falta limpieza en los baños y botes para basura en toda el área (la gente la tira al suelo)
Gerardo Valdovinos: The last event we went to was the dragon circus. Comfortable facilities but very expensive prices.
Bodega Pegaton: Very good modern and accessible place
Armando Torres Gomez: Good
Valeria Muñoz Sinaloa: Excellent place for events, excellent attention from the person who manages one of them, Mr. ARTURO

6. FIMPRO - Zapopan

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11 reviews
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Address: Biblioteca Pública del Estado "Juan José Arreola" Periférico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín, Belenes # 1695, 45150 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +52 33 3044 4050

Business type: Festival

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