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1. Clínica SINAA - Guadalajara

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Clínica SINAA
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Address: Calle 5 de Mayo #533, Analco, 44450 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 1339 2153

Business type: Specialized clinic

Clínica SINAA: what do users think?
Gabriel Monsalve: I like 👍
Erika Montes: Excellent! 😀
Pau Pedraza: Okay everyone
Zoe Fleischer: Their program is very rich in naturopathic healing methods plus most of the newest alternative medicine treatments.The days are full of health treatments that you can choose to participate in (all inclusive) from 6am till 9pm. You can also add one of the many additional treatments that they have.The food is very healthy and delicious, plus all day long they bring you naturopathic healing teas.I am amazed by the love and attention all the nurses dedicate to each patient and although they are so busy they always make you feel taken care of, give you a smile and some nice words and each request I ever had was resolved immediately. The doctors are always there and checking upon your treatment process every day.You just feel taken care of allround and go out feeling reborn.Cant wait for my next time.
Armando Martinez: I recommend it to everyone, it helped me with diabetes and my dad with cancer
jonathan ulises carbajal vasquez: Great 👍🏾
Maru Fonseca: Many years ago I was fortunate to be admitted to Vida Sana, and the results were excellent.Unfortunately I have not been able to return.
Ignacio Izaguirre: They have not answered me yet, but they have recommended it to me a lot
manolo: Excellent place, great experience, it is a school to learn to know and take care of your health as a whole, I have gone for a week every two years, since 1999, my health has changed, thanks to Dr. Regla and Mrs. Abby, they are a blessing
Fundidouniversal Sa De Cv: It is an institute where they teach you to change your life habits so that it is reflected in your health.I leave very happy and wanting to return.Without a doubt, it has many areas for improvement, more maintenance to its facilities, however it fulfills its function.Attentive and friendly treatment staff.
Carolina Ayala: Excellent place, my dad was hospitalized due to serious health problems and in two weeks he had a drastic change in which he improved favorablyFor all those people who really want to improve their health, I highly recommend this place.
Ana Labansat: Terrible service, the owners are super rude and when you have a complaint they send you to human resources directors with super rude and horrible treatment. Never go to this place, better go to the grullo. Old, smelly facilities with cockroach infestations.One person even dropped the fan or ceiling fan in his room, unimaginably dangerous.
Yvonne Regla: It is a naturist center that has been providing health services for almost 49 years, where more than 90% of the clients are satisfied clients in relation to what they pay and the quality of service it offers, due to its permanence in the market. Like every place, it has its flaws, but they are always working on continuous improvement and offer a wide range of natural alternative therapies. Salaries and benefits to workers are above the legal benefits, no one is forced. It is necessary to know more, to be able to give a wise opinion.
Miriam Huerta: I called to ask for information, and very reluctantly they gave me information, the people there don't know anything, they were passing me the call from one area to another, they didn't know prices, I was thinking of going in but with this I didn't feel like it.
Jessica Verduzco: El lugar perfecto para sentirse bien por dentro y fuera!
Irene Macias: Creo que este lugar ofrece un buen tratamiento integral pero hay varias cosas q no me gustaron cuando en junio estuve por 3 semanas. El personal es muy eficiente y trabajan de más. Necesitan más personal y pagarles mejor a sus trabajadores. No se daban a basto y los pacientes teníamos que esperar hasta una hora para la puesta de barro. C. Pagamos muy bien y nos merecemos un mejor servicio. También estoy decepcionada con el engaño del el limpiador irónico en los pies es todo un fraude. Compre aca el aparato y sin meter los pies deja el agua turbia. Ya no se que otros tratamientos son farsa para sacar más dinero..Y pagándoles una miseria a sus trabajadores y explotandolos con demasiado teabajo
pedro devaldivia: Un lugar donde se recupera la salud física y mental siempre y cuando tú quieras.
Brenda Peralta: This place is an amazing healing and learning experience. Tagged along with my mother who has had a cough for as long as I can remember. This place unlike our doctors back home in California have been hitting these treatments on point. We’ve been here for a week and already seeing results. Great place to come and heal yourself or a simple getaway from our everyday unhealthy habits. Came here to be with my mom but have learned so much. Our main nurses have been the best! Such caring, friendly, noble ladies. Muchas gracias a nuestras enfermeras Guillermina, Claudia, y Rosita que nos an ayudan mucho. Y an cuidado a mi mami más de lo que me espera viniendo aquí a su instituto. Cuídense mucho y sigan siendo como son ya no queda tanta gente tan linda como ustedes.
ANTELMO SALINAS: Es un excelente lugar para aprender cómo llevar una vida sana en armonía con la naturaleza
SOFIA ROMERO: A todos los que imagino se preguntan lo mismo que yo, les diré que esto es una maravilla, que es un paraíso para tu cuerpo, desde que amanece estás dedicado a procesos naturistas y salúdables, desde el primer día empiezas a sentirte bien, no es un hotelSe lujo pero esta súper limpio y con mi ton d wow eso al que te están atendiendo el día completo. Sin duda alguna el mejor lugar para el que está enfermo y para el que no lo está. Comes delicioso y súper sano, comienzas a darte cuenta que tú cuerpo necesitaba que lo chiquearas porque empiezas a sentirte bien de inmediato. Te arrienden a ti con tus padecimientos en particular. No se preocupen porque no esté bonito, es genial!
Martin Montalvo: Very badly there is personal work that abandons you when you need them most

2. Libre De Adicciones Guadalajara S.C. - Guadalajara

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Libre De Adicciones Guadalajara S.C.
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Address: C. Agustín de la Rosa 701, Ladrón de Guevara, Italia Providencia, 44600 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +52 33 1014 9951

Business type: Community center

Libre De Adicciones Guadalajara S.C.: what do users think?
Doblej gallardo: Simply a fiasco of a place, Jaime Alberto Rodrigez Bueno Cardenas, director of the facilities, pretends very well to be a good person and offer good service and good treatment without telling them the truth about that place and about him,He continues with his consumption of glass even though he denies it and says and says that it is diabetes that makes him skinny and finished, it is not true and the treatment of his relatives can already be imagined..●●●BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ●●●
Jaime Alberto Rodríguez Bueno Cárdenas: excellent work
Adrian Josue Facio Garcia: The worst of the worse ....

3. Vida Sana - Guadalajara

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Vida Sana
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Address: Demócrito #35, Agustín Yáñez (La Florida), 44790 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3643 0468

Business type: Hospital

Jessica Verduzco: The perfect place to feel good inside and out!
Irene Macias: I think this place offers a good comprehensive treatment but there are several things I didn't like when I stayed for 3 weeks in June. The staff are very efficient and overworked. They need more staff and better pay their workers. They were not enough and the patients had to wait up to an hour for the mud to be applied. C. We pay very well and deserve better service. I am also disappointed with the hoax of the ironic foot cleaner is a complete fraud. Buy the device here and without putting your feet in it leaves the water cloudy. I no longer know that other treatments are a farce to get more money... And paying their workers a pittance and exploiting them with too much work
pedro devaldivia: A place where physical and mental health is recovered as long as you want.
ANTELMO SALINAS: It is an excellent place to learn how to lead a healthy life in harmony with nature.
SOFIA ROMERO: To all those who I imagine are wondering the same as me, I will tell them that this is wonderful, that it is a paradise for your body, since dawn you are dedicated to naturist and healthy processes, from the first day you begin to feel good, it is not a hotelIt's luxurious but it's super clean and with my ton d wow that they are serving you the whole day. Without a doubt, the best place for those who are sick and for those who are not. You eat delicious and super healthy, you begin to realize that your body needed you to tweak it because you begin to feel good immediately. They rent you out with your particular ailments. Don't worry because it's not pretty, it's great!

4. Hair In 1 Day - Guadalajara

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Address: Av. Manuel Acuña 3184-Local 12, Monraz, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 8526 2802

Business type: Hair replacement service

Hair In 1 Day: what do users think?
Calo Lops.: I am going for 2 and a half months of treatment and so far everything is going very well. All the previous process was via WhatsApp since I am from a neighboring state, but everything was clear. The day of the procedure, the staff was very friendly and in a relaxed atmosphere, which helps a lot to endure the long hours of the procedure. At all times they have been professionals, they have resolved my doubts through messages, they answer almost instantly and as I told them for 2 and a half months I already notice some results. I highly recommend them.
Ernesto Marquez: es muy bueno... es el único lugar donde me dieron una explicación tan clara.Lo malo: Te ofrecen un diseño cuando te cotizan... pero el día del procedimiento, quien te atiende es alguien mas... y el diseño que te explica pues nada que ver con lo que te habían ofrecido.A los 10 días te retiran las costras... pero como se estaban yendo con los folículos, decidieron dejarlas y que yo me las fuera quitando.Lo mas malo: La zona trabajada queda muy despoblada... no se si sea por el tipo de cabello de cada paciente... pero a mi no me gusto el resultado. Cuando les platique el tema me ofrecieron un procedimiento de vitaminas (con un costo de mas de 15 mil pesos hace 4 años... que sumándolo con el costo del procedimiento, ya era demasiado alto
Roberto Luján Ortega: I am very satisfied with my graft!! The doctors treated me very well, they were very kind and accompanied me throughout the process. The clinic is great!
Alejandro Gomez: From the beginning they were very professional when explaining what the entire procedure consisted of, likewise on the day of the intervention everything was done in an organized manner and with all the necessary care. Finally, after the graft was done, special follow-up was given attention thus concluding with very good results, highly recommended.
Camilo Gomez Ibarra Garcia: Excellent service and very professional.
Luis E Harari Manzo: From the first appointment everything was excellent, I can confirm that it is the best investment I have made, good treatment, good price and the best result.
Enrique Esparza: I went from California without any recommendation, after 6 months I have very positive results. Better than I expected.
Jonathan Moctezuma: I finally did it! I was doing extensive research about hair transplants, multiple consultations with different doctors in the USA, Turkey and Mexico. H1D in Guadalajara were the most detailed, honest, and straight forward so I decided to get my hair transplant with them. The doctors and staff are so welcoming and helpful. I’m on my 3rd month post-op and people and myself are noticing the growth. I can’t wait until I hit the 1 year mark (I’ll update you). I can now say that I feel comfortable recommending H1D in Guadalajara to anyone interested in getting a Hair Transplant.
Michael Herrera: I would like to thank Dr. Diana Zaragoza and her team of professionals in her office Hair in 1 Day located in Avenida Manuel Acuña 3184-12 Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico for her personal attention and Hair implant and follow-up post-procedure.Anyone interested in a hair transplant, look no further. With Dr. Zaragoza and a skillful team Oof Doctors and staff, you have it all! Affordability, expertise, and restless dedication to have it done while making you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.Thank you, Doctors, for keeping me informed and at ease during the pre to post-operation procedure. I must add that I never experienced so high level of service.Thank you again!
eduardo peredo: They promised a beard model, lousy results, not recommended.
Edee Lo: ya que también me injertaron mas cabellos de los que se había propuesto. Me cuidaron muy bien. Y si no fuera así lo diría a gritos y con fotos igual jeje. Mil gracias y estamos en contacto. Y no se vayan a artar de tacos días antes por que NO ES SALUDABLE PARA EL PROCEDIMIENTO ☺️ Saludos 🖖-Edgar(Translated by Google
Nallely Bucio: The Dr is super professional and clear. Thanks a lot!
Vibes Eros: Thank you Hair in 1day!
Lorena Díaz: My husband was delighted with his beard graft!!! Thank you for being super professional at all times. And the very modern facilities 🤗
Daniel Challenger: Excellent care and honest diagnosis. Priscila attended me, answered all my questions and explained all the procedures very well. Highly recommended.
Luis Hernandezro: The service is very good, it is one of the only clinics that offer post-operative follow-up, I have not yet had any procedure done with them
Iron Bike: very professional treatment
Ileana de los Angeles: Excellent attention and follow-up by all the staff
Juan Pablo Mendoza Mora: Estoy muy feliz con mi injerto de cabello, muchas gracias Hair in 1 Day por la atención.
salvador briones martinez: La mejor clínica de trasplante capilar en Guadalajara. Estoy muy feliz con los resultados.
Pedro Villavicencio: Hair in 1 Day dio un cambio a mi vida, la mejor decisión fue hacerme injerto de cabello con ustedes.

5. Clínica del Pilar - Guadalajara

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Clínica del Pilar
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Address: Av. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 3252, 44690 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +52 33 3123 2331

Business type: Medical clinic

Clínica del Pilar: what do users think?
Carlos Munguia Domínguez: It is a private clinic that takes good care of its patients and the prices are not as expensive as most of these clinics
Ian Gael García Herrera: Today my son was hospitalized and the care with the nurses and the surgeon was excellent, but when I paid my bill and left the hospital I realized that they charged me VAT without requesting an invoice... so I asked Sarita at the Reception and very rudely she answers me because you require an invoice or not in this hospital if it is charged, I understand that when they only give you a note VAT is not charged
LUIS CASTELLANOS: In October they operated on me and at about 7:00 pm they gave me a sedative that made me react and I felt like I was dying and only the nurse was there, there was never a doctor on duty all night and the morning at 11 am the doctor arrived who intervened in the I had surgery and checked myself and checked that if I had a reaction the medication discharged me but the guard was never there, I could get worse and there was no one to treat me
Alfredo Garcia: Visit to a patient operated on for gallbladder.
Adi Ma: es mucho mejor en el dia que el turno de la noche. Si lo recomiendo.(Translated by Google
Miguel Angel Padilla Valdivia: Excellent
Laura bautista: Yesterday I had surgery and very good service, good attention from your staff, a super clean clinic, very modern technology, very good attention, thank you very much.
Fernando Fanti: The 3 B, and with very good attention. Only 1 fault, long ago the food was excellent now it is the typical hospital food, tasteless.
Eric Castillo: Due to an emergency I found out about the clinic. Upon arrival, the staff treated us very well and carried out the health protocol. They attended us quickly at the reception for the paperwork. The place is very clean.
Jose Antonio Lopez: . Excelente atención. Está muy bien equipada, con aparatos muy nuevos. Los quirófanos están espectaculares. Las habitaciones super cómodas y limpias. Las comida para pacientes también es muy buena. Todo de 10. Excelente servicio(Translated by Google
Alejandro Meza: Excellent service, very professional, recommended
Adriana Baez: The clinic has accessible and acceptable prices, they are quite clear in the breakdown of the account, the staff is friendly and they provide very good care, the rooms are comfortable and the operating room is impeccable and very well equipped.
Juvenal Plascencia De Anda: Excellent clinic, very clean, the staff from nurses, doctors, were excellent in their treatment. The very comfortable bed, the delicious food, and they even already have another woman in boxes, a very nice and fast one. Excellent place.
Guadalupe Gomez sanchez: excellent clinic very good attention
Adrian Velazquez: Very good attention and very clean
victor ruiz: Excellent hospital, with the best care.
Cortes Muños: The clinic is very clean, the nurse who took care of my mother is very pleasant, professional and patient, the cashier is not very pleasant, not very friendly, in short, not recommended, I hope they pay attention in that area,
Regina: Excellent service from all the staff, very organized and clean clinic. Thank you !!
Gabriela Valera: The nurses are a love!! But the doctor is charming with wisdom.
Celsius Facturas: The medical attention is good except for the cashier staff. Last Saturday the 18th at 2:40 pm they kept us for more than 40 minutes to make an account. When I asked the woman who attends there to please give me the account, I she replied very rudely that she had 30 minutes to deliver it while talking to the other woman who is supposed to work there too.In summary, they have very inept administrative staff, uneducated and inefficient, the hospital was empty and to make an account for a same-day admission, it takes so long, be careful when there are several days, you will have to wait about 4 hours, I wish they would do something In this regard, the success of a business depends on the attitude of the person who attends it, it cannot be that they treat customers in that way, and he still yelled at me "there is the complaint mailbox, they don't even do anything to me"So if they go to the clinic of the pillar they will be at risk of meeting the rude and grumpy staff of the box.
Jorge Luis Rivas Galindo: Ambulatory surgery, a scrupulously cared for place, capable, ethical and reliable medical staff. The warm and human nursing and administrative staff. Their prices very reasonable.

6. New Hope Fertility Center - Guadalajara

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53 reviews
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New Hope Fertility Center
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Address: Plaza Fusion Galerías, C. Ottawa 1568, Providencia, 44630 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3817 0404

Business type: Fertility clinic

New Hope Fertility Center: what do users think?
Cris Vargas: The attention is very good, they inform you of everything during the process, from the moment you call, to your first appointment, they explain everything perfectly to you each part of the procedure, totally recommended
Karla Vergara: Super bad treatment of the doctors, they have no tact.
Carmen Torres: Do not go to this place if you want to get pregnant, the staff is attentive, however you only get a huge waste of money, emotional stress, disappointment, etc.The objective of this company is only to get money, not to give you a chance to have a baby, of the several months that I was there, I have never seen a person get a positive result, I have no doubt that if you get pregnant, but it will never be the first time , second or third try, so if you want to go to this clinic, multiply by 5 or 6 the cost of each cycle to get pregnant.
Jasmin Canela: Doing our treatment at the New Hope Clinic was the best decision we have ever made. The doctors and allTeam were great. Our experience was phenomenal from start to finish. Many thanks to Dr. Amaranta and the entire team.We send you a big hug from California!
MAXADEL VALENCIA: I congratulate whoever had positive results in this place. In my case, it was a big mistake to be there for more than a year in treatment, which represented a great emotional, physical, and economic wear and tear, but above all, a terrible waste of time. I only saw Dr. Chaves Badiola in my first consultation.
Paulina HL: Everything was fine at the beginning, until Tzuni arrived to give us the costs, super rude that she even took us out of the office.Practically the interest is money, nothing of humanism. I'm not coming back
MaRiiLuU AcoSTaa: Hello, I am 27 years old and I would like to donate my eggs. How can I do it?
Rubi Reyes: A wonderful experience after resorting to several clinics without success, without a doubt, God put them in my path, many failures and I came to this clinic, the friendly treatment that made me feel at home gives you so much hope that you do not hesitate to give yourself the opportunity, thank you They are the mother of Hope Fertility, proud of two beautiful little babies, a boy and a girl. I highly recommend her, greetings to the whole team, thanks for everything and especially Dr. Aguayo and the nurses, do not hesitate, give yourself the opportunity and you will achieve your dream
Janicke Stramer-Smith: Everyone at the New Hope clinic in Guadalajara made our fertility journey so pleasant and comfortable. Their friendly, expert, and positive approach took the stress out of the process and they made us feel like family. We are certain that this contributed to the success of our journey which resulted in two healthy baby girls!! We highly recommend New Hope for anyone wanting to use IVF to achieve their dreams of a family.
Raquel Roman Rojas: The attention of all the staff is excellent, always attentive and respectful.The doctors will always make an individual treatment plan and according to your cycle.I am happy to have found them and even more for the results.I can tell you to give yourself the opportunity to get to know New Hope and you will not regret it.
V Y: Very poor service at the Punto Sao Paulo branch, the girls who work there offer very rude treatment, they speak to you in a rude and despotic way, the nurses have no professional ethics to speak and explain things, besides they tell you They make you go to the place a thousand times and waste your time.
Ana Mora: 100% recommended, all the staff are very friendly, they cry and laugh along with their patients! They take you by the hand to find the best treatment alternative, thank you!
Oscar Martinez: A very good experience, excellent treatment by the staff, they solve all your doubts with specialists who know what they are doing, in general they met my expectations, achieving my dream of becoming a mother.
Alba Peralta: . Me sentí en Nueva York, me trataron de maravilla, comunicación con doctores de New Hope CDMX impecable. Muy contenta y además con éxito! Los super recomiendo!(Translated by Google
magalvna: the warmth of the treatment and the professionalism with which they work were a constant at NHFC, forever grateful for taking us by the hand in this process until leaving us in our arms a small and long-awaited dream... thank you infinite!!
Barby Ramirez: We arrived in New Hope with all the fear in the world, PS we have been looking for a little angel for more than 7 years, after treatments and changes in doctors, economic traumas, sentimental tears, month after month, throwing in the towel more than once, and with all the Mixed feelings to see if it would work in the inverted way but they know that the day we saw it all the sacrifice was worth it and when we listened to his little heart it was the best today if GOD put me in the right place and that his times are perfect and thanks to everyone New Hope team Today I am waiting for my first child and seeing how wonderful the grace of God is.
Laura García: Thanks to NHFC, I am the mother of a pair of 7-year-old twins and a beautiful 6-year-old boy. For me it is the best assisted reproduction clinic there can be!
Cristina Ornelas: When my husband and I came to New Hope Fertility Center we were 8 years old trying to have a baby. We arrived without expecting anything, we did not want to get our hopes up.We made our appointment taking advantage of a promotion we saw on social networks.When studying our case, they told us that we had already done everything and they could not offer us anything new, only more technology. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain from the alternatives they offered.The treatments were not aggressive, they were minimal doses of medication and they provided payment facilities.The process was very fast, my body helped a lot and in the first month, on the first try, we got pregnant.We are delighted with the treatment of all the people who supported us in the treatment.At New Hope they always made us feel that we would manage to be parents, they were very clear in all the processes and they were always disciplined and professional.Today, thanks to God and to them, we are about to celebrate the first year of life of our firstborn.
Maggy Cuellar: Hello, good morning everyone, well I arrived at New Hope Fertility on June 23, 2012, I arrived full of doubts and fears, after 7 different doctors and 10 years of searching we found the clinic and my Angel, Dr. Badiola 😇 he met us I explain what we had to do in drug studies anyway.I had 2 IUI and in the second Evelyn arrived on November 7 they gave me the insemination and on the 25th of that same month I was already pregnant.Evelyn was born on July 22, 2013.Girls, don't be afraid, don't postpone being mommies, if you already think about having a baby, it's because it's already in your heart from that moment.Do not be discouraged, I know there will be more than one that says, but I have already seen clinics and doctors, in short, put yourself in the hands of New Hope Fertility, they are the most professional and if they say I do not have money, there is financing with banks.Don't miss that wonderful and magical opportunity to be mommies.Remember fear paralyzes and doesn't let us fulfill our dreams.Good luck, I send you a hug.
oscar montes: Thank you New Hope Fertility Center, for being what you are, a serious company, with morals and ethics in which we find the support we need at times when you think it is not possible... Thank you for helping us consolidate the dream of being parents ..We 100% recommend the entire team of Dr. Alejandro Badiola for his professionalism and always having contact and clarification of any doubts that you have ... immensely grateful today thanks we enjoyed our two beautiful children
Ila Ortiz: Thank you Dr Alejandro Chávez, for your professionalism, tenacity and excellent treatment during treatment. Today my daughter is 8 years old and it is a beautiful dream come true. Thank you!

7. Ingenes Guadalajara - Guadalajara

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119 reviews
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Ingenes Guadalajara
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Address: Mar del Sur 2014-Local 102, Country Club, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +52 55 4746 8547

Business type: Fertility clinic

Ingenes Guadalajara: what do users think?
Mayra Alejandra Martinez Rodriguez: Todo el personal, Doctores y enfermeras son muy profesionales, atienden de manera amable, responsable y cálida.Siempre resuelven mis dudas y explican a detalle los diagnósticos.Muy recomendados!.Gracias Dr. Juárez y Nancy!
Pedro arturo Garcia perez: Muy buena atención toda la información bien explicada y sobre todo muy comprometidos con el programa y el paciente
Nery Perla: Ingenes cuenta con equipo multidisciplinario, para apoyarnos a cumplir el sueño de ser mamás. ♥️
Rafael Martinez: Hola, ingenes guadalajara atencion medica super Recomendado, excelentes doctores.. especialmente la Doctora Charon pardavé.
Maritza Delgado: Gracias al Dr Martin Rivera y a Ingenes pudimos cumplir nuestro sueño de ser padres después de varios años. Fui recomendada a esta clínica con el Dr Rivera y sin duda tuvimos una gran experiencia. Resolvieron todas nuestras dudas y preguntas. Siempre fueron profesionales, amables y atentos. Definitivamente recomendaría ingenes a alguien más.
Susana Bernal: Son muy amables y Boí por mi sueño de ser mamá y después les súbete las fotos de mi estrella bajada del cielo
Yara Guerrero: Does anyone know if I can donate eggs here?
Maria Victoria Zetina Segura: Excellent attention 😊
Guadalupe Colin: Well, I am infinitely grateful to Ingenes Guadalajara for making our dream of being parents come true and also the attention Asia, we are very kind in everything. In any case, we are very happy to have counted on them. We thank Dr. Eduardo Maxemin Lugo from the bottom of our hearts, he was our doctor, and Dr. Salvador Juarez, thank you very much to both of you and to the entire Instituto Ingenes de Guadalajara.
Pablo Jaramillo: The best place for fertility treatment, very professional staff and excellent care, 100% recommended
Mar Sol: My experience was very good, impeccable care, excellent doctors. I thank life for having put them on my path, Dr. Areli is the best doctor I have ever met, super professional and kind. 100% recommended
Yosselin Verastegui: Thanks to Ingenes we were able to achieve our positive that we wanted with all our hearts. We had a very nice experience, all the staff were very friendly and our doctor, Dr. Arely, an excellent doctor and person from the first moment we had a video call with her, she made us feel confident, secure and above all she gave us the hope we needed to be able to decide where do our treatment. Thank you for everything and for so much doctor Arely and to all ingenes Guadalajara.
Martin rivera: Mode: Dropping stars from the sky
Krmn Sil: Without a doubt, the best decision, I go to Ingenes Guadalajara and I have received excellent care, Dr. Martín Rivera is a professional and always answers my questions, highly recommended
Seiry García: They hung up the call while I was asking for information about their services, terrible attention from the reception
Edith Reyes: We have loved the attention, both from the financial advisor Adalid and our doctors Edmer and Salvador, as well as the nurse Nancy, who always answered all our questions.It was a longer and more complex process than we thought, in our case it took us 2 half cycles and 2 complete cycles, in a time of approximately 6 to 7 months to achieve pregnancy.As for the economic expense, the most expensive are the medicines, vitamins and studies that are not included in the package, so I recommend that you have a mattress equal to the one in the assisted reproduction package.Also ask carefully about the way to store and apply the medications, because it happened to us that different personnel told us different things and we already cleared doubts with our doctor.Take advantage of each psychological support and nutrition workshop that includes your package, they are totally worth it and with very appropriate topics to prepare ourselves in the process.Our Baby is already days away from being born, thanks for all the Ingenes team.
Maria Martinez: We feel very grateful and blessed with Ingenes for all the support and attention we receive. Ingenes made our biggest dream possible and come true with their experience, patience and the best technology. Today we have our Little Star in our arms. Ingenes was the best decision in our lives! The entire Ingenes team from the reception and the doctors (especially Dr. Areli Dominguez) are very professional, attentive and make you feel at peace and that you are in the best hands. Despite the fact that it was a long process, they always supported us in not losing hope and faith in the treatment and we received the best results.
Anahi Hernandez: Ingenes for me was stability, support, all the doctors are super attentive, even though I am a foreign patient, online contact was and continues to be constant. The psychologist is very aware of your emotional states. 10 out of 10 excellent service!A hug from a distance to the entire Ingenes Team
Tania Plascencia: Great attention, warmth, and accompaniment at all times.
Gloria Lopez: Hello Ami, personally, I did very well, thank God, my girl is one year and two months old, thank God and Dr. ARELI
Pamela Mendoza: Very professional, they are the clear example that anything is possible if you want to, I am a Rotante from Peru and they will be my clear reference, Thank you very much !!

8. Ophthalmic Laser Clinic Choza S.A de C.V. - Guadalajara

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39 reviews
new review
Ophthalmic Laser Clinic Choza S.A de C.V.
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Address: Diag. Golfo de Cortés 2980, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3615 2016

Business type: Medical clinic

Ophthalmic Laser Clinic Choza S.A de C.V.: what do users think?
Janet Vargas: ***PESIMO*** ahi cometimos el error de operarse mi esposo de pterigion, no solo regreso y peoooor..quedo muy MUY mal..lastimado, gotas y gotas que pedia y al final queria enviarlo a beta terapias cosa que es lo peorrrr (ya verificado con 4 BUENOS medicos) LA **PEOR** CLINICA OFTALMICA DEL MUNDO enserio los dejen peorrrr ...y JAMAS TE EXPLICA NADA
AzAgSa: Instalaciones de primera pero la atención deja que desear en cuanto a información sobre los padecimientos. Hace algún tiempo me operé en esa clínica, el problema regresó y ellos simplemente no llegaron al diagnóstico, era más fácil seguir cobrando.
Mafer Ortiz: Si pudiera le daba 0 estrellasTe tratan como si estuvieras menso, no tienen paciencia, no dejan que hables ni des tus preguntas sin antes ellas interrumpir dando su punto.Al momento de que sales de operación en las citas siguientes no usan guantes al tocarte el ojo ni al usar instrumentos para tocar los ojosNo tienen profesionalismo, se desesperan con las personas que tienen los ojos pequeños, por que " no las apoyamos en abrir los ojos" si no abre más que quieren que hagamos que nos desgarrados el ojo? Para eso ellas estudiaron eso y deben saber tratar con todo tipo de ojos y personasPésimo servicio
yanin macias lozano: Super recomendable 👌
Priss Palos: Muy bien servicio, todos te tratan muy amablemente y son muy profesionales
Hector Tejeda Martinez: Una excelente atención. Doctoras muy capacitadas y atentas. Desde el ingreso se ven las instalaciones muy bien y quedas tranquilo. La operación de ambos ojos de mi esposa fue exitosa, ya casi dada de alta y su vista casi al 100%.
Jaime Camacho: Terrible place, I don't understand their dating system. They give you an appointment at a certain time and end up spending two hours later.Not recommended at all, in addition to the quality of its products, it is the second time that we return the glasses
Adriana Gonzalez: Excellent Dr. Laura Choza and the best human being, thanks to her I recovered my sight, I thank God for having put her in my path, may God take care of her and protect her always
Mario Ruiz: Excellent treatment, greetings to Dr. Laura, professional and kind, she helped me alleviate my discomfort in a very short time.
Daniela Rigato: It seemed to me a very equipped and professional clinic, the attention of Dr. Choza is wonderful and with absolute professionalism.
Ambrosia Mendez: Thank you Dra Laura, you gave me back my hope with your professionalism and human attention!
Miguel Sambrano: I found the attention of the staff excellent, especially the attention of Dr. Laura, thank you very much!
Jose Gastelum: I felt very well received by Dr. Laura and that gave me confidence to have surgery, I made an excellent decision that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Christine Renard: I am very grateful to Dr. Laura for caring for my entire family and putting her knowledge into our vision, thank you very much for your professionalism.
Pedro Rojas: I thought it was an excellent, comprehensive and trained clinic, they solved my problem of years in a matter of days, for which I am grateful and highly recommend the clinic.
Claudia Castillo: I had surgery six years ago, my experience was the saddest, since the doctor never told me that my vision would be bad. I was going for check-ups and the doctor's response, seeing that I don't see well, just told me, well, think that The disease has already stopped and it will no longer get worse. I recommend that no one go to this place, they only think about money and not about one's health
Yareli hernandez: Excellent care and Dr. With great human quality and professionalism
Rocío Gámez: Very professional!! Excellent attention!! Thank you!
veronica ramirez: I took my son for a consultation and they attended me quickly and the diagnosis was very accurate.
rita elena gamez lopez: Without a doubt, it is the best clinic to trust your eyes.Excellent attention .
leticia jaime Cabrera: I was well cared for, thank you.

9. San Javier Guadalajara Hospital - Guadalajara

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237 reviews
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San Javier Guadalajara Hospital
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Address: Av Pablo Casals 640, Prados Providencia, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +52 33 3669 0222

Business type: Private hospital

San Javier Guadalajara Hospital: what do users think?
Brenda Santana: I highly recommend it, I had emergency surgery for gallbladder pain, the best technology, spacious and ergonomic facilities, the hospital staff in general is very friendly, especially the nurses, even though they complain that they are paid little for the number of patients assigned patients always try to be aware. Healthy and rich food.
Azadi S: Please remove Cynthia Solís (plastic) from this hospital. My family and I were her patients and she almost killed one of us. She is ignorant, an extreme danger to patients and commits medical malpractice for which she is currently under investigation.
Janette Apreza: Terrible attention, we took my mother-in-law to the emergency room because she fell and had a lot of pain in her hip, it took more than an hour to attend to her, the super clown and bloody "Doctor" sent her to do some X-rays, while that was happening she was talking and laughing With her friends, when my mother-in-law returned, she again gave the order to take her for X-rays again because they made a mistake and she started laughing. Then we asked him to give us a written diagnosis to know at least what medicine they had administered and he just went in and didn't want to go out anymore and sent another boy to give us the x-rays. It seems to me a lack of respect and professionalism, because of their attitudes it seems to me that they have neither empathy, nor respect, nor professional ethics, nor anything, what a shame that they have these deals just because they are from IPEJAL, if they do not like to serve them better than are not affiliated, or if you don't like your job, better work on something else, it's not like you're begging for free attention. This happened in the night shift, it was a blonde girl who took care of her.
Sogol Azadi: Cynthia Solís at this hospital is horrible. Avoid at all costs.
Josuas Deere: Mediocre, stingy and miserable owners, they do not have to pay decent salaries but they do for their extravagances, I will never go to that hospital controlled by miserable people, all my support to nurses and orderlies, to see how they are doing in their hospital without their heroes, If the managers read this, go and ch your mother, rich mediocre exploiters
Francisco Sanchez: Only motivated by economics, zero empathy and quality on the part of the doctors and administrators
omar martinez: If they do not have staff, it is not the patient's fault that they delay their treatments
Eli Flores: Le pagan muy poco a su personal de enfermaría, a parte de que los explotan y los corren injustificadamente.
Valeria Mendoza: Acudí a llevar a mi madre por servicio de Pensiones del Estado (al final eso no debería importar ella aporto durante 30 años y pensiones les pagan los servicios) y dinero que por ir de pensiones si la tenía que ver una especialista podía llegar en tres horas, y al atenderla pese a la gravedad sólo dijeron es un caso aislado puede irse a su casa, tuvimos que buscar ayuda por fuera y resolvieron el problema. Si no quieren atender a pensionados no hubieran tomado la concesión.
Danna Aguilera: Medicos especialistas de primer nivel todo de ultima tecnologia, personal muy amable me gusta el servicio.
Mike Thomas: My second time here in the past month…this is one of the best Hospitals I’ve ever been in. Excellent staff, World class service. No problems whatsoever like the other reviews.Blue Cross insurance was accepted and I was taken care of around the clock. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Alex Ro: Pésima actitud de la señora Lupita Quintero en admisión. Completamente déspota e irrespetuosa con pacientes de la tercera edad. Dicha persona no tiene la actitud apropiada para estar en un area de servicio al cliente.
Karen C: The super modern facilities, the staff in general is very friendly, quality care 😊
guadalupe zuñiga: The worst experience in the worst hospital from the administrative staff to the most despotic, rude, unethical doctors, a real garbage staff, I hope no one else has such a bad experience, they treat older adults and family members badly. Hopefully and action is taken against this type of hospital since we all deserve dignified treatment, even more so being particular, from health, to the medical arbitration commission of the state of Jalisco.
Karina Ch.: Terrible service, they should train all the staff from secretaries to despot doctors and without ethics, the emergency area is very dirty, the dirty bathrooms, they should visit the HOSPITAL DEL CARMEN and the HOSPITAL COUNTRY 2000 QUALITY, EDUCATION, HUMANITY, PROFESSIONALS 100% ETHICS,DO NOT STAY WITH MY OPINION, LOOK FOR MORE SO YOU REALIZE THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS BAD EXPERIENCEDR@S AND STAFF GO TO ONE OF THOSE HOSPITALS TO BE TRAINED
Amada P.: Highly recommended, good dishes
Juan Carlos Torres Ceja: Excellent in all aspects
Samuel Pizano Noria: It is a first level hospital, with personalized attention for any situation that arisesExcellent service in my case I went to donate blood and the attention was very good.
Jose Santana: Terrible service at the blood bank since it is already 2 weeks 8 that my sister's surgery is delayed because the chemistry does not like any blood and I sent 5 donors and well, nothing and still aggressively gives them away.Who thinks it's not the owner or anything, just another cat
Allen Clare: Literally the worst hospital experience I’ve had in my life. They literally just gave me an injection for my allergy and sent me off. The entire time with an attitude. Please don’t go here.
Veronica Rejon: Excellent attention from all the staff


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53 reviews
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Address: C. Tarascos 3473, Monraz, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Telephone: +52 33 1380 9696

Business type: Plastic surgeon

DR. JORGE ECHEAGARAY HERRERA: what do users think?
Judith Godinez: Without a doubt, the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON IN GDL, his highly trained team, from the first consultation the super attentive and quite professional doctor generates too much confidence in you. If you are looking for a spectacular result, it is undoubtedly the one. I would operate 10 times if necessary with him 👌🏽
Isabel Rangel: Do not invent, I am reading the reviews and there are very positive and negative ones, and the truth is that I am looking to get a rhinoplasty but with everything you read, doubts enter you and you no longer know whether to trust or not.
Karla V: I was very satisfied with the care given by the assistant, by Dr. Jorge and Dr. Teresa, who is his assistant. He did my tummy tuck, fat transfer and he also did my daughter's rhinoplasty. Everything went well. She saw my daughter the day before the operation, and her nose turned out very well.A breast opened up, but it was perhaps due to a movement or something like that, I hadn't even noticed, Dr. Teresa opened the office on a Monday that was referred to in March, just to treat me. I also had to change my flight twice because they wouldn't let me come without him making sure I was 100% okay. I know that the cost is a little more than average, but I do feel satisfied with my procedures and that of my daughter. And I am writing a year and a half after the procedure. I was very satisfied with the care, with the surgeries and with all the staff, which I saw for 20 days because I also went to appointments and massages.
Carla Rodriguez Leon: Arrogant and despotic. Bad experience.
Ale Salas: I had the joy of undergoing a procedure with Dr. Jorge Echegaray who definitely transformed me and exceeded my expectations, his work is a work of art. He and his team are extremely professional when I first went to see the doctor, he earned all my trust and that he is a person who is really interested in his patients and is very honest, I realized that for no reason does he expose his patientsI am very happy to have lived this experience in the hands of Dr. Jorge Echegaray and his teamThey are always available to answer any questions.The doctor followed up throughout the recovery and I thank him infinitely since that fills you with securityIt is an extremely warm and professional team in this type of procedure trust is very important And the doctor's team offers you all thisI can say that they return, in addition to making your dreams come true, an incredible and unforgettable experienceTotal thanks Doctor Jorge Echegaray and team
Anne Taylor: It's been 3 months after facelift by Dr. Jorge Echeagaray and couldn't be more pleased, I look so much younger but in natural way.I never write reviews but anyone researching like I did before getting a procedure must know how great Doctor Jorge's job is. I did my own research quite well, went to some doctors here in California... but since the first contact to Doctor Jorge I felt comfortable and safe... I made my decision, flew to Guadalajara and when I came into his Office I knew he was the right one to do my surgery,After my experience I can see the reason why he is in every list of top plastic surgeons.
Juan Garcia: Excellent doctor. Very professional and also full of experience which in the end is what counts.
Trinidad Partida: I had the great opportunity to meet Dr. Jorge Echeagaray again after 16 years of treating me at the Hospital Civil De Guadalajara.Throughout the process of the surgeries he performed on me, he was very kind as well as his entire work team, my surgeries were for health and aesthetics, and I was totally grateful to him, he generated a lot of confidence and security in me, his work in sensational and very satisfying.Excellent Doctor and person!
Mayra Madera: Worse experience of my life about about lost someone valuable to my life the only good thing is that he refounded the money. That worked to pay a co-payment in USA to get emergency medical treatment and service and get treated for bad service received in Mexico.
mrspereyra: Dr. Echeagaray is knowledgeable, caring, and the absolute best from the initial consultation to aftercare! Makes tough decisions based on what’s right for his patients, not his pocketbook! I frequently had questions/concerns. The doctor made himself available morning, noon, and night to provide medical advice and alleviate any worries. Dr. Tere, Diana, and his entire office staff provided me with first class treatment!
Fanny Orozco: The best doctor in the world, highly recommended, very professional and attentive, congratulations to you and your entire team
Karla Midori Cortez Ortiz: Well, in my experience! I would rate it exceptional...He gives solutions to problems in the best way, character not to mention his team. All of them are super friendly and professional. I am very happy with what they have achieved for me, from the surgery to their high quality treatments. /DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER FOR DOCTOR JORGE ECHEAGARAY IS THE BEST OPTION IN GUADALAJARA. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Maria Salazar: Dr. Echeagaray gave me the confidence to have my BBL done. I came to him because I had Lipo Tummy tuck in the United States and my surgeon botched me by taking out to much fat from my thighs, lower buttock, he left me with sad butt no thighs, so I came for a consult with Dr. Echeagaray to see if he was able to fix me, he Did have me an amazing BBL. I’m really happy with my results it’s been 1 year 1/2 since the procedure.
Wendy Testaburguer: (Translated by Google
Carlos García: Dear Doctor, I just want to thank you for everything, for the big change you made in me, before I was sorry for how I saw myself but now I am very happy, extremely grateful to you, also for all your attention, to all your team, since I saw him in the office, I felt safe, I knew I was in good hands, I hope that many other patients go with you to help them with their gynecomastia, I wish you the best Doctor.
Mayra Macias: After years of going to different spas I found this place, where they gave me very good care in a professional manner. Knowing that it is a doctor who supports him gave me a lot of confidence. Excellent results with the Cool Tech in combination with the Z Wave, after years of trying many other non-surgical aesthetic treatments.
Carolina Gaytan: y puedo decirles con toda certeza que es el mejor cirujano plástico, los resultados han sido excelentes y sin ninguna duda me pondría en sus manos de nuevo. Es un doctor totalmente profesional al igual que su equipo de trabajo, te explica cada detalle y resuelve cada duda que tengas. La atención en el hospital es la mejor, están al pendiente de ti todo el tiempo al igual que el doctor.He recomendado a más de 10 amigas (mexicanas y extranjeras
Amalia Robles: I am very happy with the results of rhinoplasty. I love seeing myself in the mirror, it changed my life.I am the happiestI HIGHLY recommend Dr. Echeagaray, the best surgeon in Mexico.
Myrna Estrada: Without a doubt, the best option was to have surgery with you. I was so nervous about having this surgery, but thanks to your excellent work, I feel younger and more confident.A few months ago I didn't know if I was doing the right thing in looking to fix my face, get rid of a few years and also improve my nose, but now I feel more than satisfied, I thank you for all your patience.
Renata Yamay Hernandez Vanscoit: Terrible job, stay the same or worse with more fibrosis. After the lipolaser What he offered me is a cryolipolysis treatment, which hurts a lot and did not help me. What would improve with that? And it was not so. He did not return my money and no longer communicated.
nancyespinoza2009: pero yo ansiosa y determinada en hacerme la cirugía que había esperado tanto tiempo no me importó y pague. Después me entraron a prepararme una enfermera me dio una bata y me cauterizo la vena (el doctor aún sin ir a verme

11. Depilación visage Providencia - Guadalajara

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5 reviews
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Depilación visage Providencia
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Address: Av Pablo Casals 487-A, Prados Providencia, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +52 33 9627 5027

Business type: Laser hair removal service

12. Rubén Agredano Jiménez, MD - Zapopan

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32 reviews
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Rubén Agredano Jiménez, MD
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Address: Hospital Innovãre Especialidades Quirúrgicas y Cirugía Plástica / Innovãre Avenida Verona 7412 Fracc. Villa Verona C.P. 45019, 45019 Zapopan, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +52 33 1604 3413

Business type: Plastic surgeon

13. Nutriologa Dulce Cuevas - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

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52 reviews
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Nutriologa Dulce Cuevas
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Address: Sabino 549-16, Haciendas de San José, 45609 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 4444 5861

Business type: Nutritionist

14. Retina Clinic - Guadalajara

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37 reviews
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Retina Clinic
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exclusive page

Address: Juan Manuel 857, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +52 33 3827 1546

Business type: Eye care center

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